Canton Man Faces Sex Crime Charges following Incidents at University of Michigan Or Canton for that matter?  This is the diversity the colleges rave about their advertisements?  “Come to our school and live in a diverse community filled with predatory blacks that are looking for
DDOT Bus Drivers Refuse to Run Routes as Concerns Over Safety Grow I wonder what that dead old communist sheboon would have to say about this.  These niggers finally get to ride in the front and how do they respond?  They beat the hell out of the drivers!  This is just fucking co
Emotional Vigil for Couple Found Murdered in Detroit Field Well I bet your mom won’t think Detroit is cool when they find you dead in a field.  Don’t fuck around in Detroit, it’s fucking dangerous and not “cool dangerous”…more like “dead dangerous”.  As a white person your life i
Noose in Ferndale Halloween Display Offends Neighbor Here we have the media teaming up with oversensitive nigger bitch to intimidate a white person into bending over and taking a politically correct ass fucking.  Pardon my language but I’m just so sick of society’s attempts to in
Man Gets 30 To 60 Years In Detroit Serial Rapes Just how much national news coverage did this get? DETROIT — A Detroit man has been sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for the rapes of six women and the attempted rape of a seventh.The Wayne County prosecutor’s office says Rayna
13-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Shooting Two Teen Girls In Detroit Time to start finding an excuse.  Let’s blame place blame on the guns themselves!  “Deez keeids shouldn’t be havin deez guns”! Police were working Sunday night to answer questions in a case many people we spoke with fo
Pair Charged with Robbing, Assaulting Inkster Woman after Son Called 91 More animals doing what they do…it never fucking ends.  It’s hard to comprehend committing a crime that could put me in jail for the rest of life and right in the middle of it thinking about my penis and how
Southfield Police investigating homicide after woman dies following an altercation with her husband (Strangles her in front of the kids) I love how they try and sanitize this crap.  Do you know brutal of an individual you have to be to strangle a weak female in front of your chil
Police: Man Was Waiting In Home To Assault Woman Royal Oak police said a man they have in custody might have been waiting inside a woman’s home on Durham Road to attack her.Police said a woman called 911 Sunday just after 11 a.m. to report having come home to a man flee her back
Teens Charged as Adults in Rape Case “DAY IS GOOD KEEEEEEEIDS!” DETROIT (WJBK) – Two boys both age 16 are charged as adults with raping a twelve-year-old girl in an abandoned house near her home on Bedford on Detroit’s east side. Her family has since moved out. Prosecutors say th
Detroit Police to Limit Burglary Alarm Response Is Detroit fucking stupid (yes)?  What the hell good is it to announce to the world that “OUR COPS WON’T EVEN SHOW UP”?  The unbelievable insanity of Detroit just blows my mind sometimes. As if it wasn’t bad enough that it takes cop
15 Shootings Friday; Deadly Night in Detroit Friday night is apparently the chimping night of choice in “The D”.  15 shootings occurred on Friday night 6 ended up in deaths.  Keep in mind this isn’t a result of a gang war, just general mayhem caused by chimping out!  The mayor ca
Dad Had Son, Open Beer Cans In Car I love how whenever this type of thing occurs in the suburbs or involves a white parent the first thing the news does is find a picture.  Apparently when it happens to a humanoid with a name such as Latakvis Coleman, no picture is available!  Co
Man Found Guilty Of Killing Blind Girlfriend So why would an ugly ass jig like this kill his blind girlfriend?  Well they do say that when one of your senses is removed your other senses get more acute.  Maybe her sense of smell finally started picking up on the stench coming fro
Metro Detroit Man Shot and Nearly Killed over Cartier Glasses These shits don’t even be sunglasses dawg!  I’m really thinking about creating a “glasses mayhem” category to catalog all these stories.  You can’t make this shit up.  These nigs must think wearing sunglasses gives the
Sunglasses Spark Deadly Shooting Why are blacks so obsessed with sunglasses?  It really seems like they’re constantly killing, beating, and stealing over expensive sunglasses.  My only theory is that the reason blacks love sunglasses so much is the same reason they love big gaudy
Here we go again.  Another group of niggers or as the news calls them “Teens” or “Youths” chimping out in a suburban city, no doubt attacking white people. I offer up this simple safety guide for Whites in this wonderful nation of freedom and peace: 1.  Carry gun, mace, or blade
Officially announcing the excluseive DiC “Steal a Nigga’s Book” campaign.  As you may have heard our favorite intellectually deficient, disgraced Detroit nig Kwame Kilpatrick has announced the release of a book called “Surrendered! The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatric