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Kelly Todd
· April 3, 2018
Ordered some subs from here today. It has been a while apparently since the subs are about half the size of what they use to be. Not impressed anymore.
Betty P. Slovinski
· August 13, 2017
The pizza is the best I have ever had. It always tastes so fresh. The people are exceptionally friendly. I don't buy beer but I just live a ways away and I buy eggs, milk, bread, cat food, dog food, a...spirin, ice cream, sub sandwiches, movies, coffee, sugar and strawberry jam. All at different times but if you run out of something they always have it. That is what a country store is supposed to be about. It is not necessarily there to sell entertainment. They have basic necessities. I just have one complaint. The tip jar in the deli should be full ALL the time. Another plus: The guys that deliver the pizza to your house are amazing and fast. I have never had a cold pizza. Thank you to you all. You are fantastic. See More
JP N Kristin Hurn
· March 28, 2018
Wonderful people and wonderful pizza! Uncle Jack (the owner) is one of the biggest hearted individuals I have ever met. I live in WV now and I think often of him and his store. I look forward to another slice when I come up to Michigan to visit! See More
Jeff Sobolewski
· June 4, 2017
Pizza is decent but not great. People who work there are friendly. Pretty good beer selection, but I didn't shop or buy any because none of it was priced. No one likes beer price "surprise" at the cas...h register. See More
Sally Westerhouse
· March 3, 2018
No other pizza compares to Doster Store Pizza. Our favorite!
Ryan Andrew McGinnis
· September 27, 2016
I'm a UPS driver and when you're out delivering in Rural Plainwell there isn't many places to stop. Doster Country Store is more than a store, they have great food and will always have my business wh...en I'm in the area. P. S. Uncle Jack is a great guy. See More
Rick Mahoney
· October 8, 2015
Fantastic old country store great beer selection and an even better deli counter.
There subs are top notch awesome and the twice back potato salad is phenomenal don't forget their incredible pizza !
Emily Keifer Gates
· December 24, 2016
What a pleasant surprise. Food was great, they had everything I needed (after my eggs fell out of the car) and the people were so friendly! My daughter rides horses close by and we will be back soon!
Mark J Petzold
· October 8, 2015
I grew up on Doster store Pizza. I can not find another pizza with the type of crust, the sauce, and fresh topping. It's the best.
Carol Lynn Nemeth
· June 22, 2017
Pizza is amazing!!! Friendly service too. Love this place.
Alice Hohler
· December 14, 2016
Best darn pizza in the area. Friendly people and always ready on time. Well worth the short drive.
Shawn L. Gleason
· May 24, 2014
Just got pizza from Doster store. Everything was just as I remember from my childhood. Yes I drove from Mattawan for pizza. Thank you for not changing.
TJ Smith
· April 27, 2016
Best pizza in Michigan! Always make a trip when we come back from GR!
JoshCarmin Salazar
· September 24, 2014
I grew up loving Doster store pizza! Once in awhile we would even pop in on horseback. I enjoyed working in the kitchen too.
Linda Meyers
· February 9, 2017
Great Pizza, subs, Garlic cheesy bread, wings...the Italian with Ranch rock ;) It's all good and most of it is HOME MADE right there in the store....baked goods, salads...tons in the summer!! GREAT FO...OD & FRIENDLY PEOPLE :) See More
Jack Osborn
· May 12, 2014
Lots of fond memories. From the creek of the wooden floors, to the smells of fresh baked pizzas and subs, always a treat.
Dan Doubblestien
· September 18, 2015
Best pizza around!
Consistent pie, and always tasty!
Kris Pierce
· February 25, 2016
If we don't have it, you don't need it!!
Gregg Pierce
· February 11, 2016
Our pizza was away undercooked tonight. No way near their usual standard.
April Lynn Rouse Carmody
· November 11, 2013
If they don't have it, you don't need it that bad!

The snow is coming down out there!! Everyone be safe on the roads (we deliver!). Merry Christmas to you and your families!!

Pizzas on pizzas on pizzas!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours from the Doster Country Store!!

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It's labor day weekend, the last long weekend for the lake this summer. Stop by The Doster Country Store for some cold beer, pizza, and don't forget gas for the boat! Most importantly, everyone be safe out there, and have fun!!

Pizza? Subs? Nachos?? If we don't have it, ya don't need it! 🍕🍕🍕

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Halloween is on it's way!! The Doster Store is giving away free apple cider and donut holes on Halloween so make sure you stop by in your best costume to say hello. BOO!!

Who still visits a country store??

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Brian Stotler to Pepsi Cola Collectors Club

Cool Photo

Oh no!!!! #nomorepizza What would you do for the last slice...?

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Jill Doster Marcusse to Doster Country Store

Store in the middle ground, looking east from schoolhouse ball field, early 70s.

Well folks, because we only had 2 people participate in our latest giveaway it looks like no pizzas will be handed out today... Thank you Sarah Doster and Jill Doster Marcusse for sharing your photos and we'll make sure that you're entered in every giveaway from here on out. Next chance to win a free Doster Store Pizza starts next week!

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Jill Doster Marcusse to Doster Country Store

Railroad tracks at 3 Mile

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Jill Doster Marcusse to Doster Country Store

Winter scene

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Jill Doster Marcusse to Doster Country Store

Coal elevator at Lumber Yard

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Jill Doster Marcusse to Doster Country Store

Winter scene

Fall leaves on 3 Mile Road

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Only 5 more days to share your photos and get entered in the drawing to win a larger PIZZA and a 2 liter!!!

Here's one of the sun setting over Lake Doster from 2005.

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