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Daniel D. Smith
· May 7, 2015
Great organization.
FF sailors please note, you're meant to be a part of this organization.
Please consider joining today.
-dan smith, SCPO, USNR(Ret)
www.NavyCollector dot com

Have you thought about joining DESA but were waiting for the right time or reason? Well, the reason has arrived. We are happy to announce a special deal for our facebook friends (and whoever they want to tell). Until the end of 2018, you can join DESA and receive 10% off of a one year membership or even better - a 25% discount on a 3 year membership. This is for new members only. You must call our office manager, Dori Glaser at 1-800-603-3332 and give her the coupon code: Facebook 10-25, to receive this rate. Need a copy of the DESA News? Email me at with your name and postal mailing address and I will get a copy out to you. It is not available to be sent by email. It is a paper copy only.

I belong to many Navy and ships group pages. It seems that not a day goes by that word of a ship's crew member crossing the bar is reported. As veterans of the greatest branch of the military, we know the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood when it comes to those we served alongside for months and even years. One thing that brings those great feelings together for us is ships reunions. At these times, we get to once again share those humerous stories, catch up on our a=post...-service lives and also to meet shipmates who served at other times that our ship was in service.
But we don't always have enough members to hold a ships reunion. Hotel costs are high, and if we don't have enough members to make an impact , there is really no way to get those costs down. Then you have the other planning. Do we have a banquet? Do we have tours? Who is going to do all this planning? Some ships do very well with a few members stepping up to do all that legwork to get a reunion successfully planned. But what if all that legwork was done for you? What if, all you had to do, was to make your reservations, send in a couple of forms and go there to enjoy your time with your shipmates?
DESA does all that for you. Every year we have a convention at a different location. This year, that location is Harrisburg, PA, from September 9th-14th. Room rates are set with breakfast included, tours are set, a banquet and other activities are set. You just go there and enjoy! Want to do your own things? Our office manager can help you with arranging your own meeting rooms, group meals, etc., but you are sure to find that we will have enough for you to enjoy yourselves.
As the President of DESA, I will ensure that you are heartily welcomed and will have no problem fitting in. Also, and I find this such a wonderful perk, you get to meet people from differnt ships and different generations. The history you can garner from listening to these stories is beyond compare. Those from WWII and the Korean War won't always be with us. In fact, we are rapidly losing our WWII vets. Wouldn;t it be great to hear stories from their mouths and not from books?
We always have several ships that hold their reunions in conjunction with our convention, so we are familiar with it. We are always looking for more ships to join us. We are looking for you. Won't you consider joining us this September? I will gladly send out a copy of the DESA News to you so you can see what we are all about. Simply email me your name and postal mailing address (not email) to and I will get a copy out to you.
We hope to see you this September.
Timothy Slisky
President, DESA

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