ENRAGED - Confusion (teaser new album)
Bed-commercial "Kreeft" featuring ENRAGED
"The Cleansing" (live @ Wâldrock pre-party)

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It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power

Metalization Netherlands just did an interview with our drummer about ENRAGED, the upcoming video, his other/previous bands and much more! Interview in Dutch, weblinks included. Go check it out!…/interview-met-douwe-de…

Met een brede grijns verwelkomt Douwe Talma me in zijn huis. Tijd voor een ‘trip down memory lane’ met een flinke kop brandnetelthee, roc...

Guess no one saw this coming... ENRAGED lined-up for a show in Bern (Switzerland)?


Bands für Silvester:

HELLVETICA (Thrash Metal, Ch)
ULTRA VIOLENCE (Thrash Metal, I)
FRACTAL UNIVERSE (Tech Death Metal, F)...
INSURRECTION (Melodic Death, Nl)
PALE BLACK (Death Metal, Ch)

Flyer kommt schnellstmöglich

Dieses Jahr haben wir zum ersten Mal keinen grossen Headliner dabei, dies aus mehreren Gründen. Der Hauptgrund: Die grossen Bands möchten entweder Silvester mit ihren Familien verbringen, oder haben absurde Gagenforderungen. Wir haben uns aber gesagt: Wir möchten Silvester auch gerne mit unserer Familie verbringen: Mit Mutter Metal, Vater Bier und euch Kindern!!! Und das machen wir auch. Mit geilen Bands, vielen Überraschungen (Wie jeden Silvester) und einer supi Stimmung.
Und dass wir keinen teuren Headliner haben schlägt sich auch im Eintrittspreis nieder, Detail folgen

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ENRAGED added a new photo to the album: Early days..

Back in the old days: ENRAGED 2003 A.D.

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And yet another 9 points out of 10 for our "It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power" album!! This time a review by
"Eine Scheibe mit vernünftigen Gitarrensoli, ausreichender Brutalität und geilen Riffs."
Check it out here:…/enraged-its-your-fear-that-feeds…

Alter Schwede oder, genauer gesagt, Holländer. Dieses Prachtexemplar feiert dieses Jahr seinen vierten Geburtstag. 1997 haben sich ENRAGED als Melodic Death Metal-Band gegründet. Nach zwei Demos und einer EP brachte man "It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power" unter das Volk, welches mit einigen prom...

Check out Jens van der Valk & Andy Larocque taking it away on this youtube teaser of ‘Confusion’.

Track taken from our “It’s Your Fear That Feeds Their Power” full-length album. Featuring James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament), Andy Larocque (King Diamond, Death), Christoffer Malmstrom (Darkane), Jens van der Valk (God Dethroned, Autumn) and Jos Hindriks (Disintegrate).

Support the band and buy this album (released 12/12/12) from their official site ( Or at:

ENRAGED 2015 A.D. !
Pictures taken by Rick Bahnerth of Crevid Media.
Oh, and by the way: brandnew ENRAGED video of 'Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors' coming up A.S.A.P.!!

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ENRAGED added 4 new photos — with Jitse Schregardus and Rick Bahnerth.

So, do you see the resemblance with our 'It's Your Fear.." album cover?? That's right! We've just finished shooting a video for 'Global Conspiracy'. Now it's up to director Rick Bahnerth of Crevid Media to create the last finishing touch by editing all pieces together. Thanks to Jitse, Stefan, Jan Willem, Johan and Jolanda for helping out and giving their 'acte de presence' in our video in one way or another. Video coming up soon!!

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New incoming review of our "It's Your Fear..." album:
" utter groove monster of an album that admittedly is hardly shy in hacking its way into your mind."
4 points out of 5 by Sea of Tranquility 'zine (USA)!!…

Sea of Tranquility Review: 'Enraged: It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power' - Sea of Tranquility - Music for the New Intellectual!

Did you know we're halfway during the recordings of an official video for 'Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors'? And that it's gonna be a kick-ass promo for our "It's Your Fear.."- album?
Rick Bahnert of Crevid Media already shot some drum footage at Studio Audioshape recently.

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"Op deze eerste full-length laat het deathmetalcollectief uit het Noorden des lands een vakkundige indruk achter middels een knap staaltje technische en melodische death metal" -
new incoming Dutch review of our "It's Your Fear.." album by , 7,5 points out of 10!

ENRAGED updated their cover photo.
May 7, 2015
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New video coming up of 'Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors'!

Our new album received a whole shitload of good reviews during the last couple of months, so we've selected some of the review highlights and put them in a new video! Featuring excerpts of "Tribulations Climax", taken from the new album and a showreel of pictures with all featured guest guitarplayers!

ENRAGED - It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power (album teaser) (featured track: 'Tribulations Climax') Support the band and buy this album from their officia...

Some of the lyrics on our new album deal with social issues and manipulation by fear but other lyrics just involve personal matters. Always wanted to know why? And always wanted to know on how big the influence of producer Jochem Jacobs was on our last record? Read all about it on the Dutch article White Room webzine just published here:…/enraged-bangmakerij-zorgt-…

And here's yet another not-so-bad incoming review of our new 'It's Your Fear...' album! 4 points out of 6 by @Minstrel 'zine from Poland.

Check out the Google translated version here:

Sinister, Severe Torture, Acrostichon, disavowed, Disembowel, Age of Agony, Asphyx, Burial, God Dethroned, Gorefest, Houwitser - you know what links these bands? Of course, the country of origin - Netherlands. And what is known for the Netherlands (not to mention the tulips, football, stimulan...ts and night life)? Death Metal - for the aforementioned bands one could add hundreds more, and still not wyczerpalibyśmy the possibility of the Dutch scene, and most importantly, most of these bands formed, or created a really excellent music. Do the same with Enraged? At the beginning of its activity, this team dabbled in brutal death metal, but on the material that I am describing here went a step further and decided to change direction on a melodic death metal with the addition of black metal accretions. However, we are not talking about playing the Swedish type of In Flames etc. You guys still threshing energetic, fast death metal, interspersed with very technical połamańcami and sudden changes of pace. Changed while the tone of voice, which became more shrill, and the band offers us a lot of great solos, which are not worthy of the same Schuldiner - a revelation. Noteworthy is also very good sound - specifically heavy, fleshy, and this clear, so we can know all the flavors contained on this album. The only drawback of this material is the fact that such units is quite a lot, and do not kick Enraged over them enough to replace their name in the first place. Still, I think that,, It's Your Fear ... "is an album really solid and worth hearing.

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You will now be able to check out 'Tribulations Climax', another track of our new album! PEST, the Romanian webzine that featured an interview with ENRAGED recently, just published that same interview on Youtube, with 'Tribulations..' as a soundtrack. Go check it out here:

Blitz Quitz interview with ENRAGED (Death Metal from Holland) - Read it on Pest Webzine - S...