Divine Mercy Chaplet Vigil

For the soul of Archbishop Cardinal Francis George, for comments comparing the Gay Liberation Movement to the KKK. (The original interview. Please be warned - homophobic/transphobic language) ...

This is taking the name of the Creator in vain. Suggesting that the Creator's children are not really hir children at all.

It is also a deeply wounding statement to many people who are currently facing racial, colonial, gender and sexual oppression.

The Precious Blood and Living Water of Jesus Christ is spilling out through the lives of our LGBTTIQ people!

Will you pray for their sake that the Archbishop Cardinal's hardened heart be healed?

Will you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

It is very short and can be said in minutes

...or listened to in song.

You can use a rosary...or just your fingers. What counts most is that your heart is open to giving and receiving mercy for this intention.

Then maybe our hearts may be transformed to be more like Christ.

Thank you.

In a spirit of Charity, if you could like this page and share it with those you feel would benefit from it. In a spirit of prudence, it is best not to proselytize especially to those who have been hurt by the Church and are sensitive to this. Please give them prayers or assistance instead.

If you speak another language and can translate it please share the link, and I will post it here. Thank you
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