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"Rethinking the Horse Business 2017" examines how the economy, the horse industry and the Internet are affecting horse business owners. During this event we also share the results of our annual horse business survey. Please share. Thank you,

"Rethinking the Horse Business 2017" examines how the economy, the horse industry, and the Internet are affecting horse business owners. For the past seven years, has been asking horse business owners how they view the industry and what changes they are seeing in their own...

Horse reduce stress hormones. I love it that science is proving the things so many of us horse peeps have always known. : )

Researchers at Washington State University found children who spend time with horses have lower levels of stress hormones in their bodies.
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700,000 year old horse. Wowza.

The frozen remains of a horse more than half a million years old have reluctantly given up their genetic secrets, providing scientists with the oldest DNA ever sequenced. The horse...

Get involved and get valuable information to help you better navigate the current business climate. Every year, we conduct our Horse Business Survey to see how horse professionals' businesses are faring and what challenges they are facing. We then share this data (stripped of any personal info) during our "Rethinking the Horse Business" webinar (on February 27) along with other many other important economic, marketing and industry updates (you'll find a link to register for the webinar on the survey page.) Horse professionals, please take the survey and share. Thank you!

The combination of our survey and webinar enable us to provide horse professionals with valuable, pertinent information to help you better navigate the current business climate and beyond.


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Tamarack Hill Farm

Making a big splash is lots easier than sustaining a riding career.

When you have been in a game for 55-65 years the way I have, you will see them come and go b...y the cart load, all those hot young riders who were going to take the sport by storm.

Some have success, often fueled by some good horses, but in 10, 15, 20 years they are as gone and forgotten as though they had never existed.

And not just from competitive riding, but from horses altogether.

What happened, I am guessing, is that either something got too hard, too frustrating, too economically difficult, or that there was not an underpinning of actually loving to ride horses.

It's a funny deal, for those who are real riders, to see others immersed in riding be able to just hang it up and walk away.

Real riders ride. It is in their veins. They walk away when they are too sick, too weak, or are carried away in a box. They ride because they have to ride. They are as powerless about their need to ride as the most smitten addict in an opium den----

hahahahahahahahaha-----STILL want to buy your kid that first pony? hahahahaha

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EHV-1 Alert

The California Department of Food and Agriculture released an announcement on their website earlier this week that a new case of EHV-1 had been confirmed in San Diego County, and the horse had previously been stabled in tent 21 at HITS Coachella. The 10-year-old gelding was at the show from January…

Every now and again, there is an article or photo that reminds us to hold tight to our dreams. This one is the bomb.

Somewhere in the world, the 2028 Olympic champion is a foal out in a field. He's ewe-necked, sickle-hocked, downhill and shaggy, with a club foot and a chunk of mane missing, because his buddy chewed it off. Somewhere in the world, there's a young...

Cuteness alert.

Posted by Alicia Rapuano
Alicia Rapuano

When your suppose to be cleaning stalls but this is way more fun. It was too icy for the minis so they ran around the barn all day. Jamie Carleton.

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Please take a moment to donate. Julie Winkel of Maplewood Stables has done a lot for so many aspiring riders. She takes wonderful care of her horses. This is the second time her barn has been hit by these storms. She is resilient and strong but this would be too much for anyone to handle. Please donate what you can. Thank you.

Julie Winkel's farm, Maplewood, is under water again after devastating floods in January. More than 100 acres of her 165-acre property is completely flooded. The roads in and out of her place in Reno, Nevada, have been destroyed, and she's not received insurance coverage for the major repairs nee...

Great read. Love it when horses make mainstream media.

If your child has a passion, he or she has a gift.

Very interesting article.

We try our best to keep Foster Swift Equine Law free of partisanship, as we respect our readers and our clients' personal beliefs. Nevertheless, in the spirit o...f sharing news and information regarding Equine Law and litigation, we share this article from the American Association for the Advancement of Science's website. It addresses why the USDA removed content from its website regarding animal welfare.

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Horse owners raised concerns over privacy, due process
Posted by Paddy Looney
Paddy Looney

Plenty brave, not too careful

Yep. Cow Town.

Weatherford Police Department

Since it's Friday we thought we would share a funny video from a call for service we responded to yesterday. We are very grateful that no one was injured durin...g this incident, and we were certainly reminded why Weatherford is the "Cutting Horse Capital of the World." A very special thank you also goes out to the two cowboys that assisted us in resolving this matter.

We noted on our TWITTER account @WPDTX, that people aren't the only ones who run from the police!

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NJ Court Dismisses Lawsuit against Stable #equinelaw

Are you liable if a visitor at your stable gets injured? Equine Activity Liability Acts (now in 47 states) have changed how we look at the legalities, and we've... reported on our success in dismissing an injured visitor's lawsuit a few years ago.

Here's a 3 week-old case from New Jersey involving a boy who joined his family at a stable and allegedly had no interaction with horses there... that is, until one of them bit him while he walked down the aisle. Our Equine Law Blog post explains how this stable won the case thanks to New Jersey's Equine Activity Liability Act, without even going to trial.

NOTE: Please remember that all state equine activity liability acts differ. Several have different definitions for a "participant."…

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Lawsuits sometimes focus on whether an injured visitor at a stable or event qualifies as an “equine activity participant” and whether that person’s case is properly dismissed based on immunities in a state EALA. On January 9, 2017, the New Jersey Court of Appeals looked at the issue. We help horse professionals run their businessses more profitably.
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