So So hyped about this. Again, all generations terrorheads united in 1 line up. #hyped #bigsmile #terrorheads The full line-up will be visible at and tickets are available at
music post: PREVIEW time: The gabber-ish track "i don't stress the skill" on bounce back. The one i played at Thunderdome!
Just a small preview of a old styled hardcore track
6 hrs

One week from now. Masters of hardcore!! Doing a set with my brother in arms Akira.

track is on the new MOH cd Drokz - My shit is dope (release on Brutale)

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Posted by Drokz

Terrorheads, i can make hardcore, collab with people you didn't expect, but you know i NEVER let you down. I allways go back to my core...TERROR! Here is some proof. OUT NOW! #drokz #terror #hardkicks #guitars #screams #NKR

NKR034: Noisekick Records 034: Drokz - Sick Kick EP is now available!
Available at Hardtunes, Soundcloud, Youtube and all other portals.
01. Drokz - Oh This Is So Hard
02. Drokz - Everyone Is Out To Get Me
03. Drokz - You Make Me Sick
04. Drokz - I Ain't Down With That

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Zo de stukken uitgezocht voor het video interview. Onderwerpen? B2B's, ghostproducing, social media, terrordrang, moh, thunderdome ect. Onno, je bent de baas qua vragen, goede flow en One2cap, doe jullie ding!

Curacao Core in my limited Drokz tshirt. Back from my vacation feeling fresh and can't wait to go back to the studio. #yesthisisaselfiealsolimited #terrorhead #drokz

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Drokz shared a post.

You wanted it, you got it!! No money needed, just share it.....Listen to my bass go

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Kousei Muraki

😈!!!Please share and download!!!😈

Drokz / Oharai EP
Label : Superbad MIDI Breaks - SBMB031...
Format : MP3 / WAV

M1. Drokz - Oharai (4:27) 240 BPM
M2. Drokz - Listen To My Bass Go (3:57) 220 BPM
M3. Creatures Of The Occult - Deprived (5:57) 220 BPM

Juno download…/drokz-oharai-ep/3689165-02/

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Poppin is out and the response is great! Thanks! Ep on terrordrang & ep on SBMB are coming representing terror and a rough hardcore ep on Brutale too. 2018 music bombing!

Yes yes, here it is...the poppin remix i did with Hardbouncer...offbeat snares and rolling synths..kick kick kick drum!

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: "Poppin' poppin!" After countless years in the industry, it's a fact that Grandpa Drokz is still going strong! Thi...

my brother in arms Akira is allways deadhonest listening to my tracks...also this time
Big big smile here

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Kin Wing Lam

Richard Koek u made the first party banger of 2018 sounds fres freshhhhhhh...🤘

Morning...if you don't like something, you are not automatically a hater...well, maybe in the eyes of the political correct ones.

#drokz #noteverybodyismyfriend

ok ok YOU choose...
Shall i add "listen to my bass go" to this ep on Superbad midibreaks?

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When your mate drops by with the new x class benzo

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Producer life:
being a anti-social studio beast drinking huge amounts of coffee...
❤️ it...🤘🤘🤘
#notrends #just200hardcore #drokz #productive #nohartforthecharts

I can be grumpy sometimes, but hell, this picture makes me feel good. Taken from Terrordrang. This is having a good time.

And Sergio you're a genuine Terrorhead!

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