How often do you contact your local legislators about issues important to you?

How do we get to a multi party system?

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Thoughts on the election?

Pretty sure we all know this. But here's a graph about it. I know how you all must love graphs, right?


In a sea of truthiness, fact-checking is a lifesaver.

This was hard to pass up. Obviously these are quotes out of some larger context, but lets go along with it anyway as is.

Are these outrageous things to say?

If so, why is it acceptable for candidates to say this stuff?



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Kate Gunthorpe to The Bernie Sanders Social Network

Bernie Sanders is a constitutionalist. This is why I'm posting the following. People must register and vote in the primary or we will be looking at serious co...nsequences in the future based on the recent comments made by HRC and trump . (Sorry it is long)

I am reposting this meme. It quotes HRC and Trump word for word . This is much more serious than what the media made it out to be. Trump sounds like a buffoon.

On the other hand, HRC (as Secretary of State) visited the countries in the Middle East where Internet access is censored by the government.

For example, in one middle eastern country brave women wrote about genital mutilation in blogs and uploaded their words online. Within 24 hours - the blog was removed. Google is heavily controlled.

The search engines and social media tools are all corporate businesses.

Corporations (as we know) put profit before people and in a totalitarian government - the leaders control the corporations.

Citizens United already gives them credence to having equal rights under the constitution!!

In countries where the Internet is controlled, oppression is not common among minorities like America but for the entire population.

The Internet is our greatest tool for learning. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon. Without it , we will be living in the dark ages and a violent rebellion may be inevitable !!

I may sound extreme. However, I have a Master's degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in social media.

I've been researching the dynamics of online self-disclosure for over a decade.

My thesis is even published and for sale online ! I'm not plugging my paper but telling you my background so you will know I'm serious about what I say.

I'm not trying to spread propaganda about HRC so you will vote for Bernie.

I am an advocate for the public and our basic human rights.

America is not the greatest country in the world . However, our first amendment sets us apart from many other states run by dictatorships.

I hate hate speech. What I hate more than that is for us not to speak up when a candidate running for the highest office in our land is talking about changing our constitution .

We have spoken out against trump . It's time to speak out against Hillary .

She said it . Not Karl Rove or some republican . But HRC . You can't deny that no matter how much you support this candidate. Please share .


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Realize some of you might not want to be quiet, so I picked something you might feel compelled to comment on. Before anyone says it, I like the Bill of Rights as much as the next person.

Matt Cameron
Just a few realities about our unchecked fetishization of portable death machines:
Children born the year that Antonin Scalia created an individual Constitutional right to own a gun started first grade this fall.
The NRA fought to keep this question away from the Supreme Court’s 2008 term when it was raised in D.C. v. Heller due to the very real concern (based on law, fact, and history) that the Court would find that there is no individual right guaranteed in the Constitution to own a gun. (Without Scalia, I believe that they might have.) It was the first time since 1939 that the Second Amendme...

Not our comments section though, for the most part you all are pretty quiet.

If Trump is only benefiting from his whoppers, maybe it's time for the whole field to get in on the act.

It's worth noting that today marks the end of one of the most controversial parts of U.S. surveillance but other parts remain untouched.

The program allowed the U.S. government to collect data on Americans' phone calls in bulk. Under the new system, the government needs a court order to query a database kept by phone companies.

Earlier this month...

...The court ruled that police immunity protects “all but the plainly incompetent or those who knowingly violate the law. ”

Sotomayor disagreed, stating that “by sanctioning a ‘shoot first, think later’ approach to policing, the Court renders protections of the Fourth Amendment hollow.”

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as trumps poll numbers landslide. Team Kasich is mounting a major attack against Republican front runner Donald Trump by unleashing multiple videos that call into question Trump's statements, demeanor and abilities.

What is your perception of political parties?

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Voices From the Field

How dare you!

How dare you think your political party has any accountability to you. You have the audacity to think consistently voting for us entitles you to h...old us accountable? Just TRUST us.

How dare you tell your political party it has neglected your issues. Don’t you realize that if your issues were important, we would have addressed them. If we didn’t, we have a good reason why we didn’t. We don’t have to share that reason with you. Just TRUST us.

How dare you question or disagree with any position taken by your political party. What makes you think how that position may impact you is relevant? Just TRUST us.

How dare you refuse to support whatever candidate your political party selects. Do you have the nerve to think that how a candidate may have harmed you matter or that we care about a candidate's past? Just TRUST us.

Never ask your political party questions - that is an unwritten rule of membership.

When you ask questions, you are no longer a member of our political party - you become a member of the opposition or a paid troll just trying to divide our party because you are not willing to JUST TRUST US.

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"Its easier to find a presidential politician lying than one being honest" agree/disagree with the above statement?

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Think American

Please SHARE to spread the LIES of Hillary

what do you think?

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Marquette McRae McKnight

I do not know this gentleman but saw his post on another page. Beautifully and eloquently articulated. His last sentence is haunting ...

“There is a sense the DNC is trying to turn this into an inevitable coronation, and it rubs people the wrong way,” Mr. Fiegen said. “People are frustrated at how small the [debate] venue was and the lack of transparency from the DNC of how it was handled — the allocation of tickets was a total secret.”

Mr. Fiegen has repeatedly tried to contact the DNC for an explanation and never got a call back, he said. In the days prior to the debate, he was on the Drake University campus, where it was held, and Clinton supporters were selling tickets, only adding more insult to injury.

A Democratic U.S. Senate candidate is alleging the Democratic National Committee stacked the deck in favor of presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Iowa debate, filling the room with Clinton supporters, as party officials try their best to secure her coronation.
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NowThis Politics

This controversial statement from Hillary Clinton is almost straight out of a Family Guy episode