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Happy Birthday to our wonderful author, Emma!!! We hope you have an amazing day!!!!


Hello Spring! Well it's certainly looking more hopeful out there today! Sorry I've been ignoring this page, I've had a lot going on, but I just wanted to say that for the first time in a year... I am writing again! I've done 5000 words in two days so go me!

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Here is a reading challenge my daughter & I have devised for 2017. I'm hoping to read 50 books but this list will ensure I read something other than YA lol! Ps I hope to publish a book next year too😜

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For all the artists out there!

Hello oh glorious creative buddies! :) It’s time it’s time it’s tiiiiiiiiime to announce to you the AMAZING Life Book 2017 Teacher Line Up, kick off the Life Book 2017 Blog Hop, h…

Big congratulations to my lovely page admin & beta reader, Marley Alaniz and her hubs!!!🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈

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Sorry lovely people... I know people keep checking for updates. I've not been doing very well recently... But I did try & get back to it today. Hopefully things will improve soon. Xxx

An update finally!

This will be happening in our future! ~Marley

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I've had a couple of months off... I think it's time!

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If you bought one make sure to read this! ~Marley

Come 15 March, Barnes & Noble (B&N) will be accelerating its digital retreat from the NOOK experiment, leaving customers with a week to salvage their purchased content.
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Bookworms unite! ~Marley

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Goodwill Librarian is with Brittany R Longshore and 40 others.

I was drawn to two 6 and 18 and both are very relevant in my life right now ~ Claire x

Which one are you drawn to?

Hey there! So I know lots of you have been reading WitchWar recently and thanks so much for supporting me! Just a teeny tiny little favour... There aren't many reviews on Amazon and Amazon won't promote my book until it has more than 25 reviews! So please all you have to do is click add review tick the appropriate star level and write one word!😘

Amy H you are the rafflecopter winner of the Amazon voucher & Witchblood goodies from the Blog Tour! Message me to claim your prize!xx