Had an amazing trip to Mexico City last month!
Capítulo N - Parte 1
Capitulo N - Parte 2

Ok, people in the comments are saying that this account is false, that Topos is not asking for donations, and more (I got the Topos info from the NY Times). A couple of people suggested a campaign on; link below. I'm gonna let you folks make the suggestions now, as you are better informed than I.…

Hola, somos Miguel Layún y Javier Hernández. Estar lejos de México y ver el sufrimiento de nuestros compatriotas a la distancia está siendo muy doloroso. (FOR ENGLISH DESCRIPTION, LOOK DOWN) Así que después de hablarlo, decidimos hacer la iniciativa yo por México y echarle una mano a nuestra...

Like many others, I've tried to donate to Topos in Mexico, but their website is not working for me. Someone on Paypal Community suggested this way, and it worked for my donation. Go to Paypal and click on:
-Send & Request, then:
-Pay for Goods or Services,
-Copy and paste this into the email box:
-Fill out your donation amount, credit card, etc. and hit Send Money Now. They will have access to the money tomorrow....
That's how it works in the states. If someone who had donated on the site and wants to put instructions in Spanish in the comments below, that would be wonderful. Love to all of you.

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