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Ken Hurley
· January 8, 2017
It has come to my attention that the East Whiteland Township manager will be appointing a new director of life safety and codes who has very limited if any fire experience. I also heard he is planning... on outsourcing some of the codes and inspection work. It seems that this is going to cost the township money in the long run. We have a very qualified codes department that should be recognized for the low fire loss in the township over the past several years. Why would the manager feel that an outside agency that has no sense of belonging or ownership to the township provide the same level of service? We also risk losing three firefighters during the daytime hours. How is this smart? It seems the only objective is a short term savings which will cause long term problems.

Does our township manager have some conflict of interests? He is in the process of changing all of the insurance to a company that he has applied to be on the board of directors of. He wanted to change the pension plans to a company that he once was a consultant to. Are there others? Who knows? I would love to know what this manager has spent compared to the former manager, Terry Woodman. Aren't you curious? For somebody who claims the township is broke and barley hanging on, he has hired 4 or 5 new employees in the office, brought on several attorneys, and purchased some elaborate filling and video system. How much more will he spend?

I wonder how some of the larger companies in the township feel about the possibility of lesser protection to their business? Would the directors of Liberty Properties, Janssen, Endo, Workspace Property Trust and many of the other successful executives gamble the safety and protection of the investments?

There is an East Whiteland township meeting this Wednesday night, January 11th at 7pm. I hope the building is packed and questions are asked of the supervisors, demanding an answer to what seems like an irresponsible action.
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Jan Feighner
· June 23, 2016
This township is allowing the destruction of wildlife, natural beauty and open space due to their extreme greed. Watch the moon and stars carefully, too... You won't see them much longer thanks to the... light pollution from overdevelopment. And don't forget the hours of traffic while traveling here at almost any time, and the air pollution that accompanies that congestion. The Planning Commission's page on the website was password protected. Now, it's "You are not authorized to view this page. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied." Hiding something? The only green this township likes is money. Pity, this was once a very nice place to live. See More
Bruce Bittenbender
· June 26, 2015
Great place to live and raise children. Lower taxes than most and Great Valley Schools. What else could you ask for.

Important workshop on the future of the Route 30 corridor to be held on October 19. Come out and be part of the discussion on making Route 30 a better place to live, work, shop, dine and play.

Thu 5:00 PM EDTThe Desmond Hotel MalvernMalvern, PA
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The Board of Supervisors Meeting will be held tonight at 7pm at the Township Building. All are welcome to attend. Please check the website for the agenda.
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