I JUST HEARD from my superstar voice actor, Conor Hall, that the Audible recording of "WINNER TAKES ALL" is finished. It shouldn't be long now before the release of that audiobook.

Ditto, the "box set" Kindle ebook edition of my three Dylan Hunter thrillers is nearing completion, too, and should be available within a week. At just $9.99 for all three books, it'll be a steal for any of you who have yet to read the series -- or for those who have, but who want to give it as a gift to someone special. (Yes, you CAN give away ebooks.)

Stay tuned!

FINAL ALERT: I'll be at the Kent Island branch of the Queen Anne's County Public Library at 6:30 pm tonight (Thursday), speaking on "SUSPENSEFUL STORYTELLING." If you want to learn what makes a gripping film or "page-turner" novel -- regardless of genre -- stop by to get my take. The library is located in Stevensville, MD, just across the street from the Ram's Head Shore House Restaurant at 800 Main Street. I'll enjoy spending time with my friends and Cindy's, with fellow writers, as well as with anyone who likes good books and movies. Hope to see you there!

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I JUST RECEIVED another great new book cover from my designer, Allen Chiu -- this one for "THE DYLAN HUNTER THRILLERS BOX SET." It's a soon-to-be-published Kindle ebook bundle containing ALL THREE Dylan Hunter thrillers -- a giant 1-volume collection of about 2,000 pages, for just $9.99! And it also will be available for "borrowing" by subscribers to the Kindle Unlimited program and to Amazon Prime members, as part of their monthly subscriptions -- at no additional charge. What a deal, huh?

I'll reveal the cover in coming days. Meanwhile, stay tuned for news about "THE DYLAN HUNTER THRILLERS BOX SET" availability, which I think will occur in about a week.

SECOND NOTICE FOR book and film lovers on Maryland's Eastern Shore. You may enjoy my *free* presentation about the art and craft of "Suspenseful Storytelling." It's at the Kent Island branch of the Queen Anne's Public Library this Thursday evening, April 12, at 6:30 pm. Here's the event poster:

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[edited to add a 3rd option] SOLICITING YOUR OPINION about the title for a forthcoming "box set" (bundled) ebook edition containing all three of my thrillers. The two options I'm considering are either...





or [3rd added option]


There are no "right answers" -- only your preferences. Which one would more arouse your interest? Please reply in the comments, with my thanks!

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LOCALS: MARK YOUR CALENDARS! I'm speaking at the Kent Island branch of the Queen Anne's Public Library, Stevensville, MD, on April 12, 6:30 pm, on the craft of suspense writing. Here's the poster:

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A LITTLE WRITERLY MILESTONE. My latest thriller, "WINNER TAKES ALL," just received its 50th Amazon reader review, and it's another 5-star rave. Thus far, WTA has received only three ratings below 5 stars, and one of those was a 4-star that reads like a 5-star. Four months after publication, my biggest and most intricate thriller is sustaining an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0...which is pretty incredible.

Thanks to all of you who patiently supported and encouraged me during... the long, challenging period of its writing; thanks doubly to those beta readers who added invaluable input to my early draft, getting it ready for Prime Time and immeasurably improving it; thanks trebly to those of you who have bought the book; and let me add quadruple gratitude to those of you who thought enough of my effort to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, bringing it to the attention of other readers.

For you audiobook fans, the Audible recording sessions are wrapping up, and the publisher should release that addition in another 4-6 weeks. Stay tuned!…/B077V…/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top…

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From the author of HUNTER, a #1 Kindle Thriller...A MURDEROUS CONSPIRACY FOR ULTIMATE POLITICAL POWER Engaged to be married, mysterious journalist Dylan Hunter and CIA officer Annie Woods are eager to put their violent past behind them, for good.But then an intrepid investigative repo...

AFTER WHITTLING DOWN FICTION IDEAS I've been gathering in a file folder for a long time, the following seem to be the likeliest candidates for the next Dylan Hunter thrillers, most probably in this sequence:


The following are possibilities for development farther down the road.


No, *of course* I'm not going to tell you what any of them are about. After all, I write *suspense* -- remember?

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WELL, THIS IS NICE. Yours truly has been interviewed about "Winner Takes All" in "The Big Thrill" -- the monthly online magazine of the International Thriller Writers. ITW is the premiere organization for suspense and thriller authors. I'm delighted and honored to have received this peer recognition. Anyone curious about the background of "WINNER TAKES ALL" might find this detailed interview of interest.…/winner-takes-all-by-robert-b…/

IT'S OFFICIAL: The talented voice actor Conor Hall is going into Audible Studios today to begin recording his narration for the "WINNER TAKES ALL" audiobook. I can't wait for the final product, and I know many of you can't, either. Conor did a bang-up job on the audio editions of "HUNTER" and "BAD DEEDS."

If you want to hear Conor reading the opening 16 minutes of "HUNTER," click here:

IF YOU READ SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. By that, I mean if you read an author's books and like them, *please* take a moment to go on Amazon and/or Goodreads and say so, in the form of a brief customer review. Just a few sentences, and a "star" rating; it takes just a minute or two. But it means the world to a book or author's success, because Amazon bases promotions on numbers of reviews. So if you've read any of my books -- HUNTER, BAD DEEDS, or the latest release, WINNER TAKES ALL -- please take the next minute or two to go to and leave just a sentence or two on their product page(s). Just look them up, scroll down to the review section, and click the "Write a customer review" link. Thanks!

I LOVE MY BOOK COVERS, by the formidably talented designer Allen Chiu. They stand out from the pack, evoke the vigilante-thriller genre (with D.C. elements), and tie together the series titles beautifully on Amazon. By contrast, I look at many other covers in the thriller genre, and they are all homogenized in style and elements.

If you want to see what I mean, go to Amazon for a few minutes and start browsing thriller covers. See how many you can find in five minutes with ...the following imagery: a smallish, shadowy figure, only in silhouette and with no detail, seen from behind, running away from you toward some door, light source, or distant building. Or a variation: TWO such figures, a shadowy man and woman, running away from you hand-in-hand.

I have seen exactly the same images of these figures recycled again and again, on cover after cover, with only the background elements changed. It must take the designers about fifteen minutes to toss together a cover like this, then charge hundreds of bucks for them.

Authors who use such hand-me-down covers then wonder why their books don't stand out from the pack and get noticed by their target readers. Here's a marketing tip: If you do exactly what most people do, you'll get exactly the same mediocre-to-poor results most people do.

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OKAY, NOW THIS IS COOL. Advertising for my Feb. 20th book signing at Rams Head Shore House in Stevensville, MD.…/1639825-robert-…/

Robert Bidinotto Book Signing - Tickets - Rams Head Shore House - Stevensville, MD - February 20th, 2018

A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE. I hadn't updated the "Media and News" page on my fiction blog for quite a while, and just did so. Scanning it now, I'm astonished at how much has happened in my life since I first turned my hand to writing fiction. The chronology starts in the summer of 2011, just after I published HUNTER. I still can't quite wrap my brain around it all.


Excuse the Big Brother-sized photo of Yours Truly, but that's how they're running it online today in the BAY TIMES. I believe the piece will run in several area sister publications, too. If you locals see it elsewhere, let me know.…/article_517492a7-d372-595…

STEVENSVILLE — It takes Robert Bidinotto a long time to write each of his suspense novels. But his slow, careful labors have paid off big.

GOOD NEWS FOR YOU AUDIOBOOK FANS: confirms a late-April release for its audiobook edition of "WINNER TAKES ALL." And once again, the super-talented voice actor Conor Hall will be the narrator.

I chose Conor when I produced the audio edition of "HUNTER," because he nailed the voice of Dylan Hunter echoing in my head. Listeners (especially women!) overwhelmingly agree, giving him glowing reviews on the Audible website for his interpretations of "HUNTER" and "BAD DEEDS." I'm thrilled there will be interpretive continuity going forward.

I HAVE AT LAST received a second shipment of "WINNER TAKES ALL," available for anyone who wishes personally inscribed copies. I also have a limited number of copies of "HUNTER" and "BAD DEEDS." If you want one or more for yourself or as a gift, contact me for details at: RobertTheWriter [at] gmail [dot]com. I'll make them available first come, first served.

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