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ARE you fed up with your local council? Are you concerned about a particular problem? You might even want to send praise in the council's direction.

Seems there is some competition in the "I'm-angry-with-council-so-I-cross-my-arms-for-the-newspaper-shot" area

SERIAL whingers are costing councils millions of dollars as they investigate frivolous complaints.

Anyone know any forums/websites that are Council related? I need to build my links

Hills Shire Times

FED up with hearing his neighbours complain about council issues, Chris Hamlin decided to take matters into his own hands.

Sydney City Newspaper

25-year-old web designer Chris Hamlin is giving a soapbox to residents all over Australia to tell their local councils what they really think. In its...
Council Gripe shared a link.
May 4, 2009
Inner West residents who feel their local council is not listening to them or have a "gripe" with their council can now share it online at a new website created just for that.

Another Article

Short sighted is the only way I could describe the apparent reaction of many Australian local councils to the launch of the Twitter site called ‘Council Gripes’.

Proof CouncilGripe works

A BROKEN Telstra manhole cover which had exposed live cables was not repaired for more than a year, Elizabeth Bay residents have claimed.

Hornsby Advocate Article - Not a great write up but oh well

Eastern Suburbs councillors may have time and inclination to respond to complaints lodged on, but Hornsby Council won't be taking part in the newly formed external online forum.

Can anyone suggest a way to get the councils more involved on council gripe?

Wentworth Online

Fed up with hearing complaints about council issues and not seeing much done about them, Chris Hamlin has decided to up the pressure with his new website,

Looking for suggestions on how to spread the word about council gripe? Flyers? Mail drop? any ideas?