Yup, it's happening: new SolCits! Suuusan's making the magic right now ...
Well, I thought I had finished all the tracking for the latest Solid Citizens EP, but, upon review, I realized that I had done a poor job engineering one of the lead vocals. So here I am, recording take 1 of the new lead vocal track for a song called "Back to the Well." I am so proud of this latest batch of songs, and I can't wait to finish it and get it out to you. In the meantime, here's a taste. Oh, and yes, you can, in fact, see the reflection of an incoming Words With Friends notification, somewhere in the middle of the first pre-chorus. That's rock 'n' roll, baby!
Friends, I'm here, at the dawning of a new era, to give you a test of the new band, on our first night together: meet Gasket Hawkins!

A little bit last-minute, but I'm nonetheless excited to be making my first trip to CB's Tavern tomorrow. There might very well be a few special guests, in tow. Come on by!

Fri 8:00 PM ESTCB's TavernWinston-Salem, NC

Wonderful time at Castle's Deli this evening! A small crowd, but so many friends, and so many great musicians. Such an incredibly humbling thing to have so many talented musicians come out to a show. We have such a supportive scene in the Triad - thank you all!


For yr Tuesday listening pleasure, here's the leadoff track from our latest EP, "The June Parade," called "Back Where I Came"!

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Oh, my! Well, despite a bumpy landing, we got this new thing off the ground tonight over at Johnny and June's. As some of you know, our one rehearsal was snowed out, so we played completely unrehearsed for our first full-length-set show (with fill-in drummer Les Slate, no less!). Despite some turbulence, there were moments of grace up in the clouds, with Jack Gorham, Rick Nathey, and Adam Bennett. Proud of these guys, and this is gonna be one hot band! Absolutely enjoyed sharing the stage with True North, Shannon & Kevin, the fabulous The Antecedents, and Cooper Alan. Had a wonderful time, and made some new friends. See you again soon!

Tonight, y'all - let's do this!

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On The Road Again Touring is with Blair Hoke and 47 others.

Time to get the boogie on!!!
Hope to see everyone at Johnny N Junes tonight for some live and local music. Show starts at 7pm. Let's rock!!!!

In which Jack Pennington and I discuss the cathartic effects of melancholy art; coffee; and the relation between the two. And other stuff.

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Jack Pennington

I have a confession, and the only priest who can handle it is Doug Davis. Doug joined me to talk about sad music and authenticity on this week's episode

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January 11

Very excited about this show coming up next week! The first full set from the new Doug Davis situation. We don't even have a name for this thing yet, but it's swingin'! Jack Gorham, Nasty Rick Nathey, Adam Bennett, and Les Slate will be joining me for a full set of DD "classics," MBG tunes, and brand-new music. Don'tcha miss it!

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Alright, High Point! We'll see you at WiFi Wine Bar and Shoppe with Jack Gorham at 7 ...

Not much on the calendar this week but a whole mess o' private gigs with The Plaids and Southern Eyes, but we do have one last Plaids gig at the Deck for 2017. Come on out and represent, Jamestown!

Fri 8:00 PM ESTThe Deck at River TwistJamestown, NC
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Back at the VSTH tonight - see you there early, Clemmons!

Thu 7:00 PM ESTVillage Square Tap HouseClemmons, NC

We're gonna skip ahead to EP 3 today - "When the Lilies Bloom." This is the opening track, "Shiloh." This one is a bit of a departure for us, in a lot of ways. Lyrically, I've made it a project with my Solid Citizens material to speak a little more plainly, more directly, less obtusely than I often have, in the past. But this one heads a bit in the other direction. It tells a tale of brotherly love and betrayal, couched in Civil War and biblical imagery, but the tale itself is much more opaque than usual for SC material. It features some beautiful one-woman ensemble work from Susan Akins Terry and a rare turn on the mandolin from Lee Terry. Certainly one of my favorite Solid Citizens tunes.

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Shiloh · Doug Davis & the Solid Citizens When the Lilies Bloom ℗ 2015 Doug Davis Released on: 2015-09-17 Auto-generated by YouT...

Triangle friends! Big night at The Kraken tomorrow night. I'll be doing a solo set early, and then I'll be sitting in on bass with Sir Glenn Jones. And I might just sing a little Kinks music with those The Well Respected Men. Come on out!

Fri 8:00 PM ESTThe KrakenChapel Hill, NC
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Some of y'all may know that I've had two original music projects in the works for a little while now. The Solid Citizens are alive and well - we're just going on a little hiatus. I hope to be making music with those boys and girl until we're all using walkers. Which may not be as far away as we'd like.

But here's one of the new projects: Gasket Hawkins. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one. The original seeds of this idea grew out of what we were doing with Doug ...Davis & the Mystery Dates, but this has taken on a completely different life of its own. Soulful and funky, with a powerhouse horn section, but pretty rockin', as well. Anyone familiar with my sad little folk songs might be a little shocked at what we're working on here.

The page is pretty bare right now, but lots of new content will be coming soon. If you're so inclined, please go like the page, and stay tuned!

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And thus, we make our way to the final track on the first EP, "Why We Fought." This is definitely another one with an autumnal vibe, written up near West Jefferson. Also another one that features Kirk Vernon on a very lonesome harp. Also featuring a rare solo from Mitchell Snow. This one remains a personal favorite and has stuck around in most of our setlists over the last few years.

from the album A Pageant of Gold

I have yet to NOT have an amazing time on a Tuesday night gig at Recreation Billiards. Although I must admit that this is the first time I have played there that I have not had a chance to hug on either Cayce E. Tharpe or Tucker B Tharpe, though I understand they have a little bit of extra responsibility these days. My joy tonight was somehow absolutely unmitigated by the added presence of Senor Jim Moody on the B-String custom Tele. Big times, y'all!

Song #5 from the "Pageant of Gold" EP, "The Easy Way." I've always thought of this one as our "Glen Campbell" song. I always pictured myself singing this on Kenny Rogers' variety show, probably with one of those old "Price Is Right" stalk-microphones, duetting with Susan Akins Terry, who is wearing a gingham dress with an embroidered mushroom design on the skirt.

Probably for all the reasons above, this one never got a whole lot of love on setlists. I honestly can't remember the last time we ever played it!

from the album A Pageant of Gold