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Kelly Sipe Spencer
· March 23, 2014
Brandon, you did an excellent job teaching this course. We will highly recommend to all of our friends and co-workers. Great course! Thank you!!
Darcie Jaeger Richardson
· December 2, 2015
Awesome class kept everyone interested gave a lot information on the laws very easy to talk to very knowledgeable about guns
Victoria Moirs
· December 2, 2015
Great class........amazing knowledge on laws, guns, and defense. Very good instructor and easy to follow and maintain in a classroom environment. Excellent interaction.
Daniel Kiser
February 4, 2013
Would reccomend to anyone looking to get their concealed carry permit or firearms training. Brandon is very professional and knows what he is teaching! If you have thought about getting your permit do... not hesitate to talk to Brandon! A+ See More
Amy Yates Payne
· February 10, 2015
Thank you Brandon for the excellent class on Conceal Carry. I learned a lot and you are a very good teacher.
Jessica Coffman
· September 17, 2014
Was a great class. I would recommend it to anyone. Brandon done a great job. Learned a lot of things.
John Edward
February 4, 2013
Took a concealed carry course with friends, family and coworkers. Brandon was unbelievably professional and my wife and I will be telling everyone we know and recommending Defensive Solutions Elite Training!
Brandi Nicole
· January 31, 2015
GREAT class today! I would recommend the concealed carry class to anyone civilian military or law enforcement!
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Posted by Tim Kennedy
Tim Kennedy

Our country has been hiding behind a wall for almost 75 years. A wall with men standing on top of it doing everything they can to protect those hiding behind it.... Those hiding judge, condemn, and sharp shoot both the preparation and method in which they are protected. This isn't about making vigilantes. This isn't about scaring people. This is about making Americans some tough mother fuckers again. We said after Pearl Harbor we would never let something like that happen again. Then 9/11 happened and we again seemed so resolute. We are now fighting in the longest war of American history. A war that is even happening now in our own cities. It's time for us to remember who we are, what we stand for, and where we came from. #Sheepdog #freedom

Directed by @amirzing

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Hey All,
Our next public Concealed Carry Course is set for December 28th in Harrisonburg, VA. If you are interested please contact Dubby's Fishing and Hunting to sign up. Let him know I sent you.

Also, If you are interested in a private course, please contact us through email at

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at the 28th Western Virginia Sport Show, despite the weather. As always, it was an amazing show. Thanks to Brandi Moomau - Independent Damsel Pro #7783 for helping with the booth, please go give her page a like. Follow me on Twitter @Brandon_DSET

Earlier in the month we mentioned doing some training videos. The first series we will talk about will be the draw stroke and what we consider the six parts to this. Each step will have a video(s) and some will lead us to other videos on topic. If there are any specific topics, training or non training related that you would like to see, please comment or PM us. Thanks again for all the support.

ITS TIME! I will be messaging the winners of the drawing in the next 30 minutes. I will tell you what items are left up for grabs. All names were given a number in the order they followed the instructions on the post. Those numbers were sent to a random number selector which gave four numbers. Those four numbers were matched back with names. Good luck.

Update: day three at the hospital and looking at at least another day. I apologize again and thank you all for being patient.

Hey folks, I have been admitted to the hospital but still plan to notify the winners as soon as my mind and body are half way straight. As said earlier, I will throw in a little something extra. Thanks again for all the likes and shares and for being so patient.

Hey folks, the winners of the drawing have been selected as of last night. However, I have not made it out of bed other than to go to the ER. Please bare with me as I contact the winners. I will throw in a little something extra for the winners since there is a delay.

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Sorry for the delay on the drawing for winners. Had a medical emergency today which delayed everything. The drawing will still take place at 11:59 tonight and winners contacted tomorrow in the order they were selected.

Over the next couple of weeks we will begin posting some videos of training. These videos are designed to give you idea for self practice whether it be with with live ammo on the range or dry fire practice at home.

With that being said, if there is something you are wanting to see videos of, please post and let us know.

Up late, editing videos. Used today as a personal development day to get some pistol work in. Tomorrow we will be on the range for a private class and maybe a fun gun video.

Dont forget our giveaway that we shared earlier. Make sure to like the company page and then share the post to be entered.