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Dorene Van Bibber
· February 14, 2014
Great school district! Love how you know each student is treated individually. We moved here 1/2 way through last year & my boys were welcomed (Smith Elementary) w/open arms & made to feel comfortable... right away! I am so grateful for the wonderful people I leave my boys in the hands of everyday. See More
Lindsay Weiner
· March 15, 2016
Why are the middle school kids eating lunch at the mall every other week?? Screaming no adults...nuts
Sulvia Leftin
· September 3, 2016
Danvers Public Schools Is an outstanding school system...always was, still is!! I graduated from Holten High many years ago and was able to use my wonderful education ( plus my degree from Salem State...) to achieve my dream in life of teaching English abroad. Seven years ago I returned from Mongolia where I had the privilege of living and teaching English as a Second Language:-)
It all started at the Williams School in East Danvers( Rt. 62--Elliott Art Association these days). Some of my young colleagues were Albie Petronzio, Mike Zmiejewski, Carol Ann C., my sister Caroline, and I think, her friend Christine Crossman( Sister Caroline was in 2nd grade, I was in the first.... in the same room of this four grade, two room school building)!!!
I'll never forget the big brass hand bell which we sometimes got to ring to signal lunch time or the beginning of or ending of recess. Then there was our absolutely delightful recess where our beloved teacher, Miss Sullivan( later became an administrator) used to play circle singing games with us every day! ( "Here We Go Lubey Loo" & "Go in and Out the Window.") She was such a joy to be around!
I actually decided to be a teacher during first grade because of her and our blond haired, blue eyed, kind and loving teacher Mrs. Lewis. She exuded love and caring so I came to equate teaching with LOVE�. I wanted to be just like Mrs. Lewis!!
I still remember how she'd turn on the Victrola with the horn shaped amplifier so we could listen to Tchaikowsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies! Then there were the phonics exercises where we used to have to cut out letters or pictures and past the matching sounds with that " delicious,"(oops...we weren't supposed to eat it:-)!! white peppermint flavored paste‼️ And on a really good day( actually they all were good( except whenwe were told to refrain from asking Albie about his big brother who was killed in the service to his country) yes, on a good day we had a visitor, Miss Day, who came from Peabody Institute Library, to read us a story:-) I loved those stories:-) I even loved the daily stories we read about Dick and Jane in our basal readers!!
Nowadays I still teach, and my methods includ using technology such as iPads, Chrome Books, and software such as Google APPS for Education. I'm excited to be alive long enough to personally walk through all these changes in education and love the opportunity to use research engines to discover truth as I watch documentaries, hear testimonies such as fom survivors from the Holocaust, or gain eisdom as I listen o Ted Talks. These avenues of learning are awesome! It's all good. Still, when you come right down to it, the central ingredient is a well educated, inspired and inspiring teach who has a passion not only for learning, but for each precious student who sits before him or her in the classroom.
Thank you Danvers Public Schools for your Gift of a Public School Education, par Excellence"!! And thank you for instilling two motto's into my soul: As Superintendant , Mr. Dunn used to say, " Ladies and gentlemen, always." And was it George Peabody who wrote, "Education--A debt due from the present to future generations."
Thank you, & Shalom,
Sylvia Leftin
Holten High School
Class of 1960

Thank you, Danvers aschool System for the priceless gift of a relevant, rich, rigorous, well designed educational foundation.
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Virginia Gallant Sidmore
November 16, 2011
DPS where diversity is encouraged and students are valued!

Dressed for a night in the City of Lights!
Junior Prom - April 2018!

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DCAT invites students ages 10-14 years to join the TV Production Club during April vacation. It will run daily from April 16 to April 20, 2018, 9am - Noon.
Some fun and interesting activities are in store.

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