EmpireMUD has finished its migration to its new server. The new server is bigger, faster, stronger, and shinier. If your MUD client cached the old IP address, be sure to either clear the cache or connect to our new IP address!

EmpireMUD is moving to a new server soon. More details to come.


EmpireMUD 2.0 beta 5 is posting today. According to GitHub, it has 379 changed files with 61,981 additions and 10,709 deletions. Here are some of the major features in this release, which we've been working on over the last year:
- New adventures: Guild of Adventurers, Permafrost, Monsoon Rift, Colossal Red Dragon (full update), Hidden Chamber of Neferkare, Volcano, That Damned River, Unstable Portal, and Lost Temple.
- Overhauled parts of the skill system including the optio...n of adding minor skill trees, trees that can't be dropped, and a change to the low end of the Vampire skill to make it work more like other skills.
- Many new abilities including class abilities and skill abilities. Players now get an additional ability point.
- Skill swap allows two full sets of ability choices on each character.
- Zero-level abilities replace systems that formerly gave direct skill gain without using an ability, simplifying the skill system.
- New optional approval system for players.
- Multiple archetype categories to support features like Race or Culture.
- The fight code was updated with combat meters, togglable messages, and improvements to timing.
- Major improvements to the scripting system.
- Reduced game lag with overhauls to territory management and map evolution.
- New data system stores important generic data between uptimes.
- OLC editor for socials.
- Major improvements to the quest engine.
- Better logging for immortal commands.
- More complex resources and building maintenance.
- Newbie islands can now be "naturalized" automatically each year (this defaults to off).
- Eliminated virtually all of the known bugs, including major crash bugs.
- Added repeatable daily quests (including ones that appear around a player's city).
- Improved how the scripting system assigns unique IDs to things, to increase the time until the mud runs out of ID-space each uptime.

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EmpireMUD-2.0-Beta - EmpireMUD is a MUD server with a persistent world map. It is a derivative of CircleMUD and DikuMUD.

EmpireMUD 2.0 beta 5 release candidate 1 is live today (also called b4.42). Can you break it? Two players have already earned custom mini-pets by finding significant, previously-unknown bugs in the patch.

Patch b4.41 is live this morning, the last in a series of major bugfix patches. The list of known bugs is practically empty and everything that's left is marked either "needs discussion" or "needs testing". Now we're going to do a couple weeks of light typo/text updates while we test stability, and then then we'll do the "beta 5" release.

We just published an extra patch this week in order to introduce the first tier of Guild of Adventurers quests. 19 new quests including 6 dailies per day await as you establish your reputation in the guild and earn new level 200 rings and a new set of exotic mounts.

I found this great Youtube video of someone playing EmpireMUD. I didn't know there were any EmpireMUD gameplay videos. Does anybody have another one?

Hopefully this series goes well.

Patch b4.38 is live with another big set of bug fixes and updates. Meanwhile, EmpireMUD 2.0 Beta is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary all month. Log in and visit a Tower of Souls for your new anniversary gift!

The 2.0 beta 4 release is up on GitHub now. What do you think the best new features were in the b3.x patches?

EmpireMUD-2.0-Beta - EmpireMUD is a MUD server with a persistent world map. It is a derivative of CircleMUD and DikuMUD.

We're celebrating a year since the start of beta this month! Be sure to visit during the month of May for a special reward!

Patch b3.21 is live this week with new tutorial/training quests for the Empire and Trade skill trees. These are replacing our wall-of-text tutorial help files with step-by-step tasks, and they're helping us try out the quest engine some more.

I wrote a quest engine for my birthday! This week's b3.19 patch will add the quest engine and quest editor, and we'll be testing quests with some updates to one of the newbie adventures.

Patch b3.17 is nearly ready for Tuesday. This week we're adding a way for crafts to require generic components instead of specific ones. Not only is this finally a use for all your flint (it can be substituted for rocks in buildings), but it will also let us add more flavor and variety to natural resources.

It's morphin' time! Patch b3.14 goes live this morning with an OLC editor for morphs and a bunch of new morphs to celebrate with. Instead of flat bonuses and penalties to health/move/mana, morphs now give bonuses more like an extra gear slot that is always upgraded to your current level. What else is in this patch?

Patch Notes EmpireMUD 2.0 beta 3 patch notes Skip to live patches… Live Patches: Patch b3.14 (February 16, 2016) Abilities: Animal Forms: Added 6 additional animal morphs (two per climate). Astral Werewolf Form: New class ability for werewolf casters. Boost: Now boosts the three active attributes, a…

Patch b3.8 is live. Why haven't we done a patch in the last couple weeks? Because this one is huge. Vehicles (ships, canoes, carts, and even chairs!) got a major update and some new features.

The Winter Wonderland adventure is only open for a limited time, so be sure to stop by!

Patch b3.3 went live this morning, and it includes some new archetypes to choose from during character creation. Plus, if you're running your own copy of EmpireMUD, archetypes can now be built with OLC. In fact, b3.3 also lets you edit and create enchantments in OLC, too!