• Good Morning Everyone!


    Don't forget to put into your 2013 plans to join thRide-A-Curly (RAC) international riding competition.We hope you will make the RAC part of your New Year's resolution to ride more, bond with your horse, build friendships and promote the curly! There are lots of new things happening and changes that I think many of you wi...ll like. TWO TEAMS, Including a RAC team that is non-competitive, meaning you can sign up, get a free tshirt and share in the games and fun..and blog and not have to log or enter for prizes. But of course, for those that love a good challenge and friendly competition, you can sign up for the competitive RAC team and win great prizes! Check it out here: http://curlyhorsecountry.com/rideacurly.htm

    RAC will begin January 15th, 2013 allowing you plenty of time to enjoy your holidays without deadline stress! =] 




    Also don't forget to visit the NEW classified section where you will find oodles of amazing curly horses for sale and curly stallions at stud! Also used tack, horse trailers, services etc. are also listed, WORLD WIDE! http://curlyhorsesforsale.com/

    Since the launch of the new classified section, we have had more than 12,500 visitors in 81 different countries, including Japan, Tiawan, New Mexico, Russia, Iceland, Greece, Egypt and more!! Consider listing your curly for sale!

    We still have advertising opportunities (125X125 ad) available for $125/year on the new classified section. Just TWO left on the main page. First come, first serve! So let me know if you are interested! Email me: curlyhorsecountry@yahoo.com



    Curly Foal Nursery: If you haven't checked out the curly foals lately, there have been a surge of new announcements! Check them out! http://curlyhorsecountry.com/curlyfoalnursery.htm



    Curly Champions: Also some new listing of new Curly Champions! Congratulations to the winners and for a great job in promoting and showing our amazing breed! http://curlyhorsecountry.com/champion_curlyhorses.htm



    Much more more in the works...so stay tuned!! Have an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday and I'll be reminding you again to vote!! So don't delay! 

    Thank you all for your continued support of Curly Horse Country!



    Your Curly Horse Resource

    "Curls, the external sign of internal beauty"


    Email: curlyhorsecountry@yahoo.com

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  • If you have visited Curly Horse Country in the last 24 hours, you may have noticed a FUN & Powerful change!




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    GIDDY UP GALS: (Ladies Division)


    Grand Champion: Tiffany Beechinor 

    Reserve Grand Champion : Zoe Lirakis 

    <p> </p>

    JACK BENNY: (55 and over)

    Grand Champion:  Betsy Lirakis

    Reserve Grand Champion : Ann Washington 

    <p> </p>

    CURLY TEAM (1 curly, 1 rider)

    Grand Champion:  Donna Wilson 

    Reserve Grand Champion : Susan Lejonhud  



    THE COWBOYS (Mens Division)

    Grand Champion:  Jim Washington 

    Reserve Grand Champion : Tom Baldwin 

    <p> </p>

    WRANGLERS: (17 and under, boys & girls)

    Grand Champion:  Ashley Ostman

    Reserve Grand Champion : Ashlee Bell 

    <p> </p>

    GROUND DIVISION: (optional add on division)

    Grand Champion:  Donna wilson 

    Reserve Grand Champion : Betsy Lirakis 

    <p> </p>



    This award was given to the person that posted & commented the most on the RAC blog. The blog is an essential part of the RAC because it encourages, motivates and builds friendships. Thank you Susan!!

    Susan Lejonhud





    Medals are given based on the RAC point system (riding points only). 1 hour = 4 points. Awards given when a rider reaches the following point goals: 150, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 etc. Points are rolled into the following RAC year if you continue to pay to be in the program.


    Ashley Ostman: 3250

    Betsy Lirakis: 5750

    Laurie Bryan: 1500

    Susan Lejonhud: 2750

    Zoe Lirakis: 6000

    Marlene Elliott: 150

    Dana Leibfried: 2750 

    Jessica Venhorst: 1000


    Visit Champion Page here: http://curlyhorsecountry.com/RAC2011_winners.htm

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  • Good Morning!


    <p>Wow, this month marks the 5th year Curly Horse Country has been online. Where does the time go? Thank you all for your support, encouragement and suggestions over the years! </p>



    It's been a while since I sent a little update. =] It's been such a busy year! Both my son and daughter got married within 7 months of each other - yikes! But life is settling down a bit and I look forward to what 2012 brings.


    First and foremost in the news of CHC is that the RAC (Ride-A-Curly Contest) is coming to a close and will not be running in 2012. I know some of you are very disappointed but due to many circumstances it's time after 5 years running, to take a little break. I am brainstorming on new ideas, programs and the like to maybe offer in 2013, so stay tuned and check the CHC website often. 


    New curly horses for sale are listed and updated daily! North America and Europe!


    New articles are in the works so be sure to visit Curly Horse Country to check those out. I hope some will be posted in January.


    For those of you advertising on CHC, PLEASE be sure to keep your ads updated and current. This is very important to buyers who visit. You can send new photos, info, prices or let me know if your curly has sold by simply emailing me and I can make those updates for you.


    With Christmas approaching, don't forget about the curly lovers store!



    And finally, I am looking to post 2012 curly events if you know of any coming up. The events page is shamefully empty! =] http://curlyhorsecountry.com/countryevents.htm


    Be sure to like this Curly Horse Page here on FB! =]


    Enjoy those Curlies!

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  • Thursday, a lesson ended early and Zoe's son Dominic had to stay after to finish his math homework -- that gave us an extra hour because Zoe did not have to meet the bus.... we quickly saddled up and went for a good trot on the 6 mile loop. I grabbed Keri of course and Zoe rode Winter Dancer. She has not been out for q...
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  • Today it was Voelie's turn to get out and do someting new. I groomed her and then decided to put a saddlepad on her. I first let her sniff it and then slowly put it on her back and took it back of. I walked her a few circles to let her get rid of some tension then I tied her again and put it on her back again, this time I tied it with an elastic an...d walked with her with the saddlepad on her back. She was really well behaved and just walked with me! I was so proud. I just made it a short walk and then took everything off and let her graze a bit. She was happy to be out and did not want to go back into the field:)
    When I was mucking out the field afterwards I had both Suri and Voelie trying to eat the fork I was using to muck out and constantly having their noses in the wheelbarrow! Really cute!

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  • Monday Abby and I went on a nice long trail ride. She lead most of the way because I was riding with a non-gaited horse. We decided it would be fun to hunt for Morels so we were going off trail a bit and Abby just took it all in. We didn't find any of course cause it's kind of hard on top of a horse but I'd liked having a mission.

    We rode over to t...he other boarding stable and she was bit shy of things but it was understandable since she has only been there once. We made it through and continued on our way. There was a nice long straight stretch next to a field so we cantered some. I was asking Abby to go a bit faster cause I wanted to see what she could do and she just wouldn't canter any faster. Well I decided to "kiss" and see how she responded...she flipped gears and went! It wasn't the fastest horse I've been on but defiantely her fastest and oh so smooth. This experience comes into play later on in the story.

    So we get up the big hill and cross back over into the land where I board which involved going back down the hill. I decided to get off and walk her down since she has stifle issues (which are getting better as she gets stronger). I ask her to whoa and she did, then I gather my reins before I jumped off like always only my rein wouldn't get "tight". Turns out the screw on my right rein fell out and my rein had been hanging down for who knows how long. Such a good girl!

    We walked down the hill and I got back on so we could continue up to BlackHawk. This is where the fun begins. I decided to go down a trail I wasn't to familiar with but I wanted to find this spot that over looks the valley. Allot of the horse trails had new No riding signs so I figured it must be blocked off. I'm a rule follower generally and won't ride on land that is posted. I was getting bored with the trail so I gave in and decided to go down one that I was familiar with but posted. We got about 15 yards in and bird flew up which startled Abby. She spun around but then stood still...the other horse though spun and tried to run. His passenger came off and boom he was gone! Abby and I took to the chase but he was out of sight! It was kind of fun playing search and rescue full out running down the trails looking for him. Abby was very calm and controlled with the whole thing. She did get upset once cause I would not let her keep going down one trail. She tried to buck a little but I corrected her and she was fine there out.
    We ended up seeing some of his tracks and followed them down a different trail. He was eating grass in an open spot looking all smug. No harm to human or horse was done so she mounted up and we continued on home.

    Abby got a much deserved break the rest of this week (mostly cause I didn't have time)

    Theo and I did some jumping this week and last night we went on a short trail ride with Natalie and Amigo. For those that remember Amigo was kind of naughty the last time we rode out together. He was perfect last night! Theo was a little more high strung but he's had some time off do to needing his feet trimmed. We switched farriers and it added extra two weeks on to thier feet but now we will be back ona 6 wk schedule!

    Hope everybody has a horsey filled weekend!

    Blaine, Theo and Abby
    WI, USA

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  • Well hello everyone!

    Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, I have been super busy! I have finished by 3rd year of university, got a job, looking for another one, and OF COURSE riding! This weekend, which I'm sure we will blog about later, we have our first endurance ride in Rock Creek. I am so excited. I have been preparing for this ride for months by ...conditioning Bijou and myself. Bijou is getting SOOO fit. I was surprised when I asked her to move out and she flew past Tessa and mum on the trail. She is very competitive! The ride is this Sunday and the three of us, Mum, Warren and I will be doing 30 miles! Wish us luck!!! :)

    Besides Bijou, I have just recently been working with our new mare Divinity. She came with Icon from Georgia and just needed some time to settle in before we did anything with her. So the past two days I have taken her out and worked with her, lunging and riding. I have no expectations for her right now, just to have fun. And what fun she is. I've just done some walking and a bit of trotting but I can really see her potential. I can't wait to really start working, probably after we get back from this weekend. She is surprisingly honest for a horse with such go...not sure how to explain that but I keep saying it over and over LOL

    Anywho, here are a couple pictures from today that my mum took of us. Thanks mum!

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  • Well, Tygs and I did it tonight! We rode with no help! First, I wanted to show you that Tygs and I have the Parelli technique down of bridling from the ground. Haha! This is not to my credit. Tygs was taught whenever someone is putting a halter on to lower his head by his previous owner. I thought that was neat until I started bridling him. ...He thinks he should do that then too, so I'm literally on the ground bridling him. It is nice, but it's not what I'm used to with my other horses.
    I was a little nervous about all of this, but my hubby led him around one time and then I told him okay. Tygs wanted to go down the road like last night real bad! It was so funny. I don't know what's down there, but he wants to go down the road. I just stayed in the driveway or front yard and we worked on turning and walking. We need lots of practice in that area before we go on the road.
    I'm very pleased with his whoa and after just showing him one time tonight to immediately take a step back after whoaing, he did it every time when given the signal. My husband was really impressed with that. I am so excited! And I think Tygs is too! He was very calm, but his attention span is short, so we only did this for about 20 minutes and then he started pawing the ground, so I decided maybe that was enough for one night.
    We've got all summer to work out the kinks and keep learning. I'm not sure what to do when he starts pawing. Telling him no when we're on the ground and he's pawing is starting to work, but I don't know that he can differentiate my dislike of the pawing from maybe something he's doing while learning the cues to ride. What is everyone's opinion on that? Should I teach him right away not to paw, or let him learn the cues and then work on that? A very happy Janeen and Tygs in the UP!
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  • Sandor and me had training today ... he was so childish and unconcentrated, but he is lovely even then ... just had to laugh all the time on his attitude :=)
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