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It's been a great year last year but this year we are going harder. Check out Dz's choreography reel for created last year!

Not only does he freestyle but one of his main passions is choreography. Feedback always welcomed!

Check out Dz's Choreography Reel for 2016. He is a great freestylish but as of his biggest passions is choreography and he is great at it. From being a hip h...

Dropping knowledge by yours truly! I dropped some gems in this one. Make sure to listen & implement!

First Dropping Knowledge by taught by myself, SP for 2017! I am going to keep on posting tips and tricks that really helped me and others develop into well r...

First Dropping Knowledge back again after a long hiatus! Check out 3 tips from Dz!

Back with the very first dropping knowledge in the last 3 to 4 year hiatus. Make sure you guys constantly stay tuned for more videos. And share the video wit...

Bringing back the freestyles & tutorials for 2017! your boy Dz back @ it again!

Beatrockers is back! Got some footage and tutorials in the archive for you! We went on a hiatus to focus on other things in life but we always stayed connect...

Hey viewers! I had a question. Next month i will start posting some tutorials and wanted to ask anyone that enjoyed watching the tutorials...what would you like to see? What kind of tutorials? What do you want to talk about? Popping?

What's good everyone! I've decided that I'm going to delete this page of mine. At first I thought it was necessary separate all the things that I loved to do. I will be putting my work my photography, video projects, and featured videos!


Thanks everyone!

Our mission is to capture the best of you, your family, and the people you love. Here to serve & offer you a memorable experience with photography & film.

Laugh and learn at the same time!

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when dancing! Even if you have been dancing for a long time some of these tips may play as a reminder. Everyone loves danc...


Welcome to RockbeatsTV and thanks again for joining us for another lesson. This is a channel dedicated to helping and spreading knowledge about the art of da...

Learn your basic Finger tutting & Digits in this one video! Another day another lesson with SP. Learn something new everyday!

Covering (3) important elements: Tutting, Fingertutting, & Digits...adding all these styles into one combo you can use. Whether you are a absolute starter or...

Another day another lesson! This topic covers choreography. We have dancers that can do both free and choreography and other may only know how to do one or the other. Each technique compliments one another. Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me with choreography. Learning it & creating it. Have fun learning!


This is a highly requested tutorial and i understand the reason why. There is not a lot of tutorials out there covering this topic. It is a very broad and de...

Improve your footwork today by adding this combination to your arsenal. I broke the steps down very easy so anyone at any level of dance can learn. Another day another video!


In today's tutorial I am teaching a quick footwork combo that I learned from Wiggles years ago. He was one of the first guys I've seen do this and eventually...

Haven't updated my FB Phanpage for a minute whose here still?!

If you guys haven't checked it out yet watch this video of my boy CTut the Creator! I featured one of his videos on my page I hope ya'll dig it! Fun to watch.

I wanted to showcase one of my new buddies that I finally got a chance to meet. I wanted to feature him on my channel because I wanted you guys to witness tr...

ThrowBack ThursDays! Dancing in SF with a Garbage Drummer.

Really excited to battle tomorrow at Style Warz hosted by one of my friends. Haven't battle since last year. Eager to get on the floor and rock beats.

Me and the homie VanstyleS just dancing at Stan State. On the spot just jamming and filming to a dope track.

100% pure freestyle let's go baby! Me and my boy Van at Stan State picking and choosing locations for a contact freestyle. My opinion freestyling with a homi...