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Tommy Boy Pregano
· April 5, 2015
I think this school is a joke. First of all my girlfriend who is a teacher visited this school for a sporting event and was very impressed she went on here and gave a great review. When she did some p...unk kid responded with an inappropriate comment. I just don't understand how this sight is not monitored. I sent a message via fb and no response. If i had a kid that was high school age i would not send him or her there. See More
Connie Burns
· February 10, 2015
Amazing school where they focus on holding a students interest. Plenty of activities, and programs to choose.
I've had the pleasure to attend several concerts, and plays that the students have put on.... These students have TALENTS to share.
They need the communities support, as well as the family, and friends.
Great job, and "Break a Leg" on the up coming play this spring.
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Marie Graczyk
· April 19, 2015
I loved that school. :) I graduated from Dakota 2 years ago on June 9th 2013. :) This school will always be my favorite. I loved how nice all the teachers and students were well I want there. And I wa...nted to say thank you to all the teachers for everything you've done for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks again. Go Dakota Cougars. See More
LaQuetta Ramsey-Moody
May 22, 2013
I am so proud to have children that not only attended but graduated from this awesome school
Jacob Baril
· March 9, 2015
Great school and a great football team a basketball team that is legit
Bob Hall
December 22, 2012
HOW MANY CHILDREN? How many children will it take to die? How many children will no longer laugh or cry? How many children will never see the birds of the sky or the fish in the sea? How many children... must it be? I ask you this what is the fee? One? Two? Or Thirty three before you feel what I feel in me? What will it take for you to see guns are used to kill you and me. Go to sleep and think of this you have a chance to stop all this. What will it be? your son? Your daughter? Your grandchild to be? So ask yourself it is you to see what are you willing to give to pay the fee? A child has a 1 in 17 chance of being shot. See More
Kimberly Leplow
May 1, 2012
We Love Dakota High School, Teachers and Staff, and such a Wonderful Community of Dedicated parents!! " Go Cougars!!"
Katie Kress
· October 3, 2013
Katie lynn kress