It has been a very long time since any of us have posted, however I notice still that people have asked about Scruff and still "likes" and views the page. Though the update has been given, I figured that we would post this for everyone to see. This is the final outcome of such a horrific beginning of the story of Scruff. From rags to riches! none of us really thought that it would ever have gone this far, but we are all so very glad that we stuck with it! He has such a great family now!!! Thanks to all the supporters and prayers from the beginning of Scruff's adventure to now!

In the summer of 2013, three OSU students rescued a scared little guy.  He had been abused – stoned, shot, and kicked.   These students took him to the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital to be treated.  He needed surgery.  With no funds to cover his medical costs, they turned to social media to fund hi…

Hi everybody! So it's been a while since you've heard from Scruff, we thought we'd let you know how he's doing!! After some time spent in his external fixator, Scruff still wasn't trying to use his leg a lot. The vets decided to remove the fixture to see if he would attempt to bear weight on his healed leg; if he didn't, the leg was going to need amputation. Luckily, Scruff was just being stubborn! As soon as his contraption was taken off, he was a brand new dog, good as new.... He was VERY lucky to be adopted by none other than the president of Oklahoma State University, Burns Hargis and his wife Ann who have provided a wonderful loving home for this stray! Since then, Scruff has been trained as a companion animal and is now a member of Pete's Pet Posse on the OSU campus and helps enrich the day to day life of students and faculty. On behalf of this loving mutt, we would like to thank each of you very much for all the support and interest!

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Scruff is doing well today! He's got a ton of energy, apparently not feeling too bad! He has another appointment this morning to get his bandages changed. He's not using his "new" leg yet, but is certainly thinking about it. We'll keep you updated!

Scruff is getting released from the OSU Vet Hospital today! I will take a picture once he gets back to the house so everybody can see how he's doing!

Scruff's surgery went well! They removed the lead along with some infected tissue, and placed an external fixture on his leg. He is now on antibiotics, fluids, and pain meds. The vet said he is moving around fine without much pain, and should get to come home in a few days!

Today is the big day!!! Scruff just got dropped off at the vet's office, his surgery is this afternoon. The vet is hopeful that Scruff's leg can be saved. As soon as we hear how the procedure went we will let you know. Thanks from Scruff for all your support!

Scruff has a surgical consult tomorrow morning, and his surgery will be scheduled for later this week. We'll keep you updated!

Anyone interested in making additional donations can mail or make donations in person to the OSU Veterinary Hospital. Their address is 2113 West Farm Rd. Room 101 Stillwater, OK 74078. Please make checks payable to the "OSU Foundation" but make sure to add a memo "for Scruff". If you want to make a donation in person their office hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM & Saturday 8:30AM - 11AM Thank you again for all your support!

The surgeon at OSU Vet Hospital told us that Scruff would be a great candidate for surgery instead of amputation. I am going to try to set up an account there to take donations directly instead of re-opening the fundraiser. The money from the fundraiser takes a few days to become available to us and we would like to start his treatment as soon as possible. I will let update you tomorrow when donations can be made to OSU Vet Hospital since so many have inquired about doing that. Thank you again for all the support!

Scruff is doing well today! We are looking for someone to provide a loving and forever home for this dog. If you are interested, please send us a message with a short bio about yourself and the type of home you could give him. We want to make sure he finds the perfect fit! Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from all you wonderful people out there!

We have far exceeded our goal! We have never done anything like this and we never expected so many wonderful people to help us. We are absolutely touched by all the support, donations and kind words that are being shared. Thank you! We will keep you all posted through his treatment and recovery!

If you still wish to donate or help, please consider donating to Stillwater shelters & rescues.

Wow! I am just floored by all the donations made. We have never done anything like this and we never expected so many wonderful people to help us. We are absolutely touched by all the support, donations and kind words that are being shared. Thank you! We will keep you all posted through his treatment and recovery!

Here is a link to the News9 piece that aired tonight, thank you so much to Chris McKinnon and the News9 team for helping us raise awareness!…

Thank you all for your extremely generous donations; we're so grateful to everyone who has reached out to help this poor dog enjoy life again. Please make sure to check back here to get updates on Scruff over the next few days as we evaluate all of our options to ensure he gets the best possible treatment and recovery!

Looking for the video still but here is the article.

A dog, abandoned by its owner, tortured and shot multiple times, has found a new temporary home after three Oklahoma State University students took him in.