Naruto is the one of the best anime ever created.

I wake up in the middle of the night and i....any more words and i will have to pay for the song


why do humans have to be so unknown to the universe

come on how much time do i have to walk on the walls to get attention around here?

What! no.. your crazy, I am just uncrazy. That's all

How come I always see the future as a meands of the past

Trying to understand what I can't understand

What's the plan for never

Yo yo yo, I am chilling on cloud nine trying to get some wave

Help Help me i am stpck in a Skwagleoutlit

i need help reaching 100 likes on this page

back when I use to watch nickelodeon Invader Zin amd Kappa Maki was the Crazest show on.

Just walk away and see what would happen

I am going to take over the world if you don't want that then go to Dr. Crazy page and press like

Guys go to Dr. Crazy page and press like

you are one crazy ass person

If you guys dont help me get to 100 likes i will lose it (twitching)