When Nobody Cares
Christmas Carol
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Positive Force is with Crystal Cartier.

When Nobody Cares
written by Crystal Cartier
Produced by Oluremi Dmm Iyilade
Performed by Vocalists - Crystal Cartier, Femi Jubal, Oluremi Dmm Iyilade
(As rec...orded at Oluremi’s Digital Magix Music Studio in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, W. Africa (with NO Auto Tune, etc)

Intro - (Oluremi) ad libs & background vocals throughout song…
No no no
When nobody cares my Jesus cares about me

V1 (CC lead) When Nobody Cares if I'm happy or not
When nobody cares if I make it or drop
When nobody cares about what happens to me.
When nobody cares about anybody.
When nobody cares about me.

I have to believe there's a God up above
I have to have faith in His kind of Love
Where else can I reach out for a helping hand
when all I get is rejection from mortal Man?

When nobody cares about the pain that I feel.
When nobody cares if I'm well or I'm ill.
When nobody cares about anybody.
I know that somebody cares for me. My Jesus cares about me.

When the world starts weighing down on me
I turn to the Power that can set me free.
I seek out a love that will always be.
I talk to Jesus the Man that died for you & me.
I get on my knees to dispel the gloom
In my own private closet… my own private room.
I cry, "Lord plz won't You look down on me?
Touch my troubled soul & set my spirit free.
Take off the chains… the ones that I'm wearing.
Take the hate out of my heart. I don’t want to stop caring.

(V2 FEMI & CC alternating duet)
When darkness abounds & there is no way out
When I’m crying all alone but I want to scream & shout
When self control is slipping out of my grip
When I feel like a rat drowning on a sinking ship
When I’m tired & too weak to carry on
When I’m trying to figure out what went wrong
When I simply want to lay down & die
When there’s no tears left inside of me to cry

I have to believe there’s a God up above
I have to have faith in His kind of Love
I have to believe Jesus died for me
I have to believe that someday He'll set me free

When nobody cares I turn to my God.
When nobody cares I cling to His Love
When nobody cares about anybody
I know that Somebody cares for me
My Jesus cares about me

“Prayer Rap”continues… SPOKEN WORD: (FEMI JUBAL)

Lord help me to forgive my tormentors as you’ve forgiven me
I don’t want to be King I just want to be free
Free of poverty… I just want to be me
Please take these evil thoughts from my troubled mind
Give me opportunity & a little more time
To live a decent life on this Mother Earth
Heal my aching heart...Lord, I need a rebirth
Thank you for listening...& thank you for caring
Help me remain humble...May I never stop sharing
When nobody cares
When nobody cares
When nobody cares about anybody
When nobody cares… My Jesus cares about me
Oh Thank you Jesus

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