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Helen Sansom
· June 22, 2014
What I love about this shop is the fact that I can go in with a recipe and 90% of the time she will have all the odd ingredients. Like the gorgeous chocolate drops for my Brownies, I have hidden the M...ontezuma Chocolate Buttons for when I need my chocolate fix!
The fact I can get citric acid in any small quantity for making my elderflower cordial.
When I want to make bread she has the flour, if I don`t the bread on Tues, Thurs and Sat is fab.
Also the Salad mixes when I am on the 5:2 fast days!
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John Woolmer
· February 6, 2017
Housed in a lovely old black & white building on two floors and next to a public car park, this is a lovely old-fashioned looking shop where customers are free to wander the sometimes narrow aisles an...d explore.
A wide range of mostly dry foods, smiling service and a feel good factor await.
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Sue Welch
· February 6, 2017
A wonderful shop where you can buy all manner of ingredients downstairs and great clothes upstairs!
Clare Fildes
December 7, 2012
Can't think of anyone better! All the very best of luck with your new venture Jo x
Alice Robinson
· August 1, 2016
Just what you'd want! Great presentation and inspiring ideas.
Entertaining Elephants updated their cover photo.
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Stunning hand woven baskets from Burma, woven from waste pallet strapping


We stock several of the soap brands rated here as most ethical.

Don't forget, we released new ethical rankings for soap brands not too long ago.

The brands that currently rank the worst on the #ethicalcompanyindex: Palmolive, Dove, Ecover, Pears and Radox.

Shop ethically - Review The Good Shopping Guide's latest ethical comparison rankings, and see which soap brands are safe and which to avoid.

Everyone has the power to help reduce our society's dependence on harmful plastic products.

To help you make the shift to living plastic free, we put together a... guide to reducing plastic use. Think of it as a “cheat sheet” to living plastic-free.

Please share this article to help spread awareness about what we, as individuals, can do to fight global plastic pollution!

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To help you make the shift to living plastic free, we put together a guide to reducing plastic use. Think of it as a “cheat sheet” to living plastic-free.
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Happy World Recycling Day! We consider how everything we do impacts our planet, from the fabrics we use, right down to our mailing bags. They're made from recyc...led materials, and can be recycled again. A little bit of thought. A big difference. #wearethought #StylewithThought #RecyclingDay

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In stock at Entertaining Elephants! It’s delicious chocolate too...(had to test of course!)

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Suma Wholefoods

Have you seen the exciting new Ponchito Fairtrade 'suprise eggs', perfect for kids and adults alike as a treat over Fairtrade Fortnight? "The chocolate used is ...palm oil free and sustainably sourced. The egg contains a handmade toy that kids of all ages will love. These toys are handmade by small artisan crafters and are sourced globally from countries such as India, Guatemala, Peru and Portugal"…
#fairtradefortnight #comeonin #ponchito #fairtrade #treatyourself

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It’s important to us to know where our products come from and who has produced them

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Fairtrade Foundation

Every day this #FairtradeFortnight we'll be introducing you to one of the amazing Fairtrade farmers and workers from around the world.

Today meet Chito, one of ...the founding members of the Coobana Cooperative in Panama. Read the inspirational story of Coobana Co-operative here:

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Entertaining Elephants updated their cover photo.
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New ethical comparison rankings - Household cleaners!

Which brands perform the worst for ethics? Which are the best? What about Ecover or other popular choices like Mr. Clean and Ajax? All is revealed in our latest update:

Review our latest ethical comparison research to see which cleaning product brands are most and least ethical.

Beautiful Mowgs baskets now in stock! Handmade in Burma by fishermen using waste pallet strapping that gets washed up on the beaches in he quantities. It takes a man a day to weave each one. They are colourful, totally practical, eco friendly and come in 3 sizes. We may only get this one shipment this year, (they are only made during the rainy season) so come and get yours now!

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Mowgs Accessories

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Spring Fair Birmingham NEC UK 4th - 8th February Stand: 6H06

Stunning new Spring collection from Thought has started to arrive .....

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Soil Association

Together, we can save our planet one step at a time. 🌍 #SmallSteps

We love Thought! They have a great blog which is worth following - plus their new Spring collection has just arrived ....

Feeling the winter blues? Hannah has shared five easy ways to boost your mood over on our blog! Check them out here: #winterblues #wellbeing #wearethought

Feeling blue this winter? Well you're not alone! Discover how to beat winter blues easily with Hannah's 5 simple tips in our latest blog post.
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Choose from 4 New Vegan Dishes Every Week
Get £10 off your first box.
Mindful Chef

"Mindful Chef plant-based options are amazing!" - Tom Daley, Olympian

Choose from 4 new vegan recipes every week.

Try today from just £4 per meal.

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Meridian Foods

Snuggle up this evening with a warming nutty hot choc! Get the recipe here:

Some useful info on caring for your Netherton pan

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Caring for your new pan
This is taken straight from our blog, which features product care tips, recipes, rants and ramblings. Please head over to our blog page see more from us.

Whether it was on your Dear Santa letter, a complete surprise or a present to yourself, if you have been lucky enough to receive some of our cookware, we hope will enjoy it for a long time to come.
Many of you will already have some but for everyone new to us, here are a few pointers on how to look after your spun or cast iron cookware.
All our cookware is pre-seasoned with organic flax oil.
This is applied with a cotton rag and then baked on in our industrial oven.
There may be a few traces of the rag on the surface of the pan but this will rub off with a dry washing brush or Scotchbrite sponge.
The surface of the cookware is not smooth like a chemically coated pan. This is a special surface treatment that we do to prepare the metal for the oiling process. The oil adheres better to the roughened surface than it would to a smooth surface Over time and use, your cookware will get blacker and smoother.
If you have a frying pan or a wok, just crack on with it and get cooking, the more you use them the better they will get and the little oil that you need for cooking will help to develop that lovely black patina you can see in the photo of the just washed frying pan.
Saucepans and cast iron bowls will benefit from a secondary seasoning before you use them. Just follow the instructions that came with your product or watch the video on our website.
You will find lots and lots of advice about seasoning on the internet, we are simply sharing our experience and the results of a lot of experimentation.
Flax oil is by far the best oil to use in our opinion. However, you can also use coconut or rapeseed oil to good effect. For the carnivores among you, animal fat is a great seasoner - just get that good quality bacon into the pan and get cooking!

Recipes which call for the inclusion of acidic foods, such as citrus fruit, tomatoes, vinegar can erode some of the oil coating in the early days of use, but this will diminish as you build up the seasoning. We regularly use our cast iron casserole to make chutney and it survives trial by vinegar without battle scars. Do not use olive or nut oils, they do not give a good result and you can end up with a sticky residue. Do not oil your pan unless you intend to bake off the oil. This will accumulate on your cookware, attract dust and result in a hard to clean finish and an unpleasant oiliness to your food.

If you really, really mess up - and you won't be the first to burn something to the bottom of your pan - try boiling some water in the pan and leaving to soak, then carefully scrape off the residue.
Worst case scenario - put it through the dishwasher, but make sure it is completely dry before re-seasoning - we find it best to do this either on a low light on the hob or in a warm oven. If you have adopted extreme measures, you will be well advised to re-season twice. But at the end of the process you cookware will be as good, if not better than new.

We also sell spares for all our products, so if you inadvertently burn your wooden handles or drop a screw down the drain, then you can get a replacement. Check out the spares page on the website and if you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call.
Product care instructions and video:…/cast-black-spun-iron-c…
And check out this YouTube video for someone else's opinion:

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