Recent incident in Sri Lanka regarding social media bans, especially facebook ban, brought forward a much needed discussion. The unregulated or free to all space with no accountability, Corporate politics, cooperate profits and impact on day to day human lives. I was shocked to see people are so mad at banning facebook. Facebook a company - collecting data of personal lives every second of the day - which is designed to profit by selling and auction by selling those data ( they call market research). It took YouTube to make a CNN post about Stephen Hawkins passing more than 24hrs to trending. But Logan Pauls Tokyo video was trending almost immediatley. All of these major companies are playing you, trying to dictate what you should watch and believe. This is either the beginning - of the fall, or we are nearly doomed as free thinkers. Nobody in the right mind should oppose social media regulations - Social media are companies - made to earn profit. We sign up without even reading the TOS. We sign up cos everyone is doing it. Think about it.

If Social media was something created by the community on the internet like how open source evolved - i would join it. As a community like open source, which moderates, respect privacy, responsible of the content and adhere human rights. Just a thought.

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FYI : Our right to question Bangladeshi players has been revoked. They just acted on impulse. We dont get to criticize other people for any of their actions for a long long time. - Reality check.

Edit - Let us pray, for our officials to have enough common sense to provide security for the Bangladesh team during upcoming days..

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