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En ce moment même au festival Mangame Show à Fréjus.. on est là jusqu'à demain dimanche soir :)

Salagir asks 3 fights to Asura, but describes 4... What do you think happened?
Final result on page !

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Revivez le combat Cell vs Tapion avec plus de détails et de jolies colo dans le dernier chapitre du roman DBM !…/fan…/chapter-130.html

Relive the fight cell vs tapion with more details and beautiful colo in the last chapter of the novel Dbm!
An Online Comic : Dragon Ball Multiverse based on DBZ

Hum Hum ! Ha ! Yeah !

>NEW DBM PAGE : 1408

Um, um Oh! Yeah! >New Dbm Page: 1408
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Uh... guys?

>New Dbm Page: 1407

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Studiying the fighting style of Kaioshins. You see the result in DBMultiverse page 1406 for example.

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Majin Cold vs W. Kaio Shin

Majin cold vs w. Kaio Shin

I'm a god, not you !

>NEW DBM PAGE : 1406

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Let him go !!!

>NEW DBM PAGE : 1405

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Too much for Piccolo !
>NEW DBM PAGE : 1404

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Go Piccolo !

>NEW DBM PAGE : 1403

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Here is an explanation with diagrams, to allow you to understand a little better the logic between the universe of dbm, just here 👉…/multiverse_explain.h…

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Problème résolu ! Vous pouvez retourner lire ou relire DBM ! Merci à tous !

Problem solved ! You can read and read again DBM ! Thanks to all !

Bonjour, le site rencontre quelques problèmes mais sera très vite de retour ! Merci de nous avoir remonté l'information, vous êtes super

Hello, the website has few problems. We will be back soon ! Thank you all to notify us about, you're awesome

You are done, Gods!

>New Dbm Page: 1401

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A bonus for you! This is a part of DBM's script, that Asura read to create the last two pages.
You will find hidden information from Salagir, as well as his lame jokes, and the reference images he used!
Sorry, text is in french...

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