Here at CMJ!, Inc. we have graduated from the “School of Hard Knocks”, but understand we have not yet arrived. This is HIS ministry, not ours, and our goal is ...to offer full-family ministry to the entire world. How can a clown minister to adults? At CMJ!, Inc., we understand that clowns are people, not costumes. Therefore, we offer something creative and different to every age group, not babysitting or entertainment, but Godly, spirit-filled, creative and anointed ministry of truth. Even a young child can understand what we are doing and saying. We believe that worship should never get more complicated than “Jesus loves us this we know, for the Bible tells us so”! Any more would be wasted words.

Drastic times call for drastic measures, thus we offer you...
Creative Ministries of JOY!, Inc.
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Call (843) 902-9677
Our goal is to serve and promote God’s balance in every area of ministry.
Crusades with total family emphasis! Four nights of services beginning Sunday morning with J. Eric Swilling; Sunday evening with Heartness the Mime (silent ser...vice); Monday night with El Joy the Clown and Friends; Tuesday night with Yoj the Bum clown; Wednesday night with Gilbert Word the Nerd and Friends. (Custom fitted to your needs) Reach for Life rallies, the new revival : 21st century ministry. Let us take your church to the streets.
Pulpit Preaching Revivals with J. Eric Swilling and family. Ministering Word and song. We offer mini-revivals Sunday through Wednesday or full-scale revivals Sunday through Friday (or when God gets finished!).
Teaching and Instruction Classes (see description in box above).
Puppets and Full-size Animal Head Characters. Maybe you don’t need any of the above ministries, but need help in supplying puppets and full-size “theme park-type” animal head characters for your children's programming. Here at CMJ!, Inc., we can help with these items during our off-season, but please contact us ASAP to schedule your creation time! CALL NOW! 843-902-9677
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Creative Ministries of JOY!, Inc. is made up of five family members: J. Eric Swilling, his wife of 36 years, Genia, and sons, Joshua, Gabriel, and Zachary. Th...is family has been given a special gift called Creative Ministries. They believe in using the power of JOY to see fulfillment in the lives of thousands, nationally, young and old, and have done so for 36 years. God is using Josh and Gabe in music ministry. Josh is the Worship Leader for a local church, and a songwriter. Gabe is a singer/songwriter, and is available for churches and youth groups. Zach ministers in an unique way as "KC, the Kingdom Cat", and also as puppeteer.

J. Eric Swilling, or El Joy the Clown, as most folks know him, uses his God-given talents which span from special seminars designed to revitalize church, state, and international programs to family crusades and special community projects.

El Joy has been seen on stages such as the former Greenville Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC; Church of God General Assembly at RCA Dome in Indianapolis, IN; and Winterfest Convention Center in Gatlinburg, TN, just to name a few. He has also worked with various television networks nationally, and has developed numerous teaching and children’s Bible-based entertainment videos, as well as secular programming for schools and colleges.

The members of this ministry are considered missionaries to American families; solely dependant upon God and His ability to move people to support them financially. If you are interested in learning more about how you or your organization can be a part of this, please give them a call at 843-902-9677.
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