Well said @grim_mandy

“@MWilliamPhelps @MattValentinas Death keeps chipping away at chunks of my childhood 😢”

Frank was no doubt the inspiration for Pennywise! RIP Bozo. 😞


“RIP Frank Avruch, I remember him introducing classic films on local TV back before TMC.
Come out to the Tucson Festival of Books. Great panel, great topic! #TFOB #truecrime True Crime: Following the Facts Panel / Sun 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Integrated Learning Center - Room 150

Holy crap—so true today! lol

“Anyone who challenges #Aquarius on a personal level will suffer the wrath of their anger.”

That’s so kind of you to say, Beth. Very humbling.

“@MWilliamPhelps When I see any news stories or other shows about these cases I ALWAYS think of you and what a sensitive and compassionate job you did telling the story. You were wonderful with the people hurt by these tragedies.”
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That’s sweet, Lauren. Thanks.

“@MWilliamPhelps Thanks for shooting it for us @MWilliamPhelps we love you!”

They all have pain associated, but shooting this episode particularly tore me apart.

“2013 ‘Dark Minds’ episode broadcast #OnThisDay “The Texas Killing Field” @MWilliamPhelps @ChronicleCrime @DiscoveryID @CI @darkmindstv @IDCrimeFeed @texasgov”
“I love @MWilliamPhelps: His passion for what he does is second to none!

Thanks so much, Teanna. That’s kind of you to say. @teannabeth #bestfansever

“@MWilliamPhelps I love your work and passion for the job!!! I was just watching a rerun of snapped “!! Your soo good at what you do!! 👏🏼”
“@MWilliamPhelps As a long-time fan, I appreciate your honesty (and interaction here). ❤️”
“@MWilliamPhelps Pure enough that you can look objectively at killers. With a tad of Irish humor.”

Who says my soul is pure? Lol. I didn’t choose it; the first book kinda chose me and I dove in headfirst never looking back! Im grateful—and broken.

“@MWilliamPhelps Phelps, how do you keep your soul pure around knowing people like that? Why did you choose to write about hearts so jaded?”
“@MWilliamPhelps 🤔 Given your extensive personal background with Keith Jesperson, were you asked to do consult on this Sunday’s New Episode of Evil Lives Here on Happy Face on ID? 🤔 #EvilLivesHere #ID #DangerousGround”

Quite humbling, thank you so much.

“@MWilliamPhelps Hi Mr. Phelps, just want to thank you for excellent writing and for all of your books that I am trying to devour!! Your work is important and so informative. Thanks again. Maria Klein Maryland”
“@MWilliamPhelps Did you say you’re doing an episode of It Takes A Killer?”

Thanks, Carrie. You’re kind.

“Just finished reading @MWilliamPhelps book beautifully cruel fantastic book to read I recommend it to anyone who wants a good book to get lost in”