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James-andTracy House
· December 1, 2017
Food sucked, prices are NEVER consistent. It's whatever the boss lady feels like charging that day!!! I got a Taco salad to take back to office, and I asked for cheese sauce, well there was bout a qua...rter size blob of cheese suase on a bed of lettuce w little meat, and I was charged 1.99 extra for the cheese.....what a joke! The service is rude too!! Won't be getting another dime of mine! I stayed away for a year hoping it would get better, it hasn't!! See More
Jennifer Estell
· March 10, 2018
Got there ordered our food waited over hour still didn’t get our food so me and mom told them we couldn’t wait any longer so we left and just ate at home.the waitress wasn’t very friendly either so I’...ll be going somewhere else. See More
Susan Dugan
· January 22, 2018
The food was awful here!! Me and my daughter and grandsons are here Saturday. I ordered the luncheon fajitas!! They gave me a half order and for the refried beans ,it was just watered down!! I will no...t eat here ever again!!! See More
Glenn Mixon
· October 9, 2017
Taco salad was great. Wife and friend had Fajitas that they said were amazing and we all loved the chips and salsa. Great service and an overall fine experience.
Edie Young Obryant
· October 28, 2017
Wonderful place. we were in town for a softball Tourament and they opened early for us to eat.
Amanda Wooley
· January 2, 2017
Absolutely horrible...the food and the service. My sister ordered shrimp and rice and the shrimp could of sung "Under the Sea" to us, it was that raw. We spoke with the manager and she said it was don...e and threw the plate back onto the table. It took forever for us to get our food. We were there 2 hours on a slow night. There was 3 other tables, that's it. I can't imagine what's it like on a busy night. I'll just go to El Parian from now on. When I went to pay the woman had the nerve to ask no tip after we constantly complained. No tip, no repeat customer, no bueno. See More
Mary M Miller
· October 9, 2016
We have eaten here before and had great experiences. Today, however, was completely different. After we were seated, we waited 5 minutes for our order to be taken. Asked for straws-never got them from... our male waiter. Another waiter stopped after we already had our drinks 15 minutes later. Here's where our experience really went south-from the moment we walked in until 4 of the 5 of us got our food was 55 minutes! My husband waited another 5 minutes. The waiter never checked on us, never refilled drinks (a waitress did refill when we stopped her and asked for refills). There were no apologies offered, nothing. Had we at least received an acknowledgement about why we didn't receive our order timely, I wouldn't be writing this. If this is the kind of service Cotija offers, then I will give my business to a restaurant that cares about its customers. See More
Cathy Funderburg Holcomb
· September 18, 2016
We went last night with my parents and the service was horrible!! They brought everyone's food out individually then they forgot my step moms food and we had to ask for it. We had to wave a waitress d...own for more to drink. They brought us our bill right after they brought our food. We lived in Sheridan for several years and always loved this place but we WON'T be back!! See More
Tracey L. Soto
· September 10, 2016
Okay, so ever since I have moved to Sheridan I have come to this mexican restaurant because I have loved their chicken soup. Well, that ends today. We showed up at about 130 or 2 pm. Their lunch ends 3pm and we both order. I ordered my soup and Anita ordered some meal off of the lunch menu. Get to the register to pay, and like always a lady ask (Any cheese dip? Any guacamole? ) Nope, just our meals and water for her and tea for me. Now, I have noticed lately that no matter how little we eat the cost is always over twenty dollars. My soup was 6.99 and her meal should have been in the $6 to $7 dollar range and with my tea maybe should have been $13 to $15 dollars range, so I asked for an itemized ticket because you know it just didn't sound right. Anita's meal was being charged as a dinner and not a lunch. Now, the lady got defensive when I asked and said it was a dinner because she got two plates and we didn't specify the lunch menu. Now, Isn't that the waitresses job to ask? Why should I be charged for something your staff failed to do. Also, why should i tip your waitress for not doing her job. Either way even though I love the soup (to be honest El Porton in Little Rock is so much better)I'll make it at home and getting my mexican food from EL PARION for now on.

There is no telling how many of the people in Sheridan are being over charged....
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Penny Grant
· May 13, 2015
My family and I have been coming to this restaurant for the past few months. The food is pretty good. Tonight we dined here for the second time within one week, my husband ordered the chile relleno an...d while eating this discovered a fairly long hair in his food. We flagged down our waiter who told us that it wasn't in his food and the cooks do not have long hair. He showed his manager and she came up to us (mind you, she had long hair) and insisted that no one in the kitchen has long hair. We get that. For all we know, it could have been from her head. I'm not implying this was intentional. I believe it was not intentional. But if she's running back and forth from the kitchen it is possible that she shed some hair. What does bother me is the manner in which we were treated. We were treated as if we were lying. Most places would apologize and do everything possible to make our experience there much better. They did the opposite. While dining there last Friday, my husbands dish did not match the description as the menu and didn't like it. They were apologizing and doing everything they could to improve the dinner. Tonight was not that way. We will never be back and we will let everyone know our negative experience. I hope this restaurant will make better, more sanitary practices. If you're in the kitchen, cook or not, you should have your hair pulled back See More
Sherry Richardson Tillman
· June 13, 2017
We've ate here several times.. we really use to like it but the last few times I've been disappointed with the food.. but have never had a problem with the service.. salsa is good.. guacamole taste st...ore bought See More
Tony Snearly
· May 6, 2015
My family always enjoys celebrating special events at such a special restaurant. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating; the food is delicious and plentiful; and the atmosphere very and comfortable. Even though we live about 90 minutes away in Camden, we make every effort to make the "trek" there--for it's surely worth it. See More
Lisa Bonner
· November 29, 2015
The service in past 6 months has gone down hill. The place can be empty and you still have to wait. The salsa is not near what it used to be. Seems that isn't as freshly made as before.
Cindy Harper Richardson
· September 17, 2017
Raul and his team serve great food and fantastic service!
Tina Goodson
· February 12, 2016
Been eating here since they came to town(in the old gas station on 167n). 10+ years. Great people and fast service. The food is always fresh and good!!
Elizabeth Clayton
· April 22, 2016
Love them!!!! Great food and fast service!!! They are the only Mexican place in town we will eat at!
Aaron Kolby Castro Alonso
· August 7, 2015
Just ate there never been before food was on point music was good it was perfect
Daryl Kornegay
· February 19, 2017
Not the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyn Cady Dozier
· March 22, 2015
Wonderful food, very friendly and fast service. Great Place!!
Beth Young
· December 24, 2014
Wonderful service...Best Mexican food I have had in Arkansas.....generous portions!!

Mother’s Day is coming up and we are doing a drawing for a lucky person to win a chance to win a free lunch (drink included). We will be pulling TWO lucky winners out of a jar. All you have to do it write your name and phone number and slip it in the jar. The jar will be put up tomorrow afternoon 4/24/18, winners will be drawn Friday, May 11th! Goodluck everyone!

We now serve Pepsi products. Sorry no alcohol yet!

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