Big things are happening for us here at ET and as a result we are no longer taking commissions until August. Our owners are expanding into a different career path (Fashion!!!) so we will no longer be accepting commissions until we have our new sites up! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you're interested in being on our mailing list for promos, discounts, etc. of our new businesses please email and put eccenrtic tortoise in the subje...ct line. Our new business will still be catering to costume design and taking commissions on a more limited bases so that we can put our all into each peace we do. Quality is always better than quantity and we solely believe in this. If you have a commission with a due date of August 2013 and later please feel free to mention that in the email and we will be able to take orders with that due date forward!

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We are back from A-Kon23 and ha a blast!!! We will be going through all our emails today 7 tomorrow so please be patient. Also just heads up that we have lots of clay, plastics, liquid rubber etc. on order...wonder what we're making


We are now booked on commissions up until January. Please do not submit a commission with a due date prior to January 1st 2013. We thank all of our fans and friends for making this successful and poosible. New changes will br taking place as well to make us more efficient and to take us in a new direction. Keep an eye out for our new fan page & name later this year.

New policies and changes will be going into effect Mid June. This is to be able to better serve our customers and give them the attention each deserves. One of the most major changes happening is that we will only be taking 2 costume commissions a month unless otherwise noted on here or our website. We are slowly transitioning into a costumes accessories (wigs, contacts, jewelry, etc.), corset, and prop/armor business.
- We will also be re-sending each commission inquiry ...a response re-explaining highlights of our FAQ's as we have come to realize not everyone reads that section in depth (it's mandatory) before placing a commission.
- We also will no longer be accepting commissions that are not placed at least 2 months in advance of the actual due date. This will enable us to give more attention to each individual customer and not be rushed for the those last minute commissions.
- we will be selling more already hand made items on here, deviant art, etsy and our website. For example morrigan/lillith wings, Mass Effect Jackets, pom pom hats, mini top hats, charms, plushies,themed corsets, costumes etc.
- we also will be taking custom orders for anything we sell (EX: you see a red corset for sale on our site and want a blue one, we can do that for you!)

If anyone has any questions please feel free to message us here or email us at

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We will be changing and updating our website and some of our policies so keep an eye out for that in our blog later this week. We'll be posting a link to it here. It also will be a great way to keep up with projects, etc. that we're working on.

Here's a little update of what we're currently working on!
Right now we're working on a JSRF group for A-Kon that EdenX Cosplay will be a part of as Love Shocker. We're also starting on a Garnet Til Alexandros Cosplay, another ME jacket for the lovely Rebel666, and four personal cosplays.

Front shot of a Mass Effect outfit we did for a customer. More photos of this and another ME jacket will up soon along with wigs and contacts for sale.

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We waited 3hrs longer than expected, made sure not to drink anything 5hrs prior so that we didn't have to "go", stood in line for an hour...was it worth it? Absolutely!!! The Avengers was amazing!!!! Everyone has to see this movie!

We've got some great events on the way! From Cosplay and Craftmanship contests here on our page to local charity events right here in Texas! We'll be giving away awesome prizes to the winnners! Keep an eye out as we finalize the details for our first cosplay contest here on Facebook!

Hopefully we'll be getting all the art for our site and promotions finished soon so that we can get our new banners, cards, bags, and magnets made! If you would like to help us promote at local cons in your area please contact us at

Check out a few new pics EdenX Cosplay just posted up. More will be coming soon.

I am a Costume/Fashion Designer who can never get enough of dressing up in something out of the ordinary for no good reason at all!

Taking pictures, figuring out this watermark stuff, shipping out somethings and working on armor. Pictures will be up soon now that we figured out photoshop XD

Working on costumes and enjoying FIESTA!!

We missed out on getting an SJ5 Artist Alley table due to the form reading error after we submitted all our info Maybe we can find someone to share a table with...otherwise we'll just wear some kick ass cosplay!

We're in the process of changing the look of the site plus updating it along with out DA Page(edenX page), this page, and setting our etsy and other online shops. So if anything looks a little funny that's why.

Need some art/design done? Check out Patricia Sipes! She is the lovely gal who did our mascot, designs for our banners and business cards!

daedal, adj: ingenious or complex in design and function, intricate.

Starting construction of another Mass Effect jacket and starting to finish up details on a Fran (Vera FF) costume. We'll be posting pictures of some of the process here and EdenX Cosplay will be posting more detailed photos on her next cosplay Urd from Ah My Goddess.