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Selling your jewelry is one tried and true way to get by in tough times. Even the Tsar’s wife and daughters wore jewelry sewn into their corsets when they were taken captive during the Revolution. Why not ask a gold buyer if your jewelry might be your own hedge against tough times?

Before you sell a gold item to a pawn shop, or anyone else, check the going rate for gold. This baseline will help determine the resale market for gold jewelry and other gold items. It never hurts to do your homework.


If you've never dealt with a pawn shop before, we specialize in items like electronics, jewelry, and antiques. The value of gold reached a record in 2011, so if you have broken earrings you can trade your gold items in for cash.

If the gold items you plan to pawn bear an imprint that reads 750, then the pieces are made of 18k gold. The 750 mark is commonly used in Europe, so it’s likely the pieces were crafted there.

Not surprisingly, pawn shops are among a fairly small group of industries that didn't take a hit during the recent Great Recession. In fact, the value of the average pawned item increased by 25 percent from 2008 to 2009, as the recession deepened.

Because we keep your car when we loan you money, we do not need to conduct credit checks. This is a great help for those who may have had some difficulty in obtaining small, short-term loans because of problems with the economy.

When it comes to pawning items, most pawnbrokers will tell you that they’d much rather have their money back than the item you left with them. As long as you repay the money you borrowed as agreed, you’ll have no issue getting your pawned items back.

Jewelry is one the most popular items at pawn shops. Gold pieces tend to garner more money than silver, but most pawn shops will accept both. In either case, check your jewelry for markings that indicate the quality of the metal used.

Statistics show that among the nation's 11,000 pawn shops, each earns its revenue with nearly an even split between retail and lending. Pawn shops, on average, gross between $400,000 and $1.5 million annually.

If you require additional time on your auto pawn loan transactions, you might be able to make partial payments and have the pawn loan re-written. This will provide you with an additional length of time for re-payment. Be sure to speak to your auto pawn loan specialist to understand what additional terms may be available to you.

When you need a small amount to make it through the week, or to pay an unexpected bill, where do you go to get the money? Banks and other lending institutions have no interest in loaning small amounts of money. Pawnshops, on the other hand, center their business on short-term loans of varying amounts. In our case, we focus our trade on motorized vehicles for those who need a bit more cash.

The first recorded gold ever discovered in the United States was a 17-pound nugget found in Cabarrus, North Carolina. In 1803, more gold was discovered in Little Meadow Creek, North Carolina and the first U.S. gold rush began.

Have a car you want to pawn? You’re not alone. According to the US Bureau of Transportation, there are more than 254 million titled and registered automobiles, or roughly 1.3 cars for every licensed driver.

With cash for gold transactions becoming more and more popular, it’s important to do your research before rushing to have your gold melted down. Even with gold prices so high, your gold might actually be worth more than just melt value. Our pawnbrokers can spot some things, but you should get very special pieces appraised before bringing in to pawn.

Weddings and religious ceremonies in India are often accompanied with gold jewelry and specially purchased gold. That's one of the reasons why India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. Southern Asia also tends to have more gold in the jewelry, with an average of 22 karats instead of 14 karats.

Keep in mind that while your car or truck (or any vehicle, for that matter) is in pawn with us, you still own it. We are simply holding it in trust until you repay the amount borrowed. As such, we take great care to protect it.

Let's say you need $100 quickly. What items should you consider taking to the pawn shop? Remember that the pawn shop owner only will take items that will be attractive to others if you don't repay the loan. Jewelry and electronics are among the most popular items.