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We spotted this Delta tilt bed trailer in the wild in Little Rock, AR!

One of our most popular models!

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Sabra Steele
· December 17, 2017
2 years ago I bought a brand new Delta horse/stock trailer. The door that goes into the tack area is about 4 inches off the floor even with rubber mats in place so not only did I have issues with man...ure and urine rolling into that area but when I hauled my horses kept getting their ankle/ pasterns banged up. So I had to "modify" a brand new trailer to stop this from happening. I had to add a piece of rubber to go along that edge and as soon as I did my horses stopped getting hurt and the manure stopped rolling into the tack area. Then I had a horse in the trailer and she some how managed to get the divider that goes between the 2 horses off the hinges. Looking at it now..I see that the hinges are really short that that the lowest part of that bar is freaking 48 inches off the floor. I have now measured in other trailers and those bars are only 36-40 inches off the floor. We did not know the divider had been knocked loose so when we went to opened it, it crashed down on my foot and as a result I have been suffering with a broken foot. Not only that but I was sold this trailer based on being told that the paint was "automotive" paint and it would last. It is now cracking and rusting where the hitch is and I have rust streaks even on the inside walls of the trailer. This is the 3rd trailer I had bought but I had never encountered these issues before so you may want to thoroughly investigate before spending your money. I do have to say that I saw a newer Delta trailer then mine and the tack door on that trailer was much lower so I am not sure if I got a reject or what but I paid full price for it and the fact that the dividers are so high is a huge issue. Can you imagine if it fell on the horse? So now I will be paying to have that fixed in the Spring. See More
Robert Strickland
· September 13, 2017
Delta custom built me a trailer for my 6 seat Polaris and I could not be happier. Everything I wanted, plus additional items they suggested. Call Delta and ask for my salesman Les, you won't be disappointed!
Zack Hendrix
· November 10, 2017
Bought my 16x6 stock trailer new about 5 years ago. The paint has always had thin places inside the trailer and now rusty around the edges. Always cleaned out after each use.
Gabe Taylor
· October 1, 2017
Love my new 500 combo horse trailer! Tim Austin did a great job of getting me exactly what I wanted!! Thank you!
William Duden
· August 2, 2015
My little 14'stock trailer is perfect for what I want!
If I want I can haul 2 horses in front and 1 in the back .
I could have 2 lighter horses in the back but I'm not going to with my disabilities I ...most likely won't haul over 2 horses. The center gate is great they have it in just the right spot. Then if you want you can give it a good cleaning on the inside and haul a bed or furniture
Or hay , 4wheelers or about any thing else you want to haul.I have bad knees . I do kinda wish I would have got one with a ramp, but I' m not complaining .
To the guys that are. You know thing do where as they get older. Plus I can't say enough good things about the dealer. Great little trailer!
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Barb Decker
March 1, 2012
We have a Delta Gooseneck trailer that we bought over 15 years ago it is like brand new we are gonna buy another one soon because we have a daughter goin to horse shows best trailers made we wouldn't ...have anything but See More
Roderick Gray
· December 1, 2016
Best in the business!!! Second to none!!! These guys have been like family too me. A class act Arkansas based/owned/ family business! Enough said!!!
Rose Mary Jackson
· January 12, 2017
Wonderful Arkansas company. Great people run this company.
Colleen Bradford Dow
· January 24, 2017
Best customer service for even the littlest of issues!
Josh Lacaeyse
· January 26, 2017
Great people to be in business with! Products are fantastic!
Jake Reiter
· June 12, 2014
Great trailer just needs better wiring
Another load heading out..... 3 stock trailers and a tiltbed!
NATDA trade show
Clip from Discovery Channel's Backyard Oil with a cameo appearance of a Delta flatbed trailer.