The games i play( not all these games are on facebook): aqw, epic duel, dark orbit, ninja wars, ninja saga, ddtank, maple story, stick arena, back yard monsters, wild ones, restaurant city, & hotel city.


What the heck?!?!? how are these links from 2 hours ago and i was in school at that time?!? someone hacked my page please tell staff.

EVERYBODY: All Attention Please. I've just got hacked and someone sent a email to me saying. For Example: I didnt even posted "Guys you need to see this freak" attention error code 15"

ATTENTION: Im not a hacker since ive been getting many messages saying im a hacker in dark orbit. Though i am a hacker in stick arena and aqw. EPIC FAIL!!!

New Update (Not really) : Oh yea FORGOT, the red globes are gone since Halloween.

Most likely you will see me since i have 10 accounts all lv 11 except one which is lv 8

New Update on Dark Orbit: In your x-1, you'll find red globes throughout the maps. They will reward you with WIZ rockets, URIDIUM, or fireworks.

I found out how to get a free double premium. U must first like this page and comment on this post to find out.

That was a major storm yesterday it was a tornado warning you couldn't even see outside. Windows were shaking floors were shaking and my neighbors tree fell on their house.

New Update on Dark Orbit: Tech Center(in Skylab) and the background(if you want the old way press settings and display, press on the one that says Show Background)

Tragic end for many people in 9/11 and i wonder why those 2 terrorist suicide them selves in the plane crash.

Goliath Ship; Speed: 300 Hit points: 256,000 Cargo: 1500 Rockets Lasers: 15 Extras:3 Generators: 15

Tip: <Don't under estimate a Goli/Goliath>

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