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Crunchable is, in a tremendously small and possibly unimportant way, an effort to keep original, personal, and peculiar stories on the Web.
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"He had come back for Thanksgiving just the day before. [...] Then the drunk driver swerved into Anthony’s lane." (From the archives)

When I report on a tragedy for the newspaper, what I write is only part of the truth.

Congrats to Chris Klimas (Crunchable's founder) and Joel Haddock (a past editor of the site), who continue to get recognition for their great, creative work in video games! From Baltimore Sun's bthesite:…/bs-b-0312-cover-indie-games-2…

Joel Haddock and Chris Klimas regularly have, what they call, a "date night." No dinner. No movie. Nothing like that. To them, "date night" is working on a personal project — Twofold Secret, an independent gaming studio the two founded in 2010.

"As I look back on my childhood, I realize how many subtle lessons came to me via the man in the comfortable shoes and the cardigan." (from the archives)

The cardigan as holy vestment.

"In my broken Italian, I asked for help from some of the other passengers. I should have been clued in when they responded with looks of pity and shakes of the head." (new post!)

Or: The train ride that taught me that Hell could indeed be on Earth

"Romance isn’t love. Being in love has slowly but surely, with some arguing and frustration along the way, taught me that." (from the archives)

Prince Charming isn't really that great, after all.

"It’s 2003, goddammit. Kubrick thought, at the very least, we’d be having life-and-death struggles with evil, living computers as early as two years ago. My PC crashed and I lost a couple files. Does that count?" (from the archives)

The future ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

"I had forgotten how much being drunk feels like falling." (From the archives)

Anyone plain can be lovely.

"Since age three, my book-smarts have outpaced my ability to do things like use scissors or zipper my jacket. So every year, my gift-wrapping process goes a little something like this." (new post)

Hand me the scissors and hide your children.

"Hubby and I are expecting a child, but not in the usual manner." (new post)

Expecting, searching, hoping.

"So I’ve thought about it, and the only solution I can come up with is this: My grandmother should control Christmas." (new post)

The Yuletide is best appreciated in small doses.
Crunchable updated their cover photo.
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"Tante, who had had part of her tongue removed from mouth cancer after smoking millions of cigarettes, grew incensed and lisped, 'Tharah, we all need to buy caskets now. I called a local company and the man thaid he would thell them in bulk if we all ordered now.'"

(From our "Homeward" issue)

The old home of a deliciously eccentric old woman — and a strange pine box.

“Do they shower with a gun? Are things that dangerous here or are they paranoid?” (from our "Homeward" issue)

It’s not paranoia if they really do want to kill you.

"When we get to his room, I open the door. He stands at the entrance for a long moment. 'Is this my room?' he asks, his head cocked slightly to the side, brow furrowed into an uncertain crease." (Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the ones you love, from Crunchable)

My grandfather, and twilight.

"Sure enough, a dark mass towards the top seemed to be humming, and I could just make out some insects flying around it. 'Now, back to the car and into our bee clothes! We're taking that home.'"

(from our "Homeward" issue)

Family funtime with a swam of irate, stinging insects.

NEW ISSUE: "Homeward"

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth ... ”

"We stop and look again, now that we know there’s something to see. We just have to look carefully enough. It’s up to us.

"And I think I see something. [...]"

(from the archives)

You must understand.