A friend just snapped this from my first TV gig (thanks, Robyn C) which was, incredibly and crazily, SEINFELD.

How many years ago?? I should be a professional by now, right?

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My upcoming show in NYC. 10 Performances only!

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Vivian Taylor

The Play I am producing- here is the flyer. Next will be The Cellar FB Page - stay tuned!


Tickets are selling quickly!

Come join us tomorrow night in NYC for an evening of music, trivia, and theater. I'll be reading a sweet 10 minute play.

It's a show, it's a party, it's a benefit! The Navigators, a feminist Science Fiction Theater Company, is holding a fundraiser for their first Main Stage Production, The Aurora Project. The evening will include sci-fi themed live music, comedy, trivia, readings of 10 minute sci-fi plays by women pla...

A lovely fellow named Jason Norman interviewed me for his book on horror films for my work on DEEP DARK - Behind the Screams! Here's a link -

Do you dare to step behind the screams? In Jason Norman’s new book, horror fans finally see the men behind the monster masks and learn the secrets behind the scream queen’s shrieks. Terror has neve…

Here's to old friends and keeping in touch!

I'll be doing a theater production in NYC in June. An old friend who was a casting director in LA wants to produce. A nice thing - to be asked to do a show. It hasn't much happened here in NYC thus far.

I'm so looking forward to being on stage again!


(oh, and it's going to be 67 degrees here in NYC today - how crazy is that??)

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Maybe I'll be a producer now!

Would you come see a sci-fi play based on a comic book that had strong (and fun) female protagonists, and was set mostly in a spaceship?

Facebook keeps reminding me I should write something on the page. Which, in turn, is a reminder of how much is no happening in my performing life of late.
So I'll write about that, FB.

Lately I've been trying to figure out how to exist in a world of my own creation where I don't act, do not have the opportunity to do my work.


This has been my challenge.
That, and just making enough money to live in this crazy, expensive city. I've just about got that down, but it's been 5 years, and the toll has been that it's taken so much of my energy and time resources to do so.

So, not much to talk about.
Except for the fact that I miss working. I miss being on stage, which is what I think I do best.

I'm getting to see some shows, like THE HUMANS.
With this one, I actually woke up having had some pretty crazy dream. The feeling of unease and darkness below the surface (and literal) came home with me, it seems. That's what I love about the stage, it enables the audience to feel something, in that moment, a shared experience.

Shared experiences are not the norm these days. We have our own little, insular worlds we create. Keeps us safe.

Still, it's fall, and it's a gorgeous day. I'm grateful for having the chance to live here. When I let myself be open to it, not let it get to me, it's a pretty effing amazing city, and world to behold.

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Looking forward to taking a train up to Pleasantville next week.
Axial Theatre company meets in the quaintest stone church to read plays on Sundays.

And you have to walk up the hill past the pretty houses to get there. It's always a breath of fresh air.

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Come on by.
For a reading of a full-length play called SHELTER by Jack Horton Gilbert, as directed by the (newly returned) Ariel Francoeur!
I'll be portraying MOM - the Artificial Intelligence System.

We'd love to see you!


Saturday, 8/20 @ 7:30 pm.
The Grand Theater at the Producer's Club
358 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036
Tickets ($5!)

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Aug 19, 2016 - Aug 21, 2016Producers Club Theaters & BarNew York, NY
110 people interested

Fascinating work lately. 'Acting' as a patient for doctors & doctors-in-training.

I once thought I'd be a doctor. Before I got hit by the theater bug. Which I never recovered from.

Hmmm...perhaps we should change this saying (theater bug) - from an illness to something more positive...suggestions?

Happy Weekend, everyone.

A film of mine is now making the rounds. In all my years, I think it's my first go at establishing the character of a voice in the wall. Let me know if you catch it somewhere!

"The hole is voiced by Denise Poirier, best known as Aeon Flux in the animated series, and it's a superb piece of casting. Her voice is both seductive and authoritative - like the computer on a futuristic starship - and that we don't really question Hermann's decision to go along with events (never once pausing to consider the hole's existence) is partially down to Poirier's mellifluous tones."

Pity Hermann Haig. Unemployed and living with his mother, since childhood all he's wanted is to be recognised as a brill...

Wow. Summer is gone. How did this happen.

The new theater season proves to be exciting here in NYC. Seeing The King and I on Broadway tonight. I'm thrilled. And I get to hang out with the incredibly talented Ken Roht while I'm at it.

What's next for me as a performer? That's the question. ...
Hmmm... we'll see. I'm working at it!

I may need to become more of a producer/creator in order to get work.

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Was a good run of three (quite intense) shows.

And though I love the work, and it's almost always about the work - its time for a break!

A lake in Maine is a good place for this.


Have a great summer, everyone!

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Coming to a stage near you.
My upcoming show in the big city.
This summer.

More can be found here. ...

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Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre updated their cover photo.

Moving is/was a major distraction. Crazy challenge in NYC. Settling in. Looking at audition notices again. You're only as good as your last role - isn't that what they say. What's next?!

Have an audition for something really interesting this weekend. Wish me luck, or broken legs, whatever your druthers!

The Other Place has garnered some of the best reviews of the season. We are very proud of the production and hope you will get tickets. The show plays through March 29.

"The marvelous Denise Poirier is a fierce and compelling Juliana in this excellent Good Theater production..." - THE PHOENIX


"Directed with quiet, yet hair-raising intensity by Brian P. Allen and starring the remarkable Denise Poirier, the production keeps the audience invested and involved from start to finish."

"Poirier does a masterful job of navigating the dark turns, the regret, the paranoia, the misunderstandings that pile up in Juliana’s mind, while maintaining Juliana’s strength and dignity."

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Having just slipped out of a great production of FROZEN by Bryony Lavery with Essential Theatre Group, am now embarking on the incredible journey that is THE OTHER PLACE by Sharr White.

A challenging script. And a beautiful setting to present it - an old stone church on Munjoy Hill in lovely Portland, Maine.

If you're so inclined - come and join us for a weekend getaway, or just drop by if you're in the area.


And yes, Spring will soon be here! Amen to that.

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