Even Pokemon knows what's up.

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Dysfunctional Veterans

Looks like Pokemon-Go has even thought of the Military for a Pokemon.....LOL

DV Kiote

I came out of retirement and inactivity to post this....

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We really should resurrect this page....


This sounds about right. -Barney

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So, who made the troll account? Cuz that shit is funny.

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Not sure what to make of this.... Other than target practice. -Barney

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Ryan Sullivan to Dependapotamus Appreciation Society

Check out the shirt on the left. YIKES!

Thanks to Terminal Lance and the Marine responsible for this letter. The new attention is nice. I promise we are going to start getting active again. We're also looking at taking on a 3rd admin to help us out as me and my wife are fairly busy all the time. So inbox us if you're interested in giving us a hand! Prefer Marine. But not against Hooahs or Squids. Chairmen can just fuck right off. -Barney

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Terminal Lance

I've seen a few of these floating around the internet lately. I don't know if these are legit, but someone is trying to troll IRR members; as if we give a fuck.

I didn't know they housed beach whales in base housing now. I thought that they had a weight limit for household animals...

Via Marine Corps Memes

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Tyler Selvig to Marine Corps Memes

I know we haven't been active of late. We'll try and post more stuff soon. Because if we don't appreciate them, someone else will! -Barney

For those of you still up. Check it. Just testing mostly.

Untitled Broadcast

And I'm back, had to deal with two 3 day bans, but you can't keep me down. -Barney


Why you should not marry a soldier

And we are going in a different direction.

If we really wanna play the rage report game, that's fine.
I'm behind 7 facebooks; I can't be defeated.

She deleted her Facebook.
I win.