lets see how meany likes this can get...

my mom yelled at me for saying this. Then my friend brandan said "you cant build a bridge over a river of tears cus you cant cry that much to make on in the first place"

we need more ppl. I am haveing a contest with one of my friends and she is winning! We have to reach 5,0001 Invite friends!

Is this a good page thing?? I think it is! Ahahah.

i just got a hot rock thing on me and it felt amazing... It was this like party i went to and like i wallked on hot rocks and had hot rocks put on my back... I LOVED IT

lou lou lsing to my lou. Lou lou sing to my lou. Lou lou sing to my my lou. Sing to my lou my darling=]

i am going to eat you num num num

my sister was building a bridge out of toothpicks and them my cat saw a string and attacked the bridge and she started crying and my mom said "cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it!" and i was like "mom shut up!" lol... xD