Join our team! Customer Service/Recep! FT starting from $1800 and PT from $8/hr. Annual leave from 10 days a year. 48 hours a week rotating shift. Immediate Vacancy at Farrer Park, Yishun, and Clementi (Next to MRT)

Responsibilities: - Front desk duties such as invoicing, answering phone calls, machine servicing, and other front desk operations - Maintain relationships and following up with our customers, most of whom are regular and elderly - Recruiting new customers and providing excellent customer service to...

In our previous post, varicose vein not only it causes an unsightly view to our body but also could lead to some dangerous complications. While as worrisome as it sounds there is always a way to prevent or at least reduce the risks.

Let us find out how energy medicine can help to improve or prevent such condition. Visit our outlet now and experience these wonderful benefits yourself!!!

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Emtech Community Service Video 2013 (Ver 2)
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Adrian Doreen Teo
· September 10, 2017
Just want you to know that I returned to do my blood test last week. (Last one done 4 months ago, which hurried me to looking for solutions aside from drugs.)

My cholestorol went from 7.56 to 5.26 (h...igh to desirable)
LDL-C: 5.49 to 3.24 (very high to desirable)

All achieved from aggressive exercising n Emtech!!
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Hamid Yusoff
· October 30, 2016
I bought my machine 7 years ago for my late son who had brain tumour. Unfortunately he did not survive.
It has been laid off for sometime and I just started to use it. However after a few sessions
it... would not power on.
The cable and fuse seems okay. Where can send it for repair?
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Rani Govin
· February 21, 2014
Very effective for blood circulation. The root of all our health problems lie in poor blood circulation causing clogs & blockages. I'm planning to buy the machine. Wonder how much it is now.
Yew Tzu Yen
· September 27, 2013
Emtech HQ located at Bugis is the wise choice of location, few years down the road more MRT stations will be opened and more convenient for ppls to visit this centre.
Perlita Tiro
· December 18, 2013
Definitely better place than the previous location in Kembangan. More accessible. BUT the important thing is the machine and what it does for you. Invigorating.
Jia Hao Lau
· September 4, 2016
effective for immune modulation... (y) just try for the trial package.
Inder Johal
· November 4, 2015
Emtech is very good bring down my cholestrol.....
Will Tan
· August 10, 2014
hope to try it one fine day
E May See
· September 11, 2017
Amazing, my total cholesterol went down from 257mg/dL to 221mg/dL, LDL (bad cholesterol) went down from 180mg/dL to 143mg/dL after one and a half months of consecutive trial with emtech machine withou...t diet and drugs.
My total cholesterol has been above 250 since few years back, it worried me.
Thank you "emtech"

棒极了!连续一个半月不间断的使用emtech 机器,我的总胆固醇从257mg/dL 掉至 221mg/dL, LDL (坏胆固醇)从 180mg/dL 掉至 143mg/dL,无需戒口饮食,不须吃药。
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