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Euderion leaves orbit CGI
20 Years Euderion

Mit Warp 9 ins Wochenende! #Euderion wünscht euch viel Spaß!

With Warp 9 into Weekend. Have Fun!

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The USS Euderion had an Romulan Encounter. Little new Wallpaper from our CGI Team.

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Euderion wishes you all a Happy First Contact Day!

"Imagine it... thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips. And we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilisations. This engine will let us go boldly where no man has gone before." --- Zefram Cochrane

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Euderion wishes you all a Happy Easter Weekend! Have a good time!

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We reached our 500th follower here on Facebook. Thank you very much for the support folks.
Work is in a little suspense due to an severe illness in our post producers family, but stay tuned, the adventures of the Euderion is far from over.

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Euderion - Infinity's photo.
Euderion - Infinity
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Euderion - Infinity is with Ellen Delia.
March 22

Captain Ellen Delias analysis is ready. One day and its weekend. Have Fun!

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Not only the science community has lost, but the whole world has lost today. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking!

Euderion - Infinity is with Sabrina Bittins and Ellen Delia.
March 8

From the women of the Euderion team to all the women out there - Happy International Women's Day!

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Ensign Clinton Fox - Conn Officer of the Akira class Starship U.S.S. Euderion NCC-79541-A
Little Character Poster for our "Euderion Infinity" Fan-Project.

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We remember today the loss of Leonard Nimoy who passed away on this day three years ago.
May he rest in peace!

Its a sad day not only for Star Trek Fans but also for the lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Rarely a figure like his Mr. Spock has had such an impact on culture. He was a great actor, photogr...

Einen schönen, sonnigen Sonntag euch allen!

Have a nice sunny sunday all of you!

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Don't worry, we're still alive, even when we don't post much last weeks. Life is a bit trouble right now, so stay tuned, our newest Euderion episode is nearly complete.

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The Euderion Team wishes a good start into weekend. Have Fun!
Here a scene from our last Outtakes. You can still watch them on youtube (outtakes only in german language):

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Its Friday. Lets rock the weekend! Captains Order!

Badass Captain
Starfleets Captain Ellen Delia, commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Euderion NCC-79541-A


Photo by Sebastian Bittins
Cosplayer/Model: Silvana Günther
Digital Post work and rifle prop: Thomas Raube

Star Trek Euderion is a small german fan group who produce scifi shortfilms on a regular base.

You can find us on the social networks for more informations, videos and pictures:

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Euderion - Infinity is feeling crazy.
January 25

Having a Little fun in Engineering. Chief Reynolds and Mr.Tricorder wishing you a happy Thursday!

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The Euderion Team wishes you all a Happy Enterprise Day!

Wish you all a Happy Enterprise Day!!! Its the 17.01, like the registry number of the USS Enterprise. Rendered in 3d Max 10 No Post Work Constitution class, Spacedock, Orbital Office & Shuttlec...