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Jorn Cooper
· January 25, 2016
talks and walks, the areas covered are extensive from current affairs to ancient history. well recommended!
Tony Skrzypczyk
· March 22, 2015
A very worthy local Society with a variety of talks and excursions.
In order... Samuel Lee Rymer, dental pioneer (d1909); James Williams Hobbs, distinguished local builder brought low by the Liberator Building Society scandal (d1914); Joshua Allder, founder of the local department store (d1904); Jesse Worts Ward, founder of the Croydon Advertiser (d1914); unmarked plot of Bridget Driscoll, the unlucky first motor car crash victim, at the Crystal Palace (d1895); Annie Beevers, midwife to Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth (d1946); and finally archaeologist, antiquarian, artist and incomparable local historian, John Corbet Anderson (d.1907).

Details of our events programme from April through to October are now up on the website...

We arrange two full programmes of events, covering about six months each and running from April to October/November, and then again through to March. The listing below covers October 2016 through …