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In the midst of all my imperfections. I can claim only a tiny bit of pure motivation in wanting to clarify some of the doubts, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings about the Vajrayana teachings that have arisen recently in connection with Sogyal Rinpoche and his behaviour.

As I am fundamentally just a mortal human being, I cannot make a judgement about another human being. Determining whether someone is a saint or sinner is an individual decision based on each person’s o...wn reasoning.

After all, remember the Buddha’s fundamental instruction not to rely on the person but on the teaching. Those who want me to proclaim someone else as good, bad or anything else are empowering me as either an omniscient being or a cult leader.

So, all I’ve tried to do with the best of intentions and relying on the very limited knowledge I have acquired through my training, is simply to offer some clarifications on the Vajrayana. I hope that, at least for some people, our discussions might have shed light on some of their concerns. At the same time, I have no illusion whatsoever that my feeble blabbering has managed to dispel all confusions and resolve all doubts.

In its 2,500-year history, the Vajrayana has faced so much criticism, not only of the kind we have heard in recent months but indeed far more virulent. And because we are human beings grappling as best we can with cosmic and transcendent truths, I am certain such criticism will keep happening in the future.

If, due to my own prejudice and lack of humility and mindfulness, I have upset some people, I hope that they might at least not fall right away into a fixed bias either “pro” or “con”. And if I’ve caused anything like rage in people’s minds, I want to apologize totally and unreservedly from my heart.

At the same time, I know with certainty that the Vajrayana has extraordinarily vast, subtle and profound teachings and practices. So, if some people, like many of those writing on What Now for example, are still dissatisfied, then all I can do is aspire to use our present karmic link to wish them very well in all spiritual and worldly matters. Above all, may all our karmic debts be exhausted so that they never again have to suffer by bumping into someone like myself in their journey.

I also don’t want to be bound further by the karmic debts that will inevitably accumulate by persisting in these exchanges. So, this is my last posting on this Facebook page concerning the Sogyal Rinpoche affair and related matters, and I can no longer read or respond to any further questions, comments or challenges on this matter.

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just to clarify

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This is Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s complete and unedited public talk given at the Rigpa Paris-Levallois centre in France, on 8 March 2018. The fuller title...
Food for thought: “O monks and wise men, just as a goldsmith would test his gold by burning, cutting and rubbing it, so must you examine my words and accept them, not merely out of reverence …
In the last post on this topic, I looked at the general markers of a cult and how they relate to vajrayana and examined devotion to the teacher in vajrayana in terms of whether we were devot…
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January 17
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Please please don’t interpret something negative again...and cause yourself stress and high blood pressure dickhead chauvinist just wants you to have a look at an ice coffee. Is that ok? Put your guns back in the holster.

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There have been many inquiries about the upcoming Rigdzin Sogdrup and Dorje Nyingpo empowerments at Tashiding in West Sikkim on 16-22 November. Since those are treasure teachings in the Nyingma tradition revealed by Lhatsun Namkha Jigme, they are certainly tantric teachings.

Since these teachings will be conferred by a Tibetan “feudalist” who promotes “rape culture”, whom Loppon Yudron Wangmo considers to be “disrespectful to women”, and whom Lama Tsultrim Allione, founder of... Tara Mandala finds “disgusting and disrespectful unfortunately not surprising and definitely not funny,” I strongly urge you, for your own sake, not to come to Sikkim. As one author writes: These “lamaist teachings” are just “an androcentric, misogynistic cult, not a legitimate religion. Lama Dzongsar has just hammered another nail in their own coffins.”

In the words of author Ian Baker: “If enlightenment is arriving at a stranger’s door in a G-string and with a live fish protruding from your mouth, as Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche amusingly implies, maybe we are better off with the 18th century Western ‘Enlightenment’ that overthrew the tyranny of religious institutions and opened a new era of intellectual inquiry and scientific discovery.”

Discoveries which, I might add, have ushered in our present Golden Age of ecological, political and psychological glory in the west.

In sum, as these and many other notable commentators make clear, it is increasingly self-evident that tantric teachings are for backward, misogynist, male chauvinist, narrow-minded Tibetans, and I therefore strongly discourage people from attending the upcoming Sikkim teachings.

Aside from these important considerations, you should also know that west Sikkim is remote, hard to reach, and with minimal facilities, housing or amenities like medical care.

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When old and young are systematically rounded up and shot. When women are gang raped and their babies thrown into waterways to drown. When their homes and

Guru and Student in the Vajrayana
by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

I have written the following in response to a number of requests, including some from the press, for my take on the present situation in the Rigpa Sangha over Sogyal Rinpoche’s behaviour.
I have not responded to any of the questions put to me by the press before now, because what I want to say can’t be edited or altered in anyway. Unfortunately, journalists always cut up texts, then pick and choose the bits and p...

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