This board and all of the rest were fugly before they were planed down. @phoenix_of_89 and I were just agape at the beauty of this wood. Woodgrain still excites me. When it stops, I should get a desk job. Thanks @camille_woodworking #woodporn #woodshop #woodworking #curlymaple #cbus #ohiomade #egillswoodstuffs #handmade
Here's another piece of cherry getting it's #highvoltage makeover. #fractalburning #egillswoodstuffs #woodshop #woodworking #handmade #cbus #ohiomade #614 #merionvillage
This colorful #curlycherry #purpleheart just has to come home with me. What should I make with it? #pennsic #gulfwars #scagulfwars #woodporn #scadian #egillswoodstuffs #societyforcreativeanachronism
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Cindy Ploen
· March 1, 2018
I love my new loom! It is a work of art. Thank you so much!
Catherine Ambrose
· December 4, 2014
I received my new inkle loom at War of the Wings this October, and all I can say is that I'm *floored* by it. My previous loom was a mass-produced Schacht which, while good for a beginner, quickly wa...s outgrown. In just a few months' time its pegs were loose and the tension bar held no tension -- which defeats any kind of weaving you could do.

My new Egill loom, however, is *amazing*. I can't begin to describe what it's like in comparison. It is extremely well-constructed and sturdy, so that I don't have to worry about the amount of tension on it while I weave. (Yes, when I'm not weaving I do loosen the tension, but that's a maintenance thing for any kind of loom.) Oddly enough, it weighs much less than my old loom, which is nice since I can cart it around with me wherever I go. It's also well-balanced, so I can weave with it in my lap without having to constantly shift around.

Also, this new loom warps up at about five yards -- my old one warped up at about half of that. Just another aspect that I'm thrilled about -- I can start weaving leg wraps/bands now!

Five stars definitely. When I have money again I'll certainly be buying from Egill again.
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Myf Roberts
· April 29, 2014
Egill has an eye for beautiful wood, and what it wants to become. My birch draw plate gets oohed and ahhhed over all the time, and is the most comfortable piece of wood I've ever held. My loom has h...eld up beautifully to my abuse (very tight warping, much travel) over the years I've had it. See More
Mary Katherine MacGregor
· April 29, 2014
We are very impressed with the beauty and quality of our new chairs! I cannot say enough good things about them. If you are looking for quality work at a great price, this is the place to order from. ... Looking forward to getting a mirror box soon! See More
Anne Crabtree
· March 9, 2017
Excellent quality and service. Responsive to questions. Worth every single one of my dollar dollar bills ya'lls!
Kathy Sidhecountess Lauscha
· April 8, 2017
I love both my Glastonbury Chair and wood box for jewelry at events. Great work !!!!!!!!!!
Jac Cordray
· April 26, 2015
Amazing craftsmanship. Gorgeous woods. This is the only place I buy shuttles. And anytime I have had a problem or question they are there to take care of it quickly.
Brittany Bee Heriard
· October 20, 2014
My looms have been nothing but trouble since I purchased them, all for various reasons. Incredibly Uneven bottoms, weak wood , pegs not fitting properly.... Fortunately, my friend's loom has been prob...lem-free. I wish I had the same luck because they are beautiful. I love my shuttles, though - very smooth and comfortable in the hand. See More
Adalia VonderBerg
· May 2, 2015
Egill has ALWAYS done right by me. His looms are some of my favorites to work with and I love the colors of all of them.
Linda Stuart
· November 21, 2015
Beautiful and functional items. We have multiple things from this merchant and we will buy from him again.
Charlotte Quelque Fois
· May 1, 2017
Excellent products and spectacular customer service!
Michael Lowrey
· December 19, 2013
I have a half dozen of his shuttles, as well as two inkle looms. This man is a craftsman, and an artist! Thank you!
Margo Farnsworth
· April 9, 2014
I have a gorgeous cherry box from Egill's. It brings me joy every time I look at it :) I'm hoping to purchase one of his 7 yard inkle looms soon!
Rowan Berran McDowell
· May 3, 2015
Everything is beautifully made and of a very high quality!
Dorrane Bernard
· September 4, 2013
I have an Inkle loom and thrones from this man. Getting a tablet weaving loom, and more asap.
Matt Shroyer
November 14, 2013
Amazing work and right here in the Midrealm to boot!
Vicky Eisenstadt
· June 20, 2014

Maybe it wasn't a failure but a design change!
Glued a stainless bearing into the tip. It spins quite nicely!
#supportedspindle #fiberart #egillswoodstuffs #adapt #woodturning #walnut #gettingbetter

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I can't a bit of grief from friends for pasting pictures are talking about messing up in the shop. I try to not make the same mistakes twice...and often mess that up, too.
Working on my first #supportedspindle and had what looked like an elegant piece with simple clean lines.
Then I broke it.

I will still keep it as a reminder.

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