I was in the VA medical in Eugene a few days ago. Woman with child about 4 years of age was assisting her grandfather with walking, etc. They stopped about 4 rows of seats away. Here it is, April(!) and the kid looks at me with first surprise. Then he got excited as granddaughter helps grandfather into a chair in the waiting area. I smiled, then in my deepest voice let out a low, "Ho Ho Ho." The kid went crazy pulling on mother's hand, "Look! Look! its Santa!" So much fun!!!!!!


The Socialist
The Benghazi Bitch
Mr. Lack of Substance...
Lying Ted.

Most of us who are older understand a little about history. With socialism is a total loss of the American dream. To get there he has to violate his oath of office – to support the constitution of this Republic.

Those of us who have served or had loved ones in the military know the Benghazi Bitch would sell us out for 30 pieces of silver from her friends on wall street. Commander in Chief? Not for my grandkids!

Mr. Lack of Substance has his head up his ass. He is manipulating the emotional cultural and social conversation for votes, but has yet to make one promise with a plan to actually accomplish that promise.

Lying Ted. The forth liar in this list; yet to step up to the bar of truth. Regardless of how he postures himself, he is still one of the establishment cronies. We would be looking at business as usual.


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I have been thinking about changing my intro to Oregon Concealed. What do you think of this?

To build a common groundwork in how to read this book, it is premised on basic understandings derived from our national founding fathers, and the core nature of man. Rooted in the natural rights of man, whether they be granted by God (inalienable) or vested in the very nature of natural man as man (fundamental), the deep political thinkers of that day believed each of us have the natu...

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I came to me: If you are in court, remember that half of the attorneys loose their case. At best you have a 50-50 chance. Give your attorney Viagra. At least they will stand taller so they look better before going down in flames.

I have had a claim with the VA for a back injury for somewhere between 13 and 20 years. Kind of the poster child for the abusive delays within the VA system. I am thinking about going back to my blog spot to help veterans understand politically what is going on, how recent decision of the new Secretary of Veteran Affairs is politically moving against veterans, and what they can do about it. Before I spend time bring this to the light, I want to know if there is anyone out there who would actually want to know how to fight adverse decisions on claims?

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Finally got a namesake. Bethany has now finally got it totally right! His middle name is Warren! I didn't cry when I found out but after 22 grandkids, to finally have one carry a part of my given name besides "Leach" was a powerful moment. I managed to overcome the bee sting in the eye!

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Finished the gantry, bought some chain (2400 lbs for $9.00!). I wanted to build a dragon and wizard. Linda wanted a tree! I have started the trunk of a tree for our yard.

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The furnace is done. I refined some aluminum a few days ago, looking forward! 33 pop cans to the pound! By direct recycling I save about $2.00 a pound over the return deposit. LOL, loving the idea.

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The forge is done. I have been using it and enjoying it.

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Building a forge. It looks kind of 3rd grade but works well. Will mount it into the forge this next week time permitting.

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For the Few who Follow: I have left GoDaddy for new web page management. I created a new page but did not use one of the templates because I wanted to learn. Probably a mistake. While it is better, it is far removed from being current state of the art and quality. At your convenience please review and comment to me personally or on the site before I again change it to improve it.

Something in everyone.

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