Our mission tonight. SAVE ROCKY! Rocky is a beautiful gentle wolf hybrid puppy raised as a family pet. Because Michigan does not allow them, and he ended up at a local shelter, we are driving 22 hours to get him to A sanctuary in North Carolina! Here we go. ...
Taxi had 7 pups this morning and all are doing well!
Gatlin is in need of a foster home! He was shot in the head and needs a home to recover in. He is good with dogs and cats. He would do best with someone home often. Please fill out a foster application at
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AnaLisa Falvey
· October 20, 2017
I found a black squirrel having trouble moving in my backyard. I called several places, all of which told me to leave it to die, or they will come pick it up with a $200 fee attached to the pick up. A...t 9 p.m. i discouragedly messaged D.A.W.G. and got a message in 20 minutes offering to pick up the animal and gave instructions to care for it in the mean time. It is 10 p.m. and someone is currently on their way to help this poor critter! Finally, a decent place that cares for ALL animals. See More
Nathalie Styczynski
· December 22, 2017
I have the greatest respect and love for DAWG, thank you for all the good you do, all that work, my husband visited a few days ago to drop off a few things and had a tour, he told me how they work to ...rehabilitate the dogs and cat, and they are treated like children. Thank you See More
Sophia Sabol
· July 28, 2017
I found a small litter of baby squirrels in my truck, and I had called EVERY DNR certified wildlife rehab center in the area. Nobody would take them, and I had to keep them overnight and nurse them to health. A friend gave me the number for this place, I called at 9am and left a voicemail not expecting anything back. 15 minutes later the owner called me and said they'd absolutely take them in, so I drove an hour away to the location. Was met by Janet who took them in and gave me an ENTIRE tour of the property. Was absolutely blown away by the place. No kill, they will take any animal.

Gorgeous property. Will be calling to volunteer soon. Cannot fully express how wonderful this placr really is.
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Christine Zink-Loop
· June 20, 2017
I have volunteered with DAWG for over 2 years now. They not only rescue dogs, cats, small animals, etc. They also rescue farm animals and wildlife. It amazes me how every time I see a post about an... animal in need, no matter what it is... one or more of the volunteers are racing out to save it! They obviously can't save them all... but they sure try. Kelley and so many of the volunteers bust their butts everyday keeping that place running. Whether its working at the farm, feeding, cleaning, fostering, running adoption events, fundraisers, home visits, building shelters, .... the list goes on and on. I honestly don't know how they do it!! They have some amazing people in their group. Thank you all for what you do!! ♥ See More
Becky Sekich
· December 4, 2017
I️ LOVE THIS COMPANY! I’ve worked with Terry and she provided excellent service, I️ still keep in contact with her and send her pictures on how big my fur baby has grown. I️ recommend this company an...d brand 100%! I️ love them! See More
Katie Kathleen
· February 10, 2018
To run a rescue is no easy task. And here is a farm of both wild and domestic. What a big heart you have
Susanne Maiberger
· November 28, 2017
We adopted 2 dogs a Mom, Harper and her Puppy Pearson (now Peter). We have had them for 6 months now. They are the best dogs and we love them to pieces. I cant imagine our home without them. Great... organization was very helpful and easy to work with :) See More
Gina Kent
· June 15, 2017
We had a fawn on our yard for a few days and we were worried that it's mama wasn't coming back. 2 people came out right after I called with my questions and concerns to evaluate it and they ended up t...aking it in. They were kind, friendly and prompt and professional and I knew the fawn would be in good hands. Thanks so much for all your help ! See More
Stacy Stainbrook
· December 18, 2017
Very nice people friendly make you feel welcomed unfortunately my first time there helping out I got stuck and was so embarrassed but they all came together and helped me out to get my car out even th...ought they didn’t have to. :) See More
Andrew Sayle
· October 22, 2017
This is a wonderful organization with true heroes operating, working tirelessly and being a voice for animals that need one!
Please consider a donation or cash, supplies, or even your time!
They are deductible so no need to delay! See More
Starr Meloche
· June 15, 2017
I have visited DAWG and seen what wonderful work they are doing. The amount of time, effort, and genuine love and care that goes into everything that happens here is beautiful. DAWG does so many thing...s, and does them all so well. The farm animals are so well taken care of and loved, and they are so innovative with their ideas (like the apartment for the dogs to get used to home-life and a break from the kennels!) It seems everyone at DAWG is working tirelessly to find new ways to meet the needs of the animals that come into their care, to rescue the animals that need it. They don't just value 'rescuing' the animals, but truly value their happiness! See More
Bill John
· August 8, 2017
"You can tell a lot about a persons character by how they treat people they don't have to treat well."

To be clear, the dog I adopted is amazing. Her and I are great, she's spoiled, very happy and lo...ves life.

The main problem stems from the people at DAWG. Being a single man in his 20's, I apparently was not the "ideal" candidate to adopt a dog. After filling out an application I was met with rejection, stating others were interested in her. My dog's foster family debunked this, so I had to send a plea again to show that I'd be great dad dog and was able to get a home visit.

The day of the home visit, I was rescheduled on multiple times later that day. It was a Sunday and I was going to be flexible, and it gave me an opportunity to make sure my home was pristine. About three hours before the lady doing my home visit was scheduled to come, I get a call from the foster family telling me she's about 15 minutes away.

My house is in the middle of cleaning, and nowhere near presentable, I panicked and did the best I could. But it apparently wasn't enough.

The lady shows up and I welcome her. She already has a disgusted look on her face, so that set the tone of the next 30 minutes. I apologized and mentioned how I was in the middle of cleaning and moved in literally a month prior, so I still hadn't unpacked everything.

The lady, who in my opinion was not dressed appropriately for the occasion, was on a power trip, and an insanely short fuse. She was not polite about anything, complained about the state of my home (even after explaining MULTIPLE times that she showed up early, I was in the middle of getting ready, and had just moved in), and was completely rude.

I bit my tongue only because at any point she could have said no and that was that. And she knew this. She knew she could spit in my face and I'd take it. She didn't do that, but she was obviously very much aware of this.

So after being denied that day I was told to fix my issues and she'd return. After about a week I was able to fix this list she demanded and I got my dog. But only because this lady declined to do the home visit and sent someone else.

My dog has a good home and is happy. She could have ended up somewhere else to be ignored, beaten, hungry, dead, whatever, simply because I wasn't what they thought a good owner is. I am a good owner and fear what has happened to other dogs because of their misguided judge of character.

But because of this situation, I will never adopt a dog again. I absolutely will go to a breeder for another dog, but I refuse to let someone walk all over me because of their own personal issues.

I do not recommend going to DAWG, but absolutely adopt if that's what you want to do. Just a warning that if you choose to go through DAWG then you more than likely will be made to feel like a pile of crap from start to finish, in my opinion.
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Jim Baggins
· December 16, 2017
I have seen 1st hand how much time, energy & love that all these volunteers give to all these loving animals.
Jacqueline M Ferrante
· June 13, 2017
Had an absolutely wonderful experience with this group. I found a baby bird in my yard and contacted Kelley. She replied immediately via text, and provided me with instructions on feeding the baby a...nd when do drop it off at the rescue. Thank you so much for all you do!!! See More
Jake Stevens
· July 28, 2017
Got to tour the propert for an upcoming event. They adapt and promise to care for all animals for their whole life, and that's what really matters! They take amazing care of all their animals
Crystal Harmon
· August 15, 2017
Glad they were able to take in a injured mourning dove bird it was hard to find somewhere that was not full and would put it down most likely.
Theresa Giacalone Tworkowski
· June 22, 2017
I have 2 rescues from DAWG, that I love dearly. They were found on the streets. The care and love.. they put into, making sure all the dogs are safe, and making sure.. they go into, a loving home, in... a safe environment .. they are always trying to raise money for their animals. Just amazing rescue. This is a true passion for them. It has to be, to see how hard they all work, non stop work.. it truly is never ending. . They do it w true love.. and put their whole heart into it. They are angels on earth. I hv always been in awe, of Kelly and all the Volunteers, the upkeep is never ending. . they truly give up a lot in their life .. to make sure they save as many animals as possible❤️ See More
Melissa Marie
· August 19, 2017
My best friend adopted Yavin. He is an amazing little guy! Thank you for your amazing work with all animals!
Luci Lopez
· September 5, 2017
They are amazing, they rescue different species of animals. Thanks for help to be better this world!
Cari Paquette
· February 19, 2018
Great group of Angels doing their best for animals in need! Keep up the awesome work you guys!!

Urgent foster needed for a labradoodle and a chi. Owner died. Both dog and kid friendly. Please fill out a foster application at

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This is Ashley, dob:6-21-2012, she is negative on leukemia, positive for FIV. As of February 19, she is updated all her shots and has an kappointment for her spay on march 5, She is good with dogs, not sure about other cats, she was only with one other cat her whole life

contact Michelle at 586-909-2686.

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