"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,

but when there is nothing to take away."


Antoine De Saint-Exupiry


Are you seeking love? Do you yearn to be accepted by your colleagues? Or perhaps nurtured by some special other? And if your answer is yes, all you need to do- to start with- is switch your focus! Instead of merely looking for it outside, begin to tap it within- and my dearest friends, love will indeed surround you in all its wondrous aspects.


And how do you do that? How do you fall in love with self? Exactly the way you feel for another in the first flush of love: with a headlong acceptance of self. Viewing your different facets, as the different colors of a diamond- none good or bad, right or wrong! To the many who ask me “How do we love self”? And to those who volunteer “Well we think we love self…do we”? My response is always the same: “How comfortable are you with self? Truly”?


Self-love is simply acceptance of self in all its nuances. It is not turning a blind eye to perceived areas of growth, or parts you wish to enhance or disempower- but the attitude you view these with! If you render them ugly, dislike parts or allow guilt to creep in - you move from self-acceptance to blame and judgment. Instead know deep in your heart how utterly unique a being you are and how valiant an expedition you have chosen towards exploration of this self, and pat yourself in this acknowledgment. Sure you can choose to incorporate change and extend current self-but always in this positive awareness.


Your relationship with self is your primary relationship and very vital to how you will experience life. Thus make it your focal point of attention and everything else will reflect this change! If you are self critical, you will find others to criticize you! If you feel insignificant, you will experience that in your relationships. Indeed the more you accept self the more you let your brothers and sisters off the hook! In self-recrimination do you impose negative judgments on others. It is called projection- if you find yourself labeling the other as arrogant, ask yourself is it because you begrudge him a confidence you don’t have? Have you called anyone selfish recently? Dig deep and you may discover it stems from a fear that there isn’t enough for you!  And aha- what’s behind finding that ‘other’ promiscuous? Do you feel a lack of sex appeal, or perhaps fear losing your spouse to them? The responses will be personal and different for each one of-but will always lead you back to self and indeed surprise you how it is never about the other!


Self-love is not a vague esoteric ideal but based on quantum physics and the mechanics of how energy works! Understanding this helps unleash its power and what I hope to enable through this column. Your self- view is a moment-to- moment energy signature you vibrate at and self-appreciation is an empowering positive focus to attract more of the same! Remember like attracts like! Furthermore it creates a personal energy field so vibrant that another law of energy comes into play- the law of least resistance- which indeed resists its opposite to enter your energy field. Think about this: if you are loving and accepting of self, then anger, hatred, critique and the like by-pass you due the resistance your loving aura offers! If you are full of self-hate and anger- love is what sidesteps you instead!


Introspection for today: Take a deep appreciative look inside! And watch as the world falls in love with you.                                                             

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“Hello love, goodbye loneliness”


Thoughts create our reality! Thoughts matter, because they literally become the material people, events and things making up our worlds!  But have you ever considered what a thought is? What makes up these all important thoughts? At their simplest, thoughts are a process of self-communication, and if you really ob...serve, this self-communication like any other is made up of pictures and words. Indeed in layman terms thoughts are a series of images or sentences running through your mind. When you worry, you are either seeing depressing pictures or words of doubt are running through you! When you are ‘thinking’ positively, feel-good visions and positive affirmative words (perhaps even a series of halleluiahs!)  are what’s playing out on your inner screen!


At a deeper level, pictures and words are merely symbols, representing the direct wordless experience of things and qualities; and languages arose only to enable humans to express and communicate this to each other. Thus were languages initially pictorial - a more direct means of expression- but as they developed and words replaced the simple pictorial symbols that made up a language, they enabled not only enhanced human communication, but in enabling more complex thought processes they also helped expand the human mind.


Having understood the connection of language and the human mind, you may now better understand that ‘your’ language impacts ‘your’ mind! And for all who wring their hands in despair and wonder how to change their thoughts, how much simpler can it get – change your language! Use language to emit thoughts in line with what you wish to experience as your reality!  Utilize both aspects, the power of the pictorial and the power of the spoken word to your advantage - for through positive and life affirming visualizations and constructive dialogue (with self and others) you are literally ‘thinking’ optimally! Change those pessimistic mental pictures and downbeat unproductive words that pass through your mind or mouth - indeed change your language, change your thoughts and change your life! Literally speak your way into anew life! 


In the alertness that your language shapes the way you perceive and think about yourself and your world - make it a vital tool to reprogram your brain. Based on what you speak millions of neuro-synaptic responses are fired off in your ‘brain’- indeed creating your emotions! So start with positive self dialogue! Become aware of how you speak with self? Would you criticize another or allow another to speak to you in that harsh tone? Retell you victim story to self – drop the ‘poor me’ for that is what you are literally creating afresh every time! Externally too speak in terms of already being what you choose to be! Don that identity in image and word and action will follow. Do not speak in terms of “I can’t, it won’t” and the like for you are literally programming your brain thus. Make a list of the words and images you constantly employ and willfully remove all those that don’t serve you. Use positive affirmations and mantras as an aid for in their constant repetition they help you keep and engrave a positive focus into your brain. And having reprogrammed your mind with your language, you will ‘speak’ more positively and create like wise! Your heart will indeed sing: “Goodbye loneliness, Hello love.”


QUOTES ON ‘THE WORD’ (from my writings over the years)


Silence occurs when The Word has filled and pervaded you…till then silence remains …a word!


And imho silence doesn't mean verbal silence.... it means the deep inner silence of acceptance... of awareness ....of embracing the known and  unknown........of surrender and equanimity... forgiveness and non judgment ...of oneness... and indeed this silence has no problem with uses them when required without judging them as less that its own silence.....and yet its not about outer 'words' or 'silence'...sometimes silence can be so loud...saying so much ...and sometimes words ...can be wordless ....only acting as vehicles consciousness to go beyond words unto where they come from...


Indeed it is Silence that chose to express, experience, revel in Itself through THE WORD!


The Word’ - is at its deepest a tool of oneness and union. Because it is ‘The Word’ that allows each individuation, even in separation, to know of their Oneness. It is ‘The Word’ that allows us even in our perceived separation to know of our inner union. It is ‘The Word’ that brings together the far flung spaces we occupy into the one path back home.


Words belong to the mind, the mind arises in separation and thus words can only help us define the separation, understand the separation and then form a bridge out of it…but finally we must get off the bridge! Yet in that, we honor and acknowledge the bridge, not condemn and deem it redundant!


Indeed the paradox of language...when we label/describe/define what cannot be labeled/described we move away from it...! If i say something is intangible, the very defining of intangibility gives it tangibility...! When i say... something is formless, I am giving it form! By saying it is description less, quality less, I’m giving it the quality of being quality less...or the description of being description less...


Yet we require this because - our minds cannot grasp something without a form or labels or words or concepts -it is beyond the scope of the mind… (Indeed the minds very purpose to 'be' define the ‘being ness’ so to say)! But to really enter… (I would say touch, but you cannot touch the intangible) so… to enter… ‘THAT’…wordless… we need to leave behind the mind and its words. Use words only as far as they can go. Use words to take you beyond them…like a bridge having served its purpose we get off the bridge...

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My personal account- Divyaa Kummar- has been hacked and taken over by a Katrina Kaif Kat! So if you suddenly have a ‘her’ instead of a ‘me’ as friend you know why! I have tried everything in the fb help sections to restore my account, but so far nothing works – lets see if I will BRB or RIP;-)

I have created a new account as Divyaa Kummar for those who wish to remain in touch- please join me there!

This public page (was attached to that personal fb page which got deactivated ) but thankfully this page was not touched and thus it reamins clean and intact! i have not deleted it as it has some wondrous postings and notes and fb friend interaction on a gamut of sujects! HOWEVER I DO NOT POST HERE ANYMORE- AND AM ONLY ACTIVE ON MY NEW PAGE OF WHICH THE LINK IS ABOVE!

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Beloved friends, I am off on a vacation... with beloved family members.... to far flung places… Switzerland, Cypress, Turkey......And at this point I feel ‘Ah how easssssy to understand why we as God/Consciousness/Self chose to venture out unto existence.... and explore Self...! Why we as One become we so many !!

Ah to vacations! Creation is likewise - Self on a vacation with selves!

Indeed any journey truly answers the 'why' creation - 'why' separation ...question! It experi...entially brings alive the gnosis that Consciousness is a state of being that simultaneously straddles desire/yearning .... and discovery/exploration/play ..... and fulfillment/rest... surely this describes a vacation....!!

I will be back end June ...and mostly be off face book till then... though i may drop in time to time! Will recharge Self...instead of laptop;-)) PLEASE DON'T TAG ME/ADD ME TO GROUPS ETC WHILE I AM AWAY!

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Divyaa Kummar is with Ivan Frimmel and 2 others.
June 2, 2012

Perception is an act of creation! Yes our perception - the lens we view life through …our thoughts, feelings, beliefs – are our acts of creation! Its actually all in reverse: your beliefs are not due to what you have experienced but your experiences are due to your beliefs!

If we consistently 'see' our self as failure, 'view' the environment as 'unfair', 'think' our country corrupt,'feel' our world as disaster ridden- we are going to experience those acts of creation! If we i...nstead expand our perception - the inner lens through which we view self, the other, life and God- we create enhanced realities!

So let’s remove those dark glasses of negativity… lets view things through the brighter lens of positivity …and create more and more positivity for self and our world! Let’s remove those dark glasses of judgment and blame and don the lenses of acceptance and appreciation …and create more to appreciate and be thankful for!

LETS HEAR THIS 'NEW AGE' MESSAGE THROUGH THE ANCIENT WORDS OF TUKARAM’S POETRY : "I could not lie anymore so I started to call my dog 'God'. First he looked confused, then he started smiling, then he even danced. I kept at it: now he doesn’t even bite. I am wondering if this might work on people."

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Divyaa Kummar is with Surendra Jain and Prasun Ray.
May 28, 2012

Einstein says “Significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking from where we created them!” And yet this is often what we do – we try different ways to deal with our life situations - but from the same level of consciousness…… and then we fret and question the patterns in our lives…decrying why they never change…!

And all we need to really do is expand our consciousness! It’s like trying different recipes to cook our rice just right and yet the simple awa...reness that soaking the rice for a few minutes enables its better cooking! To cook the perfect rice of life, all we need to do is move from personality to soul awareness… view things through a larger all inclusive perspective …indeed as we change our mind and inner labels…. we change life! So back to square one: only as we expand our consciousness will we be able to reflect ...or view... an improved and expanded outside! Indeed evolution is forging new neurological connections and altering the pathways of your mind!

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Divyaa Kummar is with Aruna Radhakrishnan.
May 22, 2012

AWARENESS = freedom from set ways of thinking & being = enhanced life responses and experiences!

AWARENESS of the macrocosm in which we the microcosm operate …of the larger picture of self, the other, life and God… changes our responses to life - automatically! An expanding/deepening awareness is directly proportionate to living a freer and joyous life! LET’S VIEW THIS THROUGH THE (SIMPLER) LANGUAGE OF ANALOGY!

-Conjure that you are unaware of your neighbor giving away hi...s treasures- naturally you could not be recipient! And yet others aware of this even over longer distances, would journey towards claiming this abundance? And the only difference being your lack of AWARENESS! (Likewise, if we are not even AWARE that we are creator...we can not tap into our inherent power and abundance!)

-If you trip and sprain your ankle in your neighbor’s home, you would be upset. Yet when you realized this delay had saved you from the elevator crash, the same annoyance would turn to thankfulness…automatically! And the only difference being the increased AWARENESS! ( Likewise, if we live in the awareness there is a larger picture behind what seems problems ,upsets and delays.... we move away from regret.... and live in the perfection of the Now!)

-If you see a young girl being roughly handled on the road you are driving by, you would be agitated- and yet when you realized this was a movie shoot - the antagonism dissipates automatically without attempt!(Likewise if we are aware there is a larger picture behind peoples pains and and joys .. we move away from judgments and feelings of unfairness..)

And yet all that really happened in these above layman scenarios was the AWARENESS of the larger view of the same!

So let’s all pledge to always be open to higher and deeper AWARENESS… and thus always be open to always enhanced ways of experiencing life… acquiring a larger perspective allows us to see our myriad life events and relationships differently and thus respond to, and shape them, in enhanced ways!

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Often when we read postings,books,words of different teachers and friends … we tend to internally react with a silent: “Ahhh …yes… I AGREE” (often with head bobbing up & down unconsciously in yes motion ) or a “Hmm, no no I DISAGREE” (with the subtle no no turn of the head side to side;-)) …

And thus, unknown to us, often subconsciously through the very act of involuntarily ‘agreeing’ or ‘not agreeing’… we are subliminally operating from: conditioning! The past! A prior ...understanding! Somewhere we already are! Something we already know/own! A belief !? Some attainment or peak we think we have reached …!?.... rather than from the open, beginners-mind, fertile, all-potential-of-the NOW…!

Indeed in ‘agreeing’ or ‘disagreeing’. we are not even hearing whatever we are being presented with … its a one way dialogue... we are not engaging afresh… we are not giving ourselves a chance to review or reflect or refresh or go deeper or abide firmer or make yet another breakthrough! We are simply shutting self and comparing, judging, interpreting it against prior knowledge… with who we ‘were’…rather than who we are…in the Now!

IN THIS AWARENESS, LET’S CATCH OURSELVES DOING THIS! Let’s try and engage with whatever we come across without this hidden inner rejoinder! Try this…it is very subtle… and yet you maybe surprised as to how much more we get from what we read! We then truly partake in each ones sharing. We become one with the ever expanding universe…and its many messages to us...!

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Each one resonates to their own 'path'. Thus there are no wrong or right ones! When anyone asks me how they know if some thing is right for them... I tell them that if you are drawn to it: path, guru, chant, the now, it’s for you in the now! That’s the best clue! If not, then don't pursue it just because everyone around you is! And when it’s served its purpose in your life... growth... ripening.... you will automatically shift or be drawn to some thing e...lse. And if something doesn't beckon you, it’s not for you in the Now. Thus does it not beckon! Yes be open to changes,…it may beckon at another time… when you require it... and if anything repels...ah... time to look within...why? There is no need to be attracted to it, but shunning wont work! Reach a neutral ground....or fall in love!

It’s all in reverse...if we haven't chosen to explore 'that' path...we don't need it in this Now...or for 'this life' experience....thus there are no encodements within us...thus are we not attracted!! WHAT BETTER SIGN CAN THERE BE? LOOK FOR THIS SIGN WITHIN ...NOT OUTSIDE!

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All knowing… is embracing the unknown

Paradoxically it is this knowing - that there is no thing like ‘all-knowing’- that truly comes closest to it! Indeed ‘all-knowing’ is a state of embracing the unknown..! Without this embracing of the unknown, one cannot be all- knowing!

An ‘all-knowing’ state is what many view as the penultimate of any spiritual journey, and it is somewhat startling to realize somewhere along the way that there is no such state as ‘all-knowing’. Thus d...earest aspirants on the spiritual path- do not aspire to merge with the Whole so that you may know all! It quite defeats the purpose! A state of all knowing is embracing the unknown; and without this joyful embracing of the unknown you cannot be an all-knowing God! Mull on this paradox…because even as you become one with ‘God’ ...'you' will begin a new game, a new creative endeavor that no body… not even ‘God’ knows…

Continued in a beautiful note posted below

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Divyaa Kummar is with Nadine Celestial Dove Neault and Prasun Ray.

Stagnation isn’t only in the inability to move on from challenging situations, pitfalls, ignorance or where we feel stuck. It is equally vital to move on from our pinnacles, peaks and places where we have arrived or 'know it all'! Indeed like in any orgasm is only in letting go at every step… that we experience further bliss!

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Divyaa Kummar is with Prasun Ray and Susan Armaiti Zinowsky.

What we consider the 'goal' the path; and what we consider the 'path' the true goal!

The journey towards our goals (whatever goals they maybe, from the practical to 'spiritual') - and the journey's myriad experiences and learning - are the real objective of any goal... and the perceived goals themselves... are only the means towards this exploration & self discovery!

In this gnosis do we 'rest' even as we 'strive'! (Effortless effort)...
In this understanding do we scale 'peaks' at every 'step' along the way !(Living in the Now)
In this awareness do we find fulfillment 'moment to moment' rather than at some perceived 'end'! (Bliss)

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Divyaa Kummar is with Nadine Celestial Dove Neault and 8 others.

In homage to the abstract ‘That’... becoming the tangible ‘Ah This'!

True insights, experiential gnosis and our ‘truth’ beyond what theory & debate can establish or refute… is when our abstract and intellectual understanding of All ‘That’ Is … becomes the tangible experiential “Ah This”!

When words and concepts trying to describe ‘That’ become the silent, inexpressible and beyond words “Ah This”!


When the somewhere out there ‘That’ which we read about introspect on and try to understand ... becomes the 24/7 inner presence of “Ah this”… in day to day, here and now, moment to moment ways… deep within and all around… !

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This is the wonder of Existence, that every aspect of Consciousness charts its own inimitable journey from self to Self! Yes like we all have a unique fingerprint, we all have a unique path home! Only Consciousness could come up with this master plan - one journey, one exploration, one destination yet each one... individual special & unique!

Yes, we have beloved masters, sacred texts & those who have already traveled along the path ( & their wondrous practices, teachings & experiences) to help, enable, encourage & motivate us. Each one shares what works/worked for them, but it is for each one of us to add to that living torch, a meaning, a quality that is uniquely our own!

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'God' is in our genes! Evolution is inherent in our DNA! Our goal… is our Source!

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Know Thyself:
Know ‘thyself - Know that ‘you’ current self, are the doorway to your Infinite Self!
Know ‘Thyself” – Knowing The Infinite Self that you are, enables you to better understand and live as current self!

Know Thyself: The God self/Consciousness that you are… and the limited self that you are not!


Know Thyself: And how do we do this? The answer is in blending what may appear opposite approaches, but truly one complements the other. One path emphasizes becoming aware of the Infinite Self that we intrinsically are- and even as we do this, become aware of, and increasingly focus on this ‘Self’ …we increasingly become one with authentic Self and Its states of being- Love, joyfulness, peace, freedom, stillness, surrender and empowerment . And with time, whatever is not in sync with this ‘new’ Self…automatically starts to subside…. where there is light…darkness cannot be.

The second approach accentuates a different kind of awareness…and calls our attention to becoming cognizant of self… our subconscious conditioning, the goblins of fear and redundant pathways contained within our mind… all that we are not….! And like cobwebs disintegrate when shown the light…this awareness cuts through them laser like …and self starts to dissolve …

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The journey inwards: At first it’s all very interesting.
-Gradually it becomes our intellectual understanding & we hold them like concepts somewhere a little outside us.
-Then the eureka’s begin & it’s all turning into the way we think & feel ... into our beliefs
-Over time we can think feel speak no other way- its all becoming our truth ...our energy signature and we experience like wise.
-Through it all we are rewiring our neural pathways- unconscious aspects of self ar...e increasingly dissolving -the new Self consciously stabilizes.
-It’s all becoming part of our new neural pathways …our DNA - the starting point for all 'future' experiences or lives.

It’s like alchemy... a finely attuned process …we are turning matter into gold...spirit! And as in any finely attuned process- no step is redundant, nothing is wasted , every part of the process builds upon itself- and at some point…the process takes over… there is less for ‘us’ to do … the fruit ripens on its own…the water boils…matter turns to Gold… self to Self… Divine Alchemy... thus the ancient Indian saying: When we take one step toward God, he takes seven steps toward us.

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