On today's show Dr. Hagins and Min. Vernon Wells (of The Afrikan Village of NYC) will talk about "The Pros & Cons of the Movie Black Panther."

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As I have said, THE AWAKENING CANNOT BE STOPPED! I am so glad to see that the off-spring of our religious leaders are using their critical thinking faculties and coming to grips with the truth.

I love how he states that people have taken on a belief without ever having done the research to see if what they were taught is true or not.


This is a video of P. J. Morton singing about what religion has done to us. P. J. Morton is the son of Bishop Paul Morton.

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PJ Morton - Religion Recorded Live: 12/13/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY More PJ Morton in the Paste Cloud:


Years ago I wrote the "Oath To The Ancestors" that is stated below. Many people made fun of our recitations because they did not understand the importance of honoring and recognizing our Ancestors. Many people asked me, "Why are y'all calling on the dead?" or "Why are y'all praying to the dead?" or "Why do y'all worship the dead?"

Brothers & Sisters, I knew (deep within my intu...

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It is easier to spread the influenza virus (flu) than previously thought, according to a new University of Maryland-led study released today. People commonly believe that they can catch the flu by exposure to droplets from an infected person's coughs or sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces.�...

A THOUGHT FOR THRE DAY FROM DR. RAY: Brothers, get rid of this male chauvinist mentality and recognize the power of the divine feminine principle. Men of quality are not threatened by women of equality. In fact, they honor and welcome the balance.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: An indicator of spiritual maturity is knowing that you have no right to ask when sadness comes, "Why did this happen to me?" if you are not going to ask the same question when happiness comes.


December 31, 2017

Maat-Hotep (Truth & Peace):


It is with joy and humility that I send this message to you at the end and beginning of another year. I am joyful because the Almighty keeps blessing me to do this great work of (metaphorically) opening the eyes of the blind, making the lame to walk, the dumb to talk, and the deaf to hear. I am humbled and honored because of my divinely appointed assignment, and I can think of no greater privilege than being an instrument, used by the Creator and Sustainer of the worlds, for the liberation, resurrection and empowerment of our people.

With each New Year there is the challenge of doing bigger, better and greater things. One of the things that I often stress to others is, “Don’t settle for where you are…always go to the next level. Don’t ever stop developing.” I believe this is why people make New Year’s resolutions. There is that something in all of us that really does want to improve or do better. The problem, however, for many people is two-fold: (1) Not having a strategy or methodology for improvement in their lives; and, (2) Not having the discipline to effectively carry out a strategy for improvement.

THE AFRIKAN VILLAGE & CULTURAL CENTER is an association of fellowships that are comprised of Afrikan-centered Brothers and Sisters whose aim is to preserve and protect the ethnic and cultural awareness of our people, and then pass this knowledge on to our future generations so that they will be established in the knowledge of who and what they are.

Our mission is to Evangelize, Edify, and Equip others, through the knowledge of the Truth, to serve our community and liberate the minds of people while striving to do Maat (i.e., Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity, and Right Order).

To every member, supporter, affiliate, and friend of The Afrikan Village Fellowship, as well as to al of my social media followers and friends, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation for being a part of the provision for this vision. My prayer is that The Almighty would grant you many blessings and prosperity in the coming year.

2018 is going to be a great year for many and a not so good year for others. But rest assured that as long as you do Maat, there is no need to worry about the blessings in your life. I am looking forward to the continued growth and development in the lives of our people who hear and live the truth.

I love and appreciate you for your continued prayers and support, and am I am honored to be your teacher and friend.

In Ma`at,
Dr. Ray Hagins

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A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: Regardless of what you may think about a person, we must remember that everyone has influence with someone. For this reason, we need to understand the meaning of the old Afrikan proverb that says, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

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Kevin Wesley: Be The Evolution

This my gift to you all for the new year, I worked hard on this and I hope you can take this with you in the new year, encourage yourself family! And after all has fallen, and weakened, you will be STILL STANDING and STILL STRONG! ❤️💪🏿✊🏿

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: Once you realize that nothing and no one goes unchanged, you will stop trying to hold on to what was, is, or will be. People don't hurt us, we hurt ourselves by ignoring the reality that sooner or later everything and everyone will change. So enjoy your now.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: There is not one positive biblical reference about Black (i.e., Hamitic) people. Consequently, Black people, who see the Bible as "the Word of God", (subconsciously) do not have a positive cultural view of themselves. So we sing "Lord Jesus, if you wash me (in your red blood), I'll be whiter than snow." WAKE UP!


When President Robert Mugabe had the White farmers removed from Zimbabwe, I told the congregation of The Afrikan Village that the powers that be would be getting rid of him very soon. Well, the new "hand-picked" puppet President came in and completely dishonored and reversed President Mugabe's decision.

I am not that moved by the new President's actions. But what literally hurts my heart is seeing how the people refused to see the vision of ...President Mugabe, and their rejoicing over the return of their oppressor. They are actually elated over a White man who owns land that once belonged to their ancestors.

Right now, all I can hear in my mind are the words, "It's like a jungle. Sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under."

When I was in Ghana, a brother told me that if the people of Ghana were on their way to church, and see a white man, they would turn around and go back home because they felt that they had seen and been in the presence of Jesus.

Above I stated, "I wonder if we will ever be saved." I mean that literally! We have been so misinformed that we think "saved" has something to do with being forgiven of our sins and going to heaven after we die. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The biblical term "saved" (Heb. chayah) means to live, have life, remain alive, sustain life, live prosperously, be restored to life or health. Also, (Heb. yasha) to be liberated, set free, delivered, to stand upright. In the NT the word is (Gk. sozo) which means to make well, heal, restore to health, to make strong.

So my question is will we ever be liberated, set free, delivered (from the very people who are oppressing us), and be made to stand upright and made strong (i.e., independent of being ruled by others). That's what President Robert Mugabe was trying to return us to (but his own people didn't want it).…/ululations-tears-as-white-zimbabw…

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The last time white Zimbabwean farmer Rob Smart left his land it was at gunpoint, forced out in June by riot police armed with tear gas and AK-47 assault rifles.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: Boasting about who and what you are is a prediction of a future failure. Be assured that the higher you lift up yourself in pride, the harder you will fall in disgrace. Like it or not, Proverbs 16:18 is a true statement. It says, "Pride is the path to destruction, and arrogance will cause your downfall."

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: Whatever a person speaks has reality to that person. It may be sane or insane but it is that person's reality. This is the power of speech. No spoken word can be ignored. Once it is spoken, it exists. So be careful of what you say.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: When your pastor is praying, and has to inform God what hospital someone is in, and what sickness they are suffering from, you need to seriously consider finding another pastor.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: You don't change something by attacking it, because what you fight you ignite. You change something by creating something better than what you are trying to fight. Then people will eventually adapt to that which is better or truer.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FROM DR. RAY: A brother asked me, "What do I need to do to find the right woman for me?" I told him to stop looking for the right woman, just work on being the right man for the kind of woman you want.