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Jayas Slan
· December 19, 2017
It was a good experince. I was very excited to see the panoramic view of putrajaya as we cruise along the lake.
Waqas Khan
· November 11, 2017
It was good experienced and enjoy a lot on the Crouse and photography of the different and amazing views.
Ina Noor Azlina
· September 23, 2017
Nice view at sunset. Staff all very welcoming and helpful. Surely will repeat. Soon wanna try the love boat package �
Mohd Jasim Uddin
· September 26, 2017
It's awesome, I like it, it's amazing for me. If I have so much time then I will come back to see this.
IxuRa Mazlan
· September 11, 2017
Its better to be in cruise(dondang sayang) in the late evening,because the weather is hot in the noon.
Amira Baharun
· August 8, 2017
rude and no hospitality at the counter, yelling and speak rude infront of customer. as for cruise and captain i would like to give 6 star. he so nice, got intention to repeat but wish not meet that rude guy.
Mohammad Tanvir Khan
· August 24, 2017
Awesome memories with family.... highly recommended..for anyone visiting with kids or couples
Sunil Garg
· December 7, 2016
Last two Evening cruise are Fun filled...enjoy the beautiful sunset and serenity and peacefulness of beautiful city...
Alyas Yas
· September 22, 2017
Nice destination....
Dhiman Chattopadhyay
· October 15, 2016
Never miss this, I am sure this will always be the best part/way of seeing Putrajaya!
Ricca Virria Nugraha
· December 5, 2015
Nice cruise ride with our family. We got to see and learn about Putrajaya. It's beautiful!
Sumbal Taimoor Khan
· July 13, 2016
Love this place... N weather was superb.must watch
Kelvin Chua
· June 23, 2014
What an experience. Also have cruise with dining.
Michael Ooi
· June 24, 2014
Very nice environment !
Nora Haina
· June 24, 2014
Sweet memories with my family
Danny Preston H.
· June 22, 2014