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Kim McCarten Eckenrode
· 6 hours ago
First time we went it was in September, second time last night - HUGE difference

1 - menu has shrunk - both in items and size. The menu is 1/4 of a 8x11 piece of paper - very tiny print. And gone is... the great vegetarian options and seafood. No descriptions just lists.

2 - food was ok, flavor was not memorable - nothing so good I have to come back

3 - while live music is great - it was so loud my family could not have a conversation.

The changes disappointed us - we were talking about other sitdown places we can try on the way home.

Yes the rating is good on this page - but go back and look at dates - check current reviews - a lot has changed
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Marcus Guichard
· March 29, 2018
Tonight was my second visit to the restaurant I really like this place the service was good fast timely manner our bartender was amazing nice staff and professional and the food was very good and the band was amazing will definitely be a weekly stop. thank you See More
Lori Tufo
· November 19, 2017
Let me preface this by saying I have eaten here many times in the past and love their food. Which is why I made a reservation for my husbands 30th Birthday dinner. It was supposed to be a surprise and... I made a large reservation for 15 people and told it was all set. I got there with my husband and the surprise was ruined since my party wasn’t seated yet, a half hour after my reservation time. I was told there was “new management” and they were short staffed and they double booked the room so we had to wait until the other party to leave l. We didn’t get seated for almost an hour of waiting and then didn’t get food until an hour after that. We got one round of drinks and never asked if we wanted another round or dessert. If they were double booked and short staffed I would have appreciated a phone call and a heads up since they did have my name and number. I would have looked elsewhere for the birthday dinner. It was a big deal to me to do something special for my husband and it was a disaster. I’m only giving this experience a 2 because their food is so good. I hope their new staff gets it together soon! See More
Susan Powers
· November 12, 2017
So often you go to a Mexican restaurant and all the food taste exactly the same. Not the case here, each dish had it's own unique and delightful taste! Can't wait to go back, delicious food, friendly ...and helpful people working there, atmosphere is wonderful and place is spotless! Thanks for bringing some truly authentic Mexican food to our area! My compliments to the chef! See More
Dayna Bergin
· January 19, 2018
Singled handily the best taco! Authentic. Onion and cilantro or Tex mex with cheese and salsa. You will not be disappointed. It warm and inventing environment they know our names and what we like . . homemade guacamole and corn tortillas! See More
Denise Carney Beck
· October 14, 2017
We sat at the bar. Got the drink fast enough, but it took them about 40 minutes before we could get their attention so that we could order!

The drinks weren't made very well, my friend's margarita ...tasted like pure salt, and my gin and tonic was just about all gin. (I guess that's why it cost $12!!) I had enchiladas, and the mole sauce tasted like barbeque sauce - too sweet! The beans and rice were okay. My friend said that her quesadilla was good though, so I guess it wasn't a total loss. All in all, I don't think we'll go back. We also noticed the bartenders, and servers 'tasting' the drinks. (putting a straw in, capping it off with a finger, and then taking the taste.) While I'm sure that the bartenders need to do this occasionally for quality control - we did think it was a little excessive to do it on EVERY drink! See More
Blanca Perreault
· March 25, 2018
Service was awesome! Margarita towers were worth every dime. We had a party of 7 and got through 3 towers. Food was delicious and the table side guacamole was delicious. Everything was reasonably pric...ed and our waiter was great. See More
Pamela Naro
· March 10, 2018
We ate there last night for the first time. Food and drinks were delicious. Ellie was our server. She gave us time to look over the menu and answered our questions. We'll definitely be going back again!
Diana Tullos
· February 2, 2018
As a native Texas girl true Mexican food is hard to find in New England but this place reminded us of home! We will be making the drive back to Nashua for more.
Tim Trotts
· November 19, 2017
Worst dining experience of my life. “New management” they said. Well seemed like no management. Double booked our reservations. Took 2 hours to seat us. Took another hour to serve our drinks. Neve...r asked for a second round. Never came over to apologize. Never acknowledged us. Food garbage. This place is garbage. See More
Donna Brown
· November 20, 2017
Paid this restaurant a visit a couple of weeks ago and it was horrible! While we have been many times in the past, this is our first awful experience. The place was empty (a Friday night!). Our ser...ver could not speak or understand English very well at all. Our table guacamole was not made well and we sent it back to have them tweak it. We were not satisfied. One of our meals came out and the steak was like a piece of leather -NOT edible. It was returned and a replacement ordered. The bill came and it was a mess. We had asked for the guacamole to be removed from the bill as we did not even eat very much of it. After back and forth for probably a good 1/2 hour with the waiter and MANAGER we thought we had the bill straightened out. To our surprise when we received our credit card statements, the TIP amounts had been changed on all of our bills (we split between 3 couples)! Is this even legal? I'm very disappointed and think maybe they were better off at their tiny cute location by the old district court. Think twice before going. See More
Bridget Austin
· April 2, 2018
Let me start by saying I have been coming here since they started in the house by Clock Tower. The food, atmosphere and service were amazing!!! I have continued to dine here since the move to the new ...larger building. Impressively nothing seemed to change from a customer perspective with the move until recently. I visited on 3/30/18 and was extremely disappointed in many things all around. First the chips didnt seem fresh, they seem thicker and greasy. The salsa usually full of flavor was lacking. We invited many friends with us who were first timers and they wanted guacamole made at the table. We saw the table across from us and in front of us get their guacamole made in front of them. Ours came already made. Our guests were disappointed because they wanted to see it made at our table. We were told there wasnt enough room for it to be made at the table, yet there was room for the table across from us!? The guacamole that was delivered was not spicy like we asked for either. This guacamole was quickly taken away and 5 mins later the guacamole guy showed up and made us guacamole.
Our service was horrible. The waitress hardly understood or spoke English. It took a very very long time to get anything from her. It didn’t matter if it was drinks, chips or sour cream everything seemed to take 5-30 minutes. At one point we asked someone who appeared to be the manager for a beer that we had been waiting 20 minutes for. It took another 10 minutes to get from him! He told us the beer was on the house but it was still on the bill. It seemed like disorganized chaos in there on a Friday night and they didn’t even seem that busy.
I like the drink menu shake up but one of the things I loved about this place was the house margaritas. I was extremely disappointed to see my margarita come in a lowball glass. Seriously, a margarita in a whiskey glass!? Where is my large margarita glass!? The margarita was so so.
Ive read the posts about changes back in January. Im not sure what other changes are being made but Im not sure they are good ones. I hope they can bring back the old charm that made me fall in love and rave about this place. My friends are in no rush to go back and right now, neither am I.
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Dina Akel
· February 11, 2018
Colima is amazing. So far I've tried a few various dishes and have been pleased with all of them. My favorite would be the Deluxe Quesadilla. I'm a Quesadilla Addict so I am slightly biased with their... menu. lol See More
Scott Spencer
· November 19, 2017
Service has gone down hill since the change in management. The original bartenders and wait staff were great. Service is poor now. At least the food is still good.
Melissa Turner Mendoza
· September 17, 2017
I wasn't overly impressed. I asked for a raspberry margarita WITHOUT salt, got it with salt and sent it back. All they did was dump it into another glass and where do you think all that salt went...... yup in my glass! It was nasty and so it too went back. Food was quick to the table but it was messed up as I asked for sour cream on the side and guacamole on the side and it was all over the food. Once I got what I asked for it was good but nothing fantastic. The place did seem very clean though which is a plus for sure! See More
Patrick Trouve
· February 26, 2018
Place is trash. They charge you an extra $1 than what is listed on the menu because they put lime in your margarita. Not kidding.
Maria Osorio
· March 31, 2018
Excellent food and the margarita tower was amazing. We got the mango flavor. Delicious!
Jill Martell
· November 7, 2017
This place is so clean, the food is delicious and the drinks were good. I really liked it.��
Katie L Mullen
· April 25, 2017
Felt rushed to place our drink and dinner order at "last call" at 830pm which if I remember my waitressing days you need to accommodate your guests if they walk In that door even a min before you clos...e! Besides that minor detail...
Our bartender was out of her damn mind. Absolutely terrible. she not only was so anxious to "get the fuck of there" (her exact words she was yelling) cause she had been working by herself since 9am that day due to a sick call. (Which she got no sympathy from me since I work long 12 hr shifts and my boyfriend works 24s...) she was slurring her words so bad as if she was on something that I hate to assume... and even saying "I can't wait for Sunday to be over" which I had to remind her it was actually Monday... worst experience ever there. Never want to go back there which is unfortunate you got #1 restaurant in the state which I can agree your food is always great but the service was appalling and unacceptable!
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Tara Nepal
· July 15, 2017
Christopher was our server, he gave great customer service. We had the authentic taco and the burrito...both were really really good nothing like we've had before. We will be back to try more of the menu :)
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