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“When you find someone who breaks you open and makes you feel things; you fight for them.” ~Tarryn Fisher

When I say that I want you it means that I want you here kissing me senseless at midnight.

be real

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Her light-skinned complexion would have enabled her to pass as a white woman, but the actress Fredi Washington always refused to deny her roots or her race. #WomensHistoryMonth

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I'm not "Spiritual." I just practice being a good person. with Yoga Today.
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We store our trauma—emotional, psychological, and physical—in our bodies.

This trauma manifests as “knots” in our bodies, which become more and more tightly bou...nd and layered as we repeat these unconscious patterns over time, almost like energetic scar tissue.

In yoga, these are known as the granthis, and here's how we can release them:…/how-to-untie-the-psycho-spiritual-kn…/

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{Illustration:with kind permission @christiecreative on Insta}

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Probably the best analogy for letting people go that I have ever read:

Love is like mowing the lawn. If there are obstacles in your way, the direction you choose to kick them is important.

Sometimes being human is hard, but these words help:

Frida gives us the hope that we will overcome...

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Elephant's Apprenticeship in Social Media, Modern Media, Journalism Ethics, Writing, & Editing

She's a modern day Mowgli, and her uncorrupted spirit will break your heart right open:

This quote gives a whole new meaning to "self-worth":

While I never had anyone put it quite so rudely as that particular individual

It's called Attachment Theory:

If happiness is really what we are after, we need to cut the crap—be open, honest and vulnerable, be willing to take a risk and be hurt, be willing to drop the

It's a little like Tinder, but it's mindful, safe, and business only:

No annoying messages or requests, just honest connections based on who you are or who you want to meet:

In today's world where online anonymity often disconnects us from ourselves and each other, this is one of the only ways we've found to meet new people, mindfully.

Let's get those toes tappin’ for the greater good!

Whether we think about sustainable construction, our earth's elephants, or how we as a whole may make a difference, let's...

"I’m not broken. I just cry a lot sometimes."

I'm not crazy. Okay, maybe just a little...but I'm fun.

Tomorrow is the last day to apply before we close the Early Admission price: take the leap, invest in yourself & find your path forward with Elephant Academy.

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Elephant Journal

Tomorrow is the last day to apply before we close the Early Admission price: take the leap, invest in yourself & find your path forward with Elephant Academy.

>> Apply now at: 🐘

"I’m as guilty as the next person. I love long, hot showers. I shop at Costco and Amazon. I eat meat, though I try to only buy local, sustainable, and organic."

Don't get me wrong: I'm all for saving the planet. If we don't do something, we're screwed. The effects of climate change are becoming catastrophic, from more droughts and heat waves to increased hurricane and

I don't totally agree, but he has some valid points:

This, ironically, is an essential reason for these so called man-deserts---

Oh my god! I was left with goosebumps after reading this: