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Michelle Norris Huggins
· November 28, 2017
This place is great! The staff and coaches do a fabulous job of creating a culture of kindness and encouragement. A stranger to gyms, myself, I was always a little intimidated at the prospect of joi...ning a class but I was pleasantly surprised to find that my fellow "classmates" were just as eager to help and encourage us "new people" as much as the coaches. I had always thought the "boot camp" format of cardio combined with strength training sounded like a great idea but based on my schedule and skill level, I never thought it would work for me. But I am loving the results I'm getting and with all of the class times offered I haven't had any trouble fitting a work out into my daily routine. I highly recommend Daphne Fit Body Boot Camp! If you are thinking about trying it out, quit making excuses and just go for it, you won't be disappointed! See More
Maggie Carnes
· November 27, 2017
This is a really good exercise program. The coach of each class is supportive, especially to the new members helping us to get the right form for the exercise and giving options if we just cannot do ...that exercise. You do not feel intimidated or “less than” if you cannot keep up with the class. Come try the program you just might like it and feel better! See More
Ashley Cote
· December 4, 2017
The atmosphere here is very welcoming and encouraging. The boot camp sessions are intense but there are numerous modifications to the exercises to either increase or decrease the difficulty to allow y...ou to adapt to your fitness level. The coaches are highly involved in the sessions making sure form and exercises are done properly. Overall, it is a great place for all stages of fitness 😊 See More
LeVante' Price
· December 5, 2017
Very family oriented environment, the staff are extremely encouraging and committed to helping you achieve your goals. They genuinely care about your well being in and outside the sessions. I can see ...God in the hearts of each trainers and ultimately they are there to help and serve you. Great place to commit to. See More
Adrienne Wolf Grant
· September 4, 2017
What an awesome place to workout at, the environment is always uplifting and encouraging. Mark is an excellent trainer, super supportive and really cares that you get the most from each workout. I app...reciate how they go above and beyond to provide nutritional guidance as well. Top notch!
Price is higher than our families income is comfortable with at this time, but you definitely get what you pay for.
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Leah Garvens
· November 4, 2017
If you are looking for a standard gym that’s no different from any other, you are looking in the wrong place. However, if you are looking for a real, lasting change in your life with a family working ...just as hard beside you, then you can stop your search right now! Daphne FBBC is a whole other level of fitness; in fact, it’s not just a single level, but multiple. Your coaches do everything possible for YOU to get where YOU want to be: from fitness to nutrition and everywhere in between. Think that’s it? Nope, you also have the motivational backing from your DFBBC family. While the workouts are always challenging, changing, and improving (just like we are), you can GUARANTEE that you’ll have at least a handful of other members cheering you on with you. We hustle together, we motivate together, and most importantly we GROW together. If you want a lifestyle change, you’re looking at the door to beginning that journey. Open it, we’ll be right on the other side ready to welcome you in to our family! See More
Heather May Konen
· December 20, 2017
I have recently started Daphne FBBC. I am really enjoying it. The classes are fast paced and there is a lot of variety in the workout which makes it go by very fast. The coaches are awesome and the pe...ople very encouraging. I highly recommend!!!! See More
Ann Nodhturft
· December 4, 2017
FBBC has been absolutely incredible for me and it is exactly what I needed. I loved to work out, I loved the soreness, but with my 10-12 hour days on my feet I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy... to workout after. I literally wake up, throw on gym clothes and head out the door. I may be barely awake when I get there but walking in I am immediately hyped up and ready for it once i her inside. Many days after my session, I’ve made the statement that this is better than a cup of coffee!!!

I’m trying to see how long I though weighing myself or measuring, because I don’t want to put a little number on my happiness. I feel the difference in my clothes, my strength, and my muscle definition, that I’m incredibly excited to continue the journey I’ve started! The classes are hard, in a good way, and you have the ability to customize them to your comfort level. The instructors are SO helpful and are great at giving their tips and tricks!!! It makes me push myself having a group class to do just a couple more reps or until the timer goes off.

Word of Advice: You have to make working out a NON-NEGOTIABLE. Do it first thing in the morning with something like FBBC, that way you begin your day with positivity!

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions or hesitations about starting FBBC! I was that person asking others too, so I definitely don’t mind! ���

Today is the day to work becoming your best self!
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Lindsey Godwin
· August 28, 2017
My husband an I haven't been to the gym in years because of how intimidating it can be. But DFBBC makes exercising fun! If you cant do an exercise because of an injury thats ok the coaches are there t...o help you! It doesnt matter if you have been going there for years or if its your first day. Everyone is there to cheer each other on. Without a doubt the best gym I have ever been to! See More
Toni Hughes Noah
· November 27, 2017
I love Daphne Fit Body Boot Camp! I can already see results after 1 week. The instructors and other participants are wonderful, full of energy and encouraging. If you really want to make a change in y...our life give them a call and begin what I have... a new way of life! See More
Hillary Rolin
· December 18, 2017
Love this place. The workouts are challenging, but with modifications you can complete them at varying fitness levels. I love the accountability and encouragement. The coaches are motivating and alway...s willing to help you with your fitness needs. See More
Kimberly R. Langston
· August 21, 2017
Great staff and people to be around as everyone is welcoming and encouraging. It's intense but the time passes quickly. I love the weekly themes as they are applicable to all areas of your life as opp...osed to just your fitness goals. Give them a won't regret making that decision. See More
Jennifer Gilliland Lambert
· July 25, 2017
This place is amazing! The coaches are super nice, encouraging, and can help you modify each exercise if it's too difficult. Everyone that participates consists of all ages, shapes, and sizes. I love ...this place, and I love that in such a short period of time you gain strength, endurance, and lose inches. It's a place for all levels of experience. Give it a try! See More
Brandi Wilson Stallworth
· July 24, 2017
I have really enjoyed joining Fit Body Boot Camp. I was surprised to find that everyone (coaches, people working out...everyone!) is normal--- everyone is reaching for the same goal-health and fitness.... Everyone is supportive of each other with high fives, "good job" and you are doing great-even on my first day. The staff and coaches have just been incredible. I love this place---the workouts are so tough-but that's what I signed up for! They get results. See More
Laci Combs Jackson
· January 22, 2018
Great group of people that make you feel welcome and comfortable everytime you walk through the door. Best place I have ever worked out with great coaches.
Chris Woodward
· August 23, 2017
I was looking for a place to get in shape with a team atmosphere and I found it. I have been going for 3 weeks and I am already feeling better physically and I look forward to working out with my 5:45... team! The coaches are motivating and helpful and it is a great place to get a win. See More
Lauren McKinney
· August 9, 2017
Today I completed my second full week at Fit Body Boot Camp and I can honestly say (from a person who could never get in a consistent workout groove) that I am hooked. Each workout goes by so QUICKLY.... The staff and other members are very welcoming. I have much more energy each day even through the soreness. Highly recommend give this place a shot!! See More
Katie Hailey
· September 7, 2017
I love going to DFBBC! It’s place you can go to get a great workout, not be judged, feel comfortable, get awesome support and be a part of an extended family. Everyone is super nice and the coaches ...are always there to encourage you every step of the way! See More
Stephanie Broome Reaves
· June 30, 2017
Joining FBBC has been one of the best decision of my life. I wake up everyday excited to go see my 6am family! We all push each other, and encourage each other! It is an amazing feeling to have a g...roup of people surrounding you, pushing right beside you! The trainers are absolutely out of this world! They make sure you are doing your exercises correctly, and push you to do your best!! It has helped me to make a lifestyle change so I can be a healthier Me!! ♥ See More
Kimberly Samry
· December 25, 2017
Fit Body Boot Camp is exactly what I needed! Everyone (coaches as well as other customers) are so helpful, encouraging and supportive! I look forward to the daily workout and am immediately able to ...see my personal progress as I work to achieve each step along the path to fitness! Join me!! See More
💥💥This is how we do it at Daphne FBBC💥💥! 🎉🎉Big Congrats 🎉🎉 to our Member of The Year Erica Lee Harper and Biggest Transformation of The Year Grey Bedsole (down 130lbs in just 1 year 😳) We are so proud of ya'll!!! 💪🏻😊🙌🏻
The FBBC staff ended their week with an amazing workout! We implemented our weekly theme and SOARED to the top on this chilly Friday to finish out this week strong! 💪🏼🦅 How will you end your week? How will you rise above?

Challenge workout going into the FINAL WEEK!

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Member Beth Hurley went #beastmode in her workouts this week and earned a gold star!!

Keep up the amazing work, Beth!! We are so proud of you!

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We are so happy to share that last month we were able to raise $400 for our cause of the month, Heart for Athletes!!

Heart for Athletes is an organization that was started by Amy Cockrell in 2014 after a serious incident occurred involving her son. Amy's son, Sam, went into sudden cardiac arrest due to an undiagnosed rare heart condition.

Heart for Athletes screens youth athletes to detect any signs of unknown heart conditions. They have found that 1 in every 300 children sc...reened, are diagnosed with some form of a heart condition.

We are so proud of our members for "checking in" on Facebook to raise money for this organization. To learn more about #HeartforAthletes, visit

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Preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth


1. Are frozen meals like lean cuisines good for you? ❄️🥦

2. What are the best fruits to eat for fat loss, and does it matter if they are organic or not? 🍎🍌🍑🍉🍇

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Congratulations to our Member of the Month, Nikki Chason!!!

Nikki's hard work is evident in her daily workouts. She is consistent, determined, and always has a smile on her face!! We are so proud of her for continuing to make strides towards her goals and for crushing her workouts each day. If you've seen Nikki in her workouts, you know how incredible she is when it comes to putting work in!!

Keep up the amazing work Nikki! We are so proud of you!!

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We love seeing the Bodet Family workout together and crush it every day!! Reb, Anne, Amelia, and Meredith (not pictured) have been consistent with their workouts every week and are doing an amazing job!!

We love seeing families stay fit and healthy together!
Keep up the amazing work guys!

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Our FBBC Champion of the week last week was CODY WHITE!!!

Congratulations Cody!! Every week we award the belt to the member who stands out with their positive attitude, effort, and determination!! Congratulations Cody on being the champ this week!!!!

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1. How many days per week should I workout? 🏋🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️

2. What’s the best diet to follow? 🥦🧀🍗

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If you have a goal, how are you approaching it?

If it's weight loss, are you weighing yourself every day and getting frustrated?

Are you following a program and doing well but starting to get upset that you're not as far along as you thought you would be at this point?


Are you comparing yourself to others and what they've been able to achieve?

You've got to get your focus off the future and place it on the task you have in front of you every single day.

Long term success requires you to have short term focus.


Because you have ZERO control over the future and how things will turn out. But what about the things you do control?

Here are just a few....

- Your effort

- Your consistency

- Being disciplined

- Your attitude

- How well you plan

- How well you adapt

- Your patience

Remember, you can't lose 20lbs before you lose the first 5lbs.

You can't lose 3 sizes before you lose the first.

You can't feel better than you have in your entire life before you felt better than you have in the past year.

"Control what you can. Cope with what you can't. Concentrate on what counts."

With that in mind, this week put your focus on things that you can directly control or influence.

When you do this you can "surrender the outcome" and your goal or aspiration will take care of itself and you'll be able live with the results.

Have a great week!

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We are LOVING seeing our members having so much fun at all of the Mardi Gras festivities! Everyone looks awesome!!

For those of you going to any balls this weekend, have FUN and be SAFE!! Let the good times roll!!

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Having trouble getting your kids on board with your healthy lifestyle?

Check out this insightful article from our friends over at Precision Nutrition on how to provide your children with a great nutritional foundation.

Start with the basics and build upon that

... See More
What does healthy nutrition for kids look like? In this article we discuss how childhood shapes brain development, metabolism, and overall health. And how to give our children a great start.

Member Richey Lambert earned himself a GOLD STAR last week for DOMINATING some lateral burpees!!
Richey continues to show hard work and persistence in every workout. Keep up the amazing work!!

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1. Should I start drinking a greens drink? If so...what is the best kind? 🥦

2. What should I pay attention to when reading a food label? 🤓

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Edna and Mimi are all smiles because they earned their referral money!!!

Referrals are the greatest compliment we receive. They help us build more relationships and change more lives!

So THANK YOU Mimi and Edna, for expanding our Fit Body Family

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